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Casio Mudmaster Watches

Hello Friend s continue with a new post. In this case we are going to talk about a product that has very little to do with everything presented so far. Masculine, big, rough, tough, unbreakable … These are some of the findings that can do nothing but watch. If friends are before the great Mudmaster G-Shock. Well and you have this model that no longer has any other G-Shock Casio.For despite its incredible technological characteristics, finishes, etc … This watch has something much more important is that in spirit and design can say that Casio has hit the bull’s-eye. It is a clock that transmits a good feeling to have it in hand and certainly here to stay for long in catalog.In the following video we can see the beauty of which we speak:

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster gwg-1000-1a3er_01 If we focus on the technical side Mudmaster watch Casio offers the following. On the one hand the dimensions of 59.5 × 56.1 your box × 18 mm could tell us a lot of the weight of any clock, but in this case only 119 grams are catching this monster. That is, it is a very easy watch out despite its size. Another very important physical sections is the sapphire crystal of high quality, and the fact of making compatible resin case with stainless steel.

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The Smartphone Trends 2014

Apple presented his iPhone 5 s with a fingerprint sensor and the iPhone 5c this year, BlackBerry’s Canadian Smartphone companies went bankrupt, Nokia became a part of Microsoft, Samsung made headlines with the Galaxy gear Smartwatch and the curved mobile Galaxy round. Furore caused also the banana-shaped curved Smartphone G Flex from LG – what happens next year? There’s the trends 2014!

Smartphones: This year the trend went clear to the Phablets, the Smartphones with giant displays. And next year this trend will not tear off for now. However, every trend has also always a Countertrend. Therefore, 2014 also some mini models of the flagship smartphones on the market will make it probably next year as a trend and there will be some great, inexpensive models like, for example, the Samsung Galaxy core advance. The Smartphone is already there for a price of 200 euros. Also Motorola, which provides relatively little money much mobile with his Moto G has the good-and-cheap trend triggered in addition to the Chinese company Huawei. A trend of 2014: what should change in the price at the tablets. There are reports that a Galaxy tab plans 3 Lite for next year that Samsung, which should give it for around 100 euros.

iPhone 6: the iPhone 6 is the ersehnteste phone of the year 2014! Supposedly, the iPhone 6 in the summer to presents and get a much larger display – possibly with 4 k resolution. Gets whether the iPhone 6 is also a curved Sapphire Crystal Display and missed another name, namely iPhone air, we’ll see…

Smartwatch: Samsung presented its “Galaxy Gear” Smartwatch in September – the clock’s success was rather modest. The hopes in terms of Smartwatch are therefore at Apple. According to rumors from China Californians want to introduce next year iWatch your, however, reported

Data goggles: This topic should be interesting. Data goggles quite have the potential to revolutionize society 2014 as a trend. Next year Google will supposedly bring his data glasses Google Glass on the market. She should not be so far but yet really suitable for everyday use, we may be therefore wonder whether it will be a success.

You want a new smartphone? There’s the iPhone 5s with a mobile finance. The great thing: You can choose even the monthly installments in you!

Silicone Bra for Backless Dress

Visible, but a very important part of the wardrobe of women‘s bras. A good silicone bra is able to correct the shortcomings and advantages of the present rates guaranteed. In today’s world, in which the silicone is so popular, it is logical to use it for the manufacture of underwear for women. Bra inserts material be used to open things up and still look your best.
An example of this innovative lingeriebra with silicone back. This was the result of a successful combination of artificial materials and natural materials. Silicone is a unique material, which can simulate the skin. Touch and the color of it is almost indistinguishable from the human body. One of the most important features of the PI is the level of depreciation, which reduces friction, which provides comfort in contact with the material. And so it is understandable why the presence of silicone in various collections of lingerie.
Back, set the branch of the inserts for the silicone can work wonders. The invention of silicone considerably simplified the delicate problem for many women. The appearance of the silicone bra to provide for the possibility for all women of any dress looks irresistible. This garment has become quite popular, but unfortunately without many nuances, and they need to know. First of all, the main disadvantage of silicone brais it impractical for such linen is not for everyday use. And you need to be sure to explore all the tips and advice on how to dress up.
For example, a too warm in the room or the hot summer is not the best option, as it would be possible to put a bra with silicone back. Silicone hypoallergenic material, but people with sensitive skin don’t have to try. More success been silicone-ear headphones and bra with silicone back. So for all we know, that a well-chosen clothesthe promise of not only external beauty, but also the health of the woman. Bra silicone back to the right size and shape to ensure the owner of the comfortable fit and regal bearing (see Otherwise, such an unfortunate choice of underwear must be accompanied by the only negative consequences: an unpleasant sensation and back pain, the lack of a consistent way. Daily dress up Bra would be made of natural fabrics. When you select the revelation that points back to attire the best solution would be to bra silicone back. Adjustable and detachable backrest allows the target dress outfit to the neck. A template contains a set of everyday durable elastic belts, even if it is not damaged. Fixing strapthe front and back. With this feature, you can vary depending on the location, which opens the desired body part to reveal the back straps loosely over your shoulders and down to zoom in a cross back to the waist. In other words, a lot of options, is just a small test, and the impressive results to justify all the hopes. A real godsend for those who want to open jumpers and dresses necklineSilicone bra. Where to buy underwear? Of course, retail. Do not buy a bra in the market or the means of transport, since buying underwear in such places, you can pay a lot of money for a poor quality goods in a transparent manner. Do not skimp on your beauty. No woman does not want to spoil the image of the ugly harmoniously Matched peering straps. The right Bra eliminate unnecessary troubles and worries.

