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Knitting-Apps Moves in on the Cell Phone

Knitting and apps seems immediately to belong to two different worlds. It does not have to be.

It’s probably the fewest, linking something so analog as to knit with the yarn with the digital world. But there are actually lots of apps aimed at making life easier for everything from beginners to super-knit core out in the world.

There are actually a lot of people who knit. In the old days we would typically see them sit with their yarn and knitwear with a small notebook and pencil lying next to keep track of patterns, masks, sticks and so on.

You can still choose to use the analog method, but there are alternatives both for Android and iOS platform. Of course, there are also lots of knitting shops where you can buy all types of yarn and accessories to its knitting hobby-everything from digital sticks counters to “Made by Grandma”-tags to sew in the neck on sweaters to the grandchildren.
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Gmail with New Feature: Even Better on Your Phone

Although Gmail lets you read emails on every possible platform, are some mails just only customized desktop form. It will be a new update now change.

Google’s Gmail is one of the most widely used mail systems, and the many millions of users and businesses around the world every day can easily and simply check their inboxes on both computer, Tablet, smart phone, etc.

But even though the possibilities for keeping track of his Inbox is many, then there are still the messages, which are targeted and designed desktop platform, and which therefore just are best to read on your computer. Continue reading

Price Check: Is the Phone Company Tjeep Actually Cheaper?

Denmark’s new telecom company, Tjeep, claim-Yes, actually guarantee-to have the country’s cheapest subscriptions. We have checked whether there are teams in the claim.

A new price war between the Danish telecommunications companies are in the offing. A new low-cost carrier called Tjeep has just seen the light of day.

The concept is simple: Pressure Tjeep with the price so much in essence that it offers Denmark’s cheapest subscriptions. It is in any case, they argue, where on the website it says: “we guarantee you the country’s cheapest subscriptions”. Surely there are teams in the claim?
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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Expected to Be Ready for Sale in Denmark in October

Samsung confirms that the delayed and not least revoked Note 7 is expected to be ready in the Danish trade in October.

The launch of Galaxy Note 7 has been anything but ideal for Samsung, according to the South Korean producer first were met with a huge demand of the phone, then launch in Denmark had to be moved a week.

The big crisis proved, however, shortly after, when Samsung was compelled to revoke the Galaxy Note 7 for barely two weeks ago when it turned out that the phones were shipped with a faulty battery, out of thin air could short-circuit, overheat and set fire in the phone and its surroundings-which, among other things. is gone out of a car and a House.

Reports is that Samsung is ready with new phones on 19. September, so the 2.5 million. users who managed to buy the phone, can get it repaired absolutely free. Since the recall, it has in turn been uncertain when Samsung will again send Note 7 out in stores and resume sales. Continue reading

iPhone 7 Gives Competitors Bank in New Speed Test

Apple’s A10 Fusion processor in the new iPhone 7 beats all Android competitors with lengths in the popular benchmark app Antutu to test the service.

It may well be that Apple’s iPhones-including the new iPhone 7-doesn’t look like much when you take a look at the specifications. One thing, however, is what it says on paper; Another thing is what they actually are able to provide in reality.

Apple has always had a reputation for getting a great deal out of nowhere with the many optimizations that could be done, when Apple has come over everything from hardware to software. It should be stressed once again with the new iPhone 7, after it has been tested in the common app to measure performance, Antutu. Continue reading

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: This Is the First Reviews

The first foreign reviews of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has just come out. Get an overview of how critics have embraced the new iPhones

Apple’s new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus lands in the Danish stores on Friday 16. September, and although it is for the first time, while all the other major countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Germany, have the American reviewers received advance on to test two new iPhones.

That is why we have on Mobile since taken a look at what the sentence is about the iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7 in it big abroad before it even lands to test here. Below you will find the brand new reviews of iPhone respectively 7 and iPhone 7 Plus from The Verge,, CNET and Engadget, Ars Technica. Continue reading

Samsung Will Limit The Capacity of the Battery in the Galaxy Note 7 to 60%

Samsung will send out a software update to the Galaxy Note 7, so the phone can only be recharged to 60% in order to minimize the risk of more dangerous episodes.

Since Samsung on 2. September issued a worldwide recall of the just-launched top model Galaxy Note 7 due to failed batteries, it sounded from the manufacturer that only 35 cases had arisen at that time.

