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Fashion Week Animal Print

Milan Fashion Week ended the day yesterday, proposing the best Italian fashion trends for next autumn-winter 2012/2013: lots of maison who went on stage with their stunning collections, featuring runway garments and accessories that, inevitably, will fill our wardrobe. So here is what you will go for a fashion force in next winter, according to the guidelines that we saw at the pret a porter fashion shows of Milan.

Among the trends that have not gone unnoticed, there are those related tocolor. The black will be the great protagonist, since virtually all the runways we saw heads in this shade, which is complemented by the classic black and grey.Only a few Braves with color, like Vera Wang with his autumn-winter 2012/2013. Continue reading

French President Says That “the Web is Not a Parallel Universe”

In his speech during the opening of the meeting of G8 countries in Paris, France, President Nicolas Sarkozy raised some questions regarding the neutrality of the web and the impact of the network on the production of copyrighted content.

When asked by an American journalist accept sign a treaty pledging “not to hurt the Internet,” the French president said that “global revolution we are seeing is peaceful and does not happen on the battlefield, but in universities “I told an audience that was composed by famous names from the world of technology, such as Erich Schmidt (former CEO Google), Jimmy Wales (guru-founder of Wikipedia) and Mark Zuckerberg (from Facebook).

“But this world you represent is not a parallel universe where legal and moral rules that govern our democratic society do not apply,” he added.”From the moment that the Internet has become an everyday part of life for most people, it would be a contradiction to keep governments away from this huge forum,” he said, ending arguing that “controls on illegal activities in the network could never be considered prejudicial”.

Since 2009 France has in place one of the laws anti piracy stricter in Europe, where the sailors have their drive in constantly moderate network, in search of users who download illegal files of copyrighted content.


Facebook Places Comes to Brazil, Discreet and Gradually

The Foursquare, the geolocation service that allows users to check in at stores, will win another competitor in Brazil, the Facebook Places. Translated into our country as “Local”, the service has been available since the beginning of the month to selected users and have the apps Facebook for devices with iOS or Android. There are not many establishments registered yet, but with the increase of users, this number is expected to grow. Open the application on your phone to see if you’re one of the lucky ones.

Milan Fashion Week Trends

The next cold season includes a wardrobe, full of ideas and precious materials. The “outfit” proposed for the fall-winter 2012/2013, ahead of clear and definite trends . Redundant in their mix of different materials-Jacquard tapestries, brocades , velvets , opulent theatrical feathers, floral prints and transparencies, you rest on a black base, in which predominates the color palette of a still life – in a wealth of proposals masterfully expressed. Layers of volumes, contrasts of fabrics, the opposites attract as the dichotomy between male and female, sensuality and hardness, in a single outfit. Different and contrasting Lengths , like the slim fit pants at ankle which overlap long coats. Large volumes, which alternate with the sinuous lines.

The contrasts are protagonists in the proposals which are opposed to stylistic characteristics of some designers, like Alberta Ferretti who surprised everyone with his fashion show, replacing the indomitable womanhood with a stolen set of proposals to the wardrobe to look stronger, but behind which we find the eternal sensuality. Continue reading

Malicious Apps are Removed From Android Market

Since the beginning of this week Google withdrew more than 50 applications considered malicious its Android Market. According to information released by the web giant, programs could have access root the operating system and allowed malicious people to have access to “a lot” of data from their victims, capture and send back to the creator server the malware. Continue reading

Emerald Green Fashion Trend

For fall / winter 2012-2013 a new trend has emerged on runways: it is a particular shade of dark green, bluish, that will give new light to the winter season. Read now what clothes and accessories to wear to give new life to your wardrobe!

New season, new color!

Comes the cold season and with it all the sad color, dull, or have already seen. Mistaken! Because this year a new color has seized before the parade of the great designers, then the shops. You can call it in different ways, emerald green, teal, green, blue, bottle green or forest green. I like to call it Green Wood , as a beautiful model of handmade earrings Daffodil Bijoux, which you will see in the look.

Continue reading

Internet Fashion Trends

You not always have to follow the traditions to create their own business following their passions. Internet and new methods for making fashion. The example of Alessandra Facchinetti.
Uniqueness The fashion brand has opened a temporary store in via Montenapoleone only a few days, however, its path is not without experience, in fact, Alessandra Facchinetti , the ‘creator of the brand has given life to his’ maison’ in a way nothing short of anti -traditional : breaking the rules that most of the designers have used, she has created a path of his own, with the ‘help of the fastest method of communication: the network.