Watches for Father’s Day

Hello friends s. Looking for a gift for Father’s Day? Do you have a specific budget? Would you like to give a special watch? In this post we will introduce different options you can choose watches to remind your father in such an important day how much you value him.

Discount coupon -5% available for and Jewellery Itzibel until 03.19.2016 “PADRE10”

A: Watches Edifice: The Edifice brand belongs to the group watchmaker Casio. A group that has proven during his long career that technology adapted to watches and value for money are your strengths.
Edifice Classic: Collection Edifice which presents a series of elegant watches with modern finishes and high quality. Prices between 84 € and 254 € for men in vintage style.

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There is an air of gifts in the shops and on the streets and for those who have not already done so, I would say to draw on my 10 ideas for Christmas, Jewelry Gifts by € 1000.00 or at my proposals for the watches for him and her.

For those who want to give a jewel with a rock and he won’t choose a diamond or opt for jewellery with sapphires and prefers a stone a little cheaper, I would advise to orientate themselves on the Topaz jewelry: a wonderful choice of color!

Unlike what some people may think, is absolutely suitable for the winter season: some associate it to November, but in reality the jewelry with Topaz can illuminate the entire cold period with the variety of colours of this beautiful gem! Continue reading

Plus Size Bras Reviews

The bra is an important fashion utensil to the female breast to give support and to get them in shape. The bra is worn daily by women under the clothes and usually cannot be seen from the outside. Still, many women invest in good underwear that looks great and is comfortable.

Bras stand for femininity and emphasize the breast of women increase the erotic effect of the woman. Today, the bra is available in many different models and sizes. Also women who need bras in larger sizes, can choose from a wide range of the matching bra.

Bras in XXL should be made from a high quality material that supports and provides the necessary support, today’s woman needs. With a matching bra in XXL you can model the chest that it looks seductive, beautiful and draws attention to. Especially women attract attention from problem areas on a beautiful breast with a bulging cleavage that seductive effect.

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iRobots Build in Future iPhone 6

iPhones are Built in the Future of Robots

Foxconn, a major Chinese contract manufacturer for Apple and the new iPhone 6, has announced to put iPhones in the future when assembling the Apple even more automation and manufacturing with robots. So far about one million Chinese workers for the group work, iPhone 6 building together. A few months ago, Foxconn sought 100,000 new workers about a vacancy to establish the desired Apple units of the new iPhone 6.

In the Future, Robots Assemble the iPhones

What now still hard-working Chinese migrant workers make iPhone 6 for the world market to assemble: the new, to be automated soon. For the mounting of the successor of iPhone 6 and co. Foxconn increasingly on robot wants to put even the first ten thousand robots during the production of the new iPhone 6 could take up their work Yes it – this announced the CEO of Foxconn, Terry Gou, at a general meeting of shareholders.

Ten thousand robots should approximately cost between 20,000 and 25,000 dollars apiece and assemble 30,000 smartphones in the cut – Foxconn could produce automatically with these iRobots 300 million units of the noble case for Apple cell phones. Foxconn wants to insert these so-called “Foxbots” only for themselves and not sell the underlying technology to the competition.

First beneficiaries of robot production at Foxconn could be Apple with its iPhone 6, because as the Taiwanese news magazine reported IT home, the test phase of the robot factory is nearly complete, the robot could get started so soon with the prefabricated of the iPhone 6. So Foxconn saves costs and make more profit on shareholders. Maybe Apple can offer cheaper new iPhones this way. Or do still keep more profit. On the road the 100,000 and more employees of Foxconn – definitely probably remain without iPhone.