Since the figure increased significantly, which is registered in the United States alone, more than 70 incidents with batteries, there suddenly is shorted, overheated and who finally has set up throughout the phone-even, in some cases also in surrounding objects, among other things. a whole House and a car. Continue reading

Tjeep: New Telecom Company Promises Denmark’s Cheapest Subscriptions

Denmark has been a new telecommunications company richer: Tjeep calls itself Denmark’s cheapest telephone company, and with good reason: you get for an incredible amount of money.

There has for a number of years been a massive price war among the cheapest telecommunication companies in Denmark, but sooner or later it had to stop-and it also made it around the turn of the year.Now starts a new price war, however-this time led by a new player on the market.

Today is a new telecommunications company namely come to. It goes by the name ‘ Tjeep ‘ and goes on, not only to offer, but even to guarantee the cheapest subscriptions in Denmark. The objective is clearly at the ‘ Denmark’s new national bird ‘, as can be seen on the company’s website. Continue reading

Sony Xperia X Compact Can Now Be Purchased in Denmark

Today is Sony’s new compact smartphone, Xperia X Compact, country in the Danish shops. See here how you can get hold of a copy and at what price.

Two weeks ago, Sony unveil manufacturer’s two new Android phones at the major IFA exhibition in Berlin: the little Xperia X Compact and the somewhat larger and more powerful top model Xperia XR.

The first of the two smartphones, Xperia X Compact, is as scheduled now out in a long row of the Danish shops and webshops. Sony announced the phone with an indicative price on Danish 3,499 dollars, and it is an price, which of course also put out with negotiators.

If you want to buy the new, small 4.6 “Sony Xperia X Compact home from a physical store, you might want to take a swing by Suzlon wind energy, POWER or Expert, just as telecommunications companies Telia and Call me at time of writing leads one of Sony’s new phones. Continue reading

View Samsung Galaxy S7 Erupt in Spontaneous Fire [Video]

Samsung are struggling these days with burning smartphones. Surveillance footage shows how a Galaxy S7 self ignites.

It was a set of questionable batteries, which two weeks ago forced Samsung to launch a large-scale recall of their newest flagship, Galaxy Note 7. In over 35 cases developed battery so much heat that the device burst into fire.

Another of the company’s most popular phones, the Galaxy S7, now seems that could show a similar self-destructive behavior.

It saw, Sarah Crockett, a British Samsung S7 owner, during a coffee shop visits, when her three-month-old smartphone spontaneously began to melt down in a cloud of smoke and toxic fumes. Continue reading

How Can You Know a Samsung Note 7 without Fire Hazard

This sticker must indicate that your Note 7 model is not by the flammable stuff like that.

After a spate of cases of self-igniting Note 7 smartphones Samsung has launched a large-scale withdrawal of the model with both suppliers and buyers. New, problem-free Note 7 models are just around the corner.

If you buy a Note 7 in the coming days and weeks, however, there may be doubt as to whether your model is just one of the older flammable models, or the new corrected version.

In order to avoid unfortunate purchase will therefore in the future, select the error Samsung fixed units. It writes our site.

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Internal Source Reveals: Microsoft Kills Lumia Series This Year

The prospects for Microsoft’s Lumia-series of smartphones are bleak. According to sources at the company itself, Lumia-mobilernes days numbered.

There is not many months before, that Microsoft’s Lumia-series of smartphones are killed-it recounts a Microsoft employee to our site.

The source, who wants to remain anonymous, says that Microsoft intends to phase out a final sale on Lumia-series up to the end of 2016.

Microsoft’s Lumia-family counts today four members, the value-priced the Lumia 550 and 650, and toptelefonerne Lumia 950 and 950XL. Continue reading

Sony Xperia X Compact-the First Meeting [Web]

Sony’s newest compact-mobile unites design, strong camera and good performance with a smartly small enclosure.

Sony Compact series of Z-mobiles has since its introduction has been a big seller among the Danish mobile audience.

Association of highly giblets, simple design works-when it gets packed down into a small enclosure that doesn’t take up a lot more than an iPhone VIEW with cover on.

In its latest incarnation, the Xperia X Compact, chooses Sony to remove water resistance, as well as the screw slightly down for the performance. Instead, the focus is on camera and software experience and the price is now sharper than ever.

See why with including, where we our site takes its first look at the Sony compact star phone.

Most Important of All: the Mobile Camera Must Be Speedily

Study: when important and funny moments to test with your phone, there is one thing that is true: camera must be ready to shoot immediately.

We are photographing loose with mobile-in fact, it is only one in fifteen smartphone users who do not have shot some photos with your phone in the past month.