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Vivienne Westwood Paris Fashion Week

Laser project green lights from side to side of the Auditorium: that’s the fashion show fall-winter 2012/2013 to Vivienne Westwood kicks off in Paris fashion week dedicated to pret a porter.
And from the beginning the wonder: enters the stage on the catwalk the Ice Princess. Coats that look like cloaks and which are long white and pink down to her feet, turned to cold, wrap the models in a cloud of religious romance.
Then the surprise: squares and kilt prints in large doses, shorts, blouses, coats, not to forget the punk vein and upstream that Westwood has seen, seen and continues to see in the representation of its modern woman. Continue reading

Russian Fashion Week

Even the Aurora Fashion Week Russia introduced us to the trend of women’s wardrobe for next autumn-winter 2012/2013: at St. Petersburg in fact took place the 5th Edition of Russian fashion week, which has exposed 40 fashion collections presented in the rooms of the Manezh, a former riding school of the Russian city. In our video we can enjoy some of the creations that the models took to the catwalk for the event have worn. There are some really interesting look … Discover them!

If the video above we can follow what happened on the first day of catwalks of Aurora Russia Fashion Week, following a few weeks those of Moscow Fashion Week always for autumn-winter 2012/2013, in others that we propose below we can see the other days of parades. Continue reading

Ermanno Scervino Fashion Show

Ermanno Scervino was awarded in Russia of a prestigious prize: the designer Italian, in fact, was handed the World Fashion Awards 2012, an award for her style, her class, her beautiful garments and its original accessories, which every year brings to the catwalk with collections that adorn our wardrobe to look extraordinary. A truly prestigious recognition for a fashion label, strictly Made in Italy, among the most popular in the world as it seems, especially like in Russia!

Back from the beautiful fashion show fall-winter 2012/2013 of Milano Moda Donna, Ermanno Scervino now will stage its Womenswear collections on a prestigious stage, participating in World Fashion Awards, where not only will pull its garments and its accessories, but will also receive the highest recognition. Continue reading

Australian Fashion Week Spring Summer

Australia also has its own fashion week, which in these days there is presenting its interesting collections for spring-summer 2012/2013. The Australia Fashion Week is underway, until 4 may, to Sidney, where since last April 30 of the best feminine fashion brands compete to show us the look more glamorous and feminine, that we see in part in our picture gallery: really very interesting outfit , complete with that will make our wardrobe more intriguing!

In program to Australia Fashion Week plenty of interesting names in international fashion, like Zimmermann, Ksubi, Oroton, Beck & Bridge, Sara Phillips, Talulah and many more. After admiring the Russian Fashion Week fashion designer of dawn , is now stepping further East, to go all the way to Australia, in the land of kangaroos and apparently even hyper fashion chic. Continue reading

Revealed Why No One Can Block Zuckerberg

It seems that Zuckerberg is not the only person who can not be blocked on Facebook. There are several of them. According to an email sent by a Facebook spokesman told the blog Mashable, this is actually a protection. It only comes into play when a person is blocked a number of times, as in viral campaigns instructing members of Facebook to block someone. From there, the system is activated to “protect [on Facebook] experience of people attacked” by such campaigns. Overkill? Perhaps.

Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Christmas is almost upon us, and surely many of our readers will begin to think of what to get. Our survey asks you this: do you prefer to receive for Christmas? Bets on a beautiful bag, perhaps branded, or bets on a nice pair of shoes, maybe the kind that you saw the other day in that window?Or maybe you prefer a beautiful jewel from your boyfriend? In short, get jiggy! Continue reading

Malta Fashion Week

The second edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta ended recently in beautiful Mediterranean island, proposing some very particular fashion trend that will go in the wardrobe but also men of the coming seasons. After the great success of the first edition of 2011, here is that even this second date glamour in the island of Malta has satisfied the fashionistas who were able to attend glamorous events organized in the days of the event, as well as walkways really curious.

Not only Milan, Paris, London, New York: the world is full of fashion week where the best local fashion designers express their creativity and we present their fashion collections designed to make each look more intriguing. In every corner of the planet, every year organizes noteworthy Fashion Week, which always look with curiosity to understand how it will fashion. Continue reading

Twitter Will Let You Read the Timeline of Other

Apparently the Twitter chose this week to launch several new features in which, probably, their engineers spent months developing. After activating the favorites notifications, retweets and mentions by email (and fill the patience of some of the members of the network in the process), Twitter announced a feature that will let users see the timeline (or historical, the official translation ) from each other. Continue reading

What is GSM System

This is the first digital mobile phone system is put into operation in Italy.

The advantages of digital GSM system on the old type the so called analogue ETACS system that preceded it are many, of these, primarily are:

The ability to detect and correct errors of transmission over the air.

Almost complete immunity to interferences, whereby the transmission is cleaner.

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