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Backpack with Flower Print

Backpacks with flowers, here are the trendiest! Like to dress inconspicuously choosing basic colors? This is a great choice, but remember to make more cheerful look with accessories. Those who think that the autumn and winter looks are characterized by little bright colors, wrong! All outfits can be made brighter and original with the right accessories. One of the latest fashions for autumn winter 2016 are the backpacks with flowers. As we know very well, the bags are a fundamental element in the completion of an outfit. We’ve already spoken of trendy bags for the winter season and, in the latest fashions, is back in vogue the backpack. No longer an exclusively academic accessory but a real bag combined with different kinds of outfits. If you love the look mischievous and colorful, you cannot help but get yourself a backpack with flowers. You can choose from various fabrics and colors, all perfect for more or less colorful look. If you want to go to school with a backpack in flowers, you can choose from the various models of aviationopedia in more resistant canvas with floral prints one color or multicolor.

For afternoons hanging out with her friends, however, you can be trendy wearing a backpack with printed fabric flowers. Also, the backpacks with flowers are perfect for those who love the vintage look (we suggest those with leather trim, very fashion!) but also for those who often wears basic colors and would like to give themselves a more cheerful tone and mischievous. There’ll be spoiled for choice backpacks with micro flowers, floral-print maxi bags and backpacks that blend ethnic and floral prints. He thought that the backpack was just the thing cumbersome to carry on their shoulders to go to school? Now you can change your mind looking at our site!

How to Accessorize with a Watch

Fashion accessories, they are available to better serve us. Classic chic or more sporting, printed, flashy or smooth.

Indispensable for one more gadget for others but fashion accessory wholly, the watch clings to our wrist more than ever and agrees to our outfits. Combining practical and chic, it is the little touches that made the difference, to boost a look in an instant.
With the variety we offer specialists and retailers, there is plenty of choice on for sticking to key trends of each season. Tropical, denim, Vichy way “BB” , dressed with pineapple or pastel shades in the zeitgeist, it allows our varied and often at low prices. It then multiplies the models and easily juggles patterns and various colors and varied, as we would with our shoes and handbags!
More classic, leather straps and metal remain timeless and real solid values to last many years. This season, we love the rose gold, classy and smooth, the Milanese mesh too, definitely chic, not to mention the invincible steel, sometimes dressed with Swarovski crystals for the precious side which we adore.

For what (s) new (s) model (s) will you crack? The answer in our selection of fashion watches for this summer!

Miu Miu Handbags Limited Edition

Fashion house Miu Miu has in store for us pleasant surprises in views of the upcoming Weeks of women’s fashion for the wardrobe of autumn-winter 2012/2013. The brand has seen fit to delight us with a beautiful limited edition collection of handbags, which will be presented for the first time in New York, London, Milan and Paris, in the days of cold weather women’s fashion shows to come. Yet another reason to carefully follow the catwalks of fashion in the coming weeks.

After admiring the special collection of Miu Miu for Valentine’s day 2012, here we are talking about another capsule collection, a limited edition that will debut in the days of the catwalks for women’s fashion for next autumn-winter 2012/2013. A collection of bags for style of 1950s and 1960s really unique, very valuable and very glamorous. Continue reading

Chopard Watches: The Vintage Continues …

It’s official: the holidays are over and as my friend Feli, there are two things to return to the city are needed: a good cup of coffee and a reliable watch! The first let him who does it for work, because they are anything but a coffee-addicted! On the other hand a little something about one of her favorite brands of watches I want to share it with you.

Chopard watches doc

Let’s get this straight. In this area, when technological innovation and imagination meet, a name is mandatory: Chopard watches. In 2010 the famous maison in Geneva celebrated the milestone of 150 years, a tradition not just from jibin123.

In its long history, many have been invented movements. All are characterized by its high mechanical complication, elegance of design and simplicity in the choice of colors of dials. Continue reading

Fashion Tips for Pregnant Ladies

A few years ago, when women were pregnant, they forgot the vanity soon. Many stopped to practice physical activities and eating more than necessary, to gain excess weight. And as a result, many pregnant women don’t care more about the visual. In addition, the clothes were always restricted to dresses and gowns immense. Today everything has changed. Pregnant women are increasingly concerned about the health and welfare, and of course, with the baby.

But beyond concern with health and wellness, the pregnant women are also following the current fashion trends. Nowadays you can find several models of clothes for pregnant women, who do not cease to be modern and beautiful, and many fashion tips for pregnant women. Most of these clothes help enhance a woman’s body in this condition and still provide greater comfort. However, even with so many choices of clothes to wear during pregnancy, many women are left with questions about how to dress, as they are not accustomed, and they acquired that curves a little stage of life.

