10 Clips of Tie To Buy Online

Tie bars, tie clips, tie fasteners, no matter what you call them, the truth is that with the popularization of casual formal ties+mix won featured, leaving to be the complement of this suit to be an item that lends your style for the elegant man’s casual clothes and, within this new panorama, fasteners returned to the spotlight with a multitude of options. We’ve selected 10 of them that can please since anyone looking for something quiet to those who want a striking piece, see below:

1-The Basics

For those who think that the attachment should not call much attention this model is ideal. For $39.50-Buy here!


Discreet and suitable for minimalist costumes, where black and dominate. For $27.49-Buy here!

… ….


Who want to insert any color on the look can use these fasteners, on average they cost $15 and can be found in various colours on allpubliclibraries.com.


Supporters of products made of natural material will love this wooden model, combines with sophisticated looks and with more casual productions. For real 68.98 *-Buy here!

5-Groove On Navy

If you like looks with navy footprint can use this tie clip, but watch out for the other accessories, explore the anchor image in excess can leave the visual over the top. For 39 dollars-Buy here!


Out of the more traditional formats in bar, we have this wing-shaped fastener, an option for those who want something different. For real 26.53 *-Buy here!


In store Ties.com, specializing in Neckwear and accessories, we find this friendly tie clip shaped mustache to lend an air of fun to your production. For $20-Buy here!

8-In the form of penalty

The sinuous shape of this tie clip, mimicking a silver pen, can give visual lightness, creating a striking style. For $90–Buy here!

9-handmade with detail superimposed

Those who prefer the traditional format, but with a small detail, may be interested in this handmade accessory that is for sale on Etsy. For real 90.21 *-Buy here!

10-gold Base

If the gold accessories are more to your beach, a basic option and perfect for any occasion is this metal fastener. For $18-Buy here!

Note: the actual value can change, because it is the price displayed on the website based on the dollar exchange rate of the day.