12 Weeks You Are Pregnant

SSW 12: You are 12 weeks and a certain number of days pregnant! Some call it the 13th week of pregnancy. (Find out more about the calculation of your week of pregnancy.)

12 Weeks You Are Pregnant

How your baby in this SSW developed

I changed the face of your baby in the belly. His eyes, initially far apart standing, are now closer to the nose, while the ears almost on the side of the head are – and always closer to their final destination.

By contrast, tissues and organs are already formed, but they grow and further divided.

The baby’s digestive system was initially a swelling in the umbilical cord, meanwhile the guts into the abdomen of the child are migrated.

Read more information about the development of their babies in this week of pregnancy.

So, my life changed

With a little luck the pregnancy nausea will subside, and your energy returns. If you suffer from the infamous morning sickness, we have tips, which, however, helps. But it seems so incredible: soon, your appetite will come back by itself. Make sure that you eat only meat cooked with. This reduces the risk of toxoplasmosis.
What is probably more important and will greatly facilitate: the risk of miscarriage is become a lot less. Breathe deep and enjoy! If you previously had reservations to all tell the joyous news of your pregnancy, then you can do that now light heart. Soon you can anyway no longer overlooked it…

If you want to go to dental treatment or must you tell your dentist that you are pregnant. It is important for the treatment, especially if you are to be gerongt.

May you suffer now bleeding gums, especially if you brush your teeth. In principle, this is not uncommon in pregnancy. But if you are so worried, then let your Gynecologist or your dentist for advice.

Now wear certainly already comfortable, loose clothes: not necessarily, because you have become so strong, but because you have the feeling that your tummy has really grown. You may need to adjust your clothing and make-up style of your character change. We show you the ten consult parts for your basic wardrobe in pregnancy. It is the right time to customize your appearance to your circumstances. There is a wide selection of stylish and comfortable maternity wear to buy via mail order, online shops or in the fashion business.

Rather than buy new, there are also investment opportunities to buy maternity clothes. If money is tight, you can bring one or two basic parts largely through the pregnancy. to do this then maybe still a particularly nice part when a special occasion is on the doorstep.

I found it much more comfortable to sleep on the side and still an extra pillow between the legs to be squashed. In fact I sleep even today, two years after the birth of my children, the best on the page.


If you are still smoking, should you immediately stop! How about establishing an ex-smoker group with other pregnant women? Try our Pregnancy group.

Interesting things in this week of pregnancy

Don’t worry if the first ultrasound showed a low-lying placenta. 90% of all Plazentas walking only 27 weeks gestation or later upward.

Stretch marks can occur in the first three months, especially on the breast – a sports bra can reduce that. You unfortunately not all can prevent these stretch marks in the connective tissue. Why you can’t just get rid of stretch marks.

What does it mean for you and your baby if your blood group Rhesus negative.

During 12th week pregnancy, you should try as far as possible without over the counter medicines to come out, because none of these drugs is tested for pregnant women. If you want to take something, rather discuss this with your doctor / health care professional. This is true of course and especially for prescription drugs.