To help pregnant women to be beautiful and modern in all kinds of occasions, I selected some tips of looks for pregnant women.

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How To Choose The Necklaces To Wear

After seeing wearing the rings, earrings and bracelets, I would say that it’s time to figure out how to pick necklaces, another very important jewel .

The type and length of the necklaces to wear should be identified by considering multiple elements that guarantee a certain aesthetic balance: the neck line, the type of face and body type, clothing and the length of the necklace.

How to choose the necklaces

To understand how to choose the right necklace you have to pay close attention to the shape of your face because as always the jewelry should enhance its merits and not point out the flaws!

With a round or square face is best pick long necklaces that descend on the décolleté, in order to harmonize the geometries.
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Snapchat Alternatives: These Apps Copy the Model

Send pictures and videos with limited visibility – the Messenger service Snapchat is due to the automatic “self destruction” great popularity. According to the minds behind the app, more than 700 million images are sent per day! But other developers increasingly offer applications that have similar functions.

Because data security is for more and more users in focus, there are a number of Snapchat alternatives that appear worthwhile. Since late last year, hackers had stolen data of 4.6 million Snapchat users. Therefore a list of Messenger services we have created for you, go in a similar direction as the popular app – but not just only copy, but bring also a personal touch.

Clip Chat: Snapchat with Better Optics

Clip chat is similar to not only because of the name Snapchat, but also has a very similar feature set. With this app, your videos and photos you can record and send to your friends. They delete themselves after at least five seconds – a fast attention is necessary. In contrast to Snapchat, however the developers have tried to equip clip chat with an attractive exterior.

A drawback, however, is: the photos can be; although labeled Unfortunately, there are however not the possibility to insert your own drawings. In return, there is also a big advantage over Snapchat: your contacts must have not installed the Messenger, but be only registered on Facebook to get the pictures. Clip chat is available for mobile devices, which either iOS or use Android as the operating system.

Wickr: High Level of Encryption

With the app Wickr, you can send encrypted messages, and specify the time period such as Snapchat or clip chat, for which it is to see. This applies to images, videos and audio recordings. With the deletion of a message, also the metadata such as, for example, the airtime will be shredded, which improves data security. The developers at the same time guarantee to collect any personal information when registering. Also while using the Messenger service stores information about user behavior. Wickr is you free download available for iOS and Android operating systems in the respective app stores.

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Reinvents Nike Sports Shoe with LunarEpic Flyknit

Nike has just released to market a somewhat different to what we are used shoe. As you can see, cutting the material of the shoe is completely homogeneous and up to the ankle. The appearance of the Flyknit LunerEpic is similar to a sock with sole.

The sole and midsole also draws attention, it looks like a cushion and be comfortable enough to give stride. Of course, a shoe that has wanted to go a step further and innovate in the field of running.

Caractarísticas and price Nike Flyknit LunarEpic

Putting the shoe is the closest thing to put a vintage sock, as we have boys Runner’s World, who have had the opportunity to try them. Also new is the feeling of being surrounded and subject the ankle tissue, unlike being surrounded by a sort of padding on the rest of slippers.


With this model, Nike claims that the shoe is as integrated as possible to our foot. In fact, it is not necessary to tie the account over the shoelaces to notice that the shoe is fully adjusted to our foot.

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Maternity Fashion Coats and Jackets

Late summer, fall soon, it’s time to think of jackets, coats and other small lightweight jackets that will accompany maternity for spring. Teddy Long in the trendy tuxedo chic style through the timeless trench, there is still something for all styles, all shapes and all budgets this season.

Must have, teddy, or small short jacket that becomes long this season. Strong piece of autumn-winter 2016-2017 , he dresses and warm with style, definitely. Here we go again, with skirts, dresses or jeans: all is him!


Leather jacket, forever: pastel pink, red, black with embroidered tone on tone, yellow, “biker” is available at infinity story to cheer up our outfits for any occasion. And to show this little rock & glam look ‘that goes so well.

Timeless trench. Difficult to do without this basic of basics! Lasse classic beige model? This season, there is a wide choice of colors and variants: navy, gray but also bi-material with leather sleeves: what else?

It surfs the catwalk trends. Pretty tiles, tuxedo, neoprene parts and other military style have made a remarkable impact on the fall-winter 2016-2017 shows: one is inspired to adopt pretty overcoat definitely in the air time.