But when the moment to test and shared, it a number of requirements for mobile camera. It is stated in the new Sony Mobile study that looks at what is required of a good mobile camera. Continue reading

iPhone 7 as a Sports Camera-the First Shots

The camera in the iPhone 7 are put to the test as the sports camera. See how well it is doing here.

The camera in Apple’s latest smartphone is more ambitious than ever-even if on paper is not much has changed.

12 megapixels-but still provided picture processor, after treatment, the optics and stabilization are all markedly in iPhone 7.

Select iPhone 7 Plus you get even an extra camera with in the deal that offers a short telephoto lens with good zoom functions as well as a bokeh effect.

iPhone 7 have already been allowed to try their hand at a severe discipline: coverage of a sports event.Actually two of them. Continue reading

Samsung Launches Loss A (2016) with Note Function

Samsung’s affordable Loss A (2016) is a tablet that gets an S-pen-like its relatives in the Galaxy the Note series.

Samsung’s S-pen, a digital pen, has so far been reserved for the company’s more expensive tablets and phablets. It will be made on on now.

The South Korean tech giant launches as a new variant of their budget friendly Loss (A) includes the same special S pen which is now included in the Samsung Note 7.

While the pen will give new opportunities to both note-taking or drawing tools, the rest of the mechanics sit close up of Samsung existing Loss A (2016). Continue reading

Rumor: Google Will Shelve ‘Google Now’

Google Now-or ‘Google’ is Now on the way out of Google vocabulary. More features will, however, remain.

Since the spring of 2016, Google seems to take distance from several of the former product names and sequences. Nexus-the name for the company’s smartphones will disappear soon, and now sees the whole ‘ Google Now’-universe also must have changed his name. It writes

The first signs of the shift came to Google’s annual i/o developers’ trade show, where the company introduced the ‘Assistant’ a voice controlled Search Companion as Google Now takes voice control and make it more personal and conversational.

News blog 9to5google learns now that one of the core functions, display search 6.0 Android ‘Now on Tap’, now also disappears and instead will be named ‘ Screen Search ‘ in Google search engine.

Similarly, the name ‘Google Maps’ completely scrapped and Now will be now presented as the user’s ‘feed’.

Whether Google will define a more diskræt direction for how Android, search services and hardware to be integrated, will certainly be fleshed out when Google is organizing this fall’s big press event on 4. October.

Lack of iPhone 7-These Models Will Be Deferred

You have to be quick, if you still want to make sure one of the first iPhones. Several models are delayed by several weeks.

When Apple tomorrow emits iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it will as with previous iPhone launches put pressure on supplies.

iPhone 7 are not smoked in trade yet, but already now see availability of iPhone 7 out to dry out. On Apple’s own website is now not to produce certain models before sometime in November.

If you order today, the earliest deliveries will only take place from the 26. September-but only for 6 of the 28 existing models of iPhone 7.

The other variants have a lead time of between 2-3 weeks and for Jet Black models reported wait time to be in 3 to 5 weeks for iPhone 7, while 7 Plus first gets debut in november.

Do you want to see which models that increasingly is to get in the table below, you can get a status of the various models delivery times. The figures are obtained from Apple’s website on 15. September at 14.00.


Apple Will Also Remove the Jack Plug on the Upcoming MacBooks?

With the abolition of the jack on iPhone 7, there is a chance that the same process is repeated on the other products and upcoming MacBooks can be next victim.

With the abolition of the classic earphone on iPhone 7, it is only natural to imagine that Apple will perform the same maneuver on other products in the future.

This could quite possibly be the case at future MacBooks, which right now is the subject of several asking under made by Apple itself. In these opinion polls ask Apple just consumers, whether they are actually using the jack on their MacBook Pro Retina. It writes MacRumors.

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Large Multiroom-Update to BeoPlay A6 & A9

B&O PLAY’s two tophøjttalere, BeoPlay A6 and A9, can now be included in a multiroom-setup via Google Cast.

Now you can soon let the music follow you from room to room, in interaction with Beoplay A6 and A9 (second generation) wireless loudspeakers.

A future update to the speakers will bring the full Google Cast support for your devices, so you can change playback seamlessly from room to room.

Google’s multicast technology, makes it possible to mix speakers from various manufacturers for multi-room, as well as to attach other devices via Chromecast Music audio dongle. Beoplay A6 and A9 motorways can also stream music via Apple’s AirPlay as well as Bluetooth. Continue reading