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Apple iPhone 5S Popular as Samsung Galaxy S5

Apple before Samsung on Sales

The iPhone 5 is and remains popular: Apple had his iPhone 5S almost a year on the market, and in April of this model still more deposed, as its competitor Samsung of his brand new flagship Samsung Galaxy S5 – and that although the South Korean Super Smartphone just was short, on the market.

Popular there: the Apple iPhone 5S has analyses showed that in May – eight months after its launch – on the world market even better sold than the Samsung Galaxy S5. And that, although the new Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 was presented in April for the first time to the public and actually popular should have been. This result provides at least an analysis of the market research firm counter point technology market research, which raised the actual unit sales in 35 countries – and not only the deliveries to dealers. With complete distance on the list of the most popular smartphones by Samsung the Galaxy S5 follows the iPhone 5 S’s second only to and the Samsung flagship from the previous year, the Samsung Galaxy S4. The ten best-selling smartphones worldwide also include iPhone 5 C, which posted themselves in fifth place, as well as the iPhone 4s, which six is ranked.

Phablets are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Counter point technology market analysts expect research due to its huge 5.1 inch large display to the Phablets the Samsung Galaxy S5. This category include also the Galaxy note 3 and Galaxy Grand 2 from Samsung, which are also reflected in the list of the most popular smartphones. According to the analysis, 40 percent of smartphones sold can be counted among the Phablets.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 friends really like? The Smartphone has to offer also a lot! And we have it on sale! And the best: we have the Galaxy S5 with a mobile financing, where you even can choose the amount of the monthly rate!

Rock Style Bracelets for Women

The rock style bracelets are the must-have for aggressive girls. We present the most beautiful, leather or synthetic fabric, strictly total black but enhanced by strong details like studs and steel finishes. The look bad girl of rock music is particularly fashionable. If you too are hardcore fans of this genre, you cannot help but leather blacks bosses, studs and amphibians from real tough. Every self-respecting rock chick has with him a nail, or the classic leather jacket, a black makeup rather sharp and of course accessories. It is these latter, in fact, to make your unique and unmistakable style! The rock bracelets are always blacks, smooth leather and thick or thinner and twisted. The classical model has a single high-end and wraps around the wrist, but there are many types, sizes of several wires next to each other, or all interwoven.

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LG Watch Urbane 2, The Most Comprehensive Smart Watch

Last September came the three Android Wear smart watches with new generation: the new Motorola Moto 360 , the Huawei Watch , and the Asus ZenWatch 2. It also introduced the Samsung Gear S2. However, missing some of the major manufacturers of smart, LG and Sony watches. Well, the first one has already announced its new smart watch, and turns out to be the most complete of all what this year, the LG Watch Urbane 2 .

Circular design

It has become almost standard that smart watches are circular. Although the first watches came with a rectangular screen and even the Apple Watch has a screen that is not circular, it seems that now all smart watches opt for a screen of this type. The LG Watch Urbane 2 is the third LG watch with a display of this style, although I must say that in this case is of a higher quality than before, it is 1.38 inches and has a resolution of 480 x 480 pixels, being P-type OLED.

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Tips to Extend the Life of Your Sports Shoes

Sports shoes are our faithful companions. If we do many kilometers, it may not last us long (maybe a few months). But with some tricks we can extend the life of our sports shoes .

From how to use to how to clean them, there are little things we can do every day to make our shoes last us a few kilometers. Although they say that sports shoes have an average life of 1,000 kilometers, also depends on other things.

What to do to last you more sports shoes?

  • Go rotating a pair of sports shoes: it is always better to have a pair of sports shoes to train. As we accumulate kilometers, the sole tends to lose cushioning. If we take a couple of days off shoes after training to the sole it gives you time to better restore its original position, delaying wear material.
  • Dry thoroughly before storing shoes: if after sports, sweat or because it rained, the shoes are wet or damp, be sure to dry them well. Take away the templates, loosen the laces and open them well. Put them in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct heat sources. If they are very wet, put newspaper inside to remove moisture.
  • Compared to theprevious point, we can avoid excessive sweating using appropriate socks. And if we sweat a lot, we can even use specific foot powders. Remove the right end of training also helps slippers, is the time where more sweat tends to
  • Do not use shoes to train for daily use: This is a common mistake, even rather we think is right for your foot fits the shoe. But we have to tread walk is very different from that we have to run, so the shoes can “viciarse” when used to walk.
  • If you use sports shoes for other sports addressed on, you will last very little. Especially if they are sports like football, tennis or the like, where there are many changes of direction. These shoes are designed to step in one direction, if they undergo constant changes of direction and abrasive surfaces, much shorten its life.