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How Many Shoes does a Woman Need?

Are you one of those women who can go past any shoe store and always find the shoe shops in a strange city guarantees? Then determine the different shoes in your shoe cabinet have. And then can not be big enough … Beautiful shoes are simply more than footwear, because they are important fashion accessories. But how many couples need a woman really? This question can be easily answered – not really many!

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Samsung Galaxy S2 in the Test

Android is the world’s leading smartphone operating system – since the beginning of the year and with the Samsung Galaxy S II is now an Android Smartphone at the top of the connect leaderboard.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S2 in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The new Samsung Galaxy S2 shows the taillights all competitors. With a very good energy management, handy design, modern amenities and an overall round appearance of laboratory, the Galaxy S2 with many praise the connect leaderboard has rocked and captured the place in the Sun. Continue reading

New iPhone 7-Problem: Call Quality Lags Tremendously

iPhone 7 and iOS 10 has traditionally been plagued by small children’s diseases. Now reported as that of yet another problem-this time the poor call quality.

Call quality is not, as it should be on more iPhone 7 phones. Multiple users on Apple’s forum report: whether a faulty sound quality by phone calls.

It writes Apple Insider, which is also experiencing this problem with the website sent iPhone 7 Plus. iPhone 7 are, however, also affected by the same problem, if it was up to users ‘ complaints.

While the normal playback of audio, such as music, are not affected by this problem, users with the error experience sound from front speaker as being remote-“as if it is coming from behind the phone,” writes an iPhone 7-owner on the Apple website. Continue reading

Repeating with Dani

Good morning divas!

Someone there to see the lookbook? These days I was digging around and I had the idea of making this post. There, the profile of Daniela Ramirez is one who never tired of watching and reviewing. There’s always some inspiration, an unusual mixture of parts and, almost everything, it is very usable! Without a doubt she is one of my inspirations!

You know that piece we always uses the same way? With the same style or combination of colors? So, Dani (the intima, right?!? lol) can take this piece and make different looks with different proposals, without sounding the same. I think that’s what I like best about her!! I feel like sometimes I hold my use such a thing with such things and I don’t see any “potential” that my wardrobe has to offer. Philosophers, right? RS

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Find The Perfect Pillow for You

Nbelievable but true: On average, we spend a third of our lives on the pillow.With the help of online tools “My Life Asleep” can calculate namely, how many days, hours and even minutes our life we have “slept”.

Restful sleep, however, depends on many different factors. You want to sleep better and wake up radiantly beautiful? The right pillow can help!

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CD Receiver AVM Inspiration C-8

The German manufacturer AVM personally escorted his brand new c-class to the test in the AUDIO editing – and presented a real eye-catcher. Despite compact dimensions of the AVM, extremely simple and chic at the same time, in MIDI format eliminates the inspiration C-8 (3500 euros) plenty conventional Hi-Fi components.

These properties were already the predecessor series inspiration C6, but the current year was prettier and more versatile. The housing for the handcrafted came out but so far even without visible screws, but only with the new, ultra-thin CD slot on the massive front panel optical calm in almost magical way comes to fruition. Continue reading

The 8 Best Fitness, Workout and Tracking Apps [Tip]

We have created a list of the best træningsapps to iPhone and Android. What is best for GPS tracking, workout programs and general fitness.

Autumn is upon us and it is for some time to get started with your exercise. Your phone can in many cases be a distracting factor, but other times, it is also a very helpful tool. With your phone, you can track your training session (if you don’t track your exercise and shared it socially, then it’s probably never happened?), find new training exercises, get help with training programs and guides to do the exercises correctly.

We have compiled a list of the apps, which we think makes it best of all. The apps we have selected covers a wide variety of training types, and some are specifically designed for a particular sport. In the end, they all would like to make your workouts more fun, and motivate you to continue. Whether it is social in it, a quest for improvement or anything else is relative. Continue reading

What Is My Body Type

Meet our body type is critical to determine which are the pieces of clothing that most favor our ways, which become indispensable accessories to favor certain areas and which we must put aside when the goal is to hide any problem area.

When we have clear which group belongs to our silhouette, will be much easier to choose the most suitable clothes for us. However, many women do not know the usual ratings don’t even know where to start; If this is your case, this article will resolve your doubts. Find out what your body type and how to make it great.

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How to Choose a Strapless Dress

Difficult to do more feminine than the strapless dress, which reveals the shoulders with sensuality. Yet we dare not always wear. Am I made for the dress strapless? Form ball, long empire waist… Don’t worry, there is necessarily a model for you.

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Converter CD Preamplifier Audio Lab 8200 CDQ

Considered even up close, he would go through smooth new 8200 CDQ of the British manufacturer of audio Lab (1200 euros) as an ordinary CD player. While only a power amplifier section is missing flat flounder to completely profile as the audio counterpart to the Swiss General purpose knife.

  1. Converter CD preamplifier Audio Lab 8200 CDQ
  2. Data sheet

The hip flask available in silver or black not only has a CD drive with a flat drawer. Its integrated volume control and the back balanced XLR outputs predestine the Audio Lab 8200 CDQ as a full fledged preamp as his three high level inputs. Continue reading

Remove Noise and Stress from Open Office

There are many employees who hate open-plan offices just as fervently as heads of love them. But Office is not always equal to the noise hell.

For many years it has been the case that the heads of loved open-plan offices, while the employees typically have had a more lukewarm relationship with the open Office.

The heads are excited, because the open storrum makes it easy for you to understand the whole workforce, and because in many cases provides better communication between employees.

It increases employee job satisfaction and effectiveness, and it is then again good for the bottom line of the company. The employees are typically not quite as enthusiastic, because noise and noise can increase the sensation of stress while you work. For it can be hard to keep concentration, when people around at the other desk talking on the phone or chatting with each other. And if people actually sit and talk together across the room, can noise really be difficult to handle. Continue reading

Black and White Still in High Summer 2014

The Black and White combination is already a classic, which means it never goes out of Fashion, but lately this pair has been taking care of the catwalks, red carpets, editorials, shop Windows and, let’s face it, she’s powerful, synonymous with elegance and class, and the good news is that she is one of the bets for the summer 2014.

Transparent clothes: fashion trend summer 2014

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Test: Full Amp Musical Fidelity AMS 35i

As the acronym ‘AMS’ for Antony Michaelson signature, you expect something very special with the AMS 35i (7500 euro), a personal technology statement of the founder – and gets it also. Michaelson returns to his roots to a certain extent, because as the very first amp, which he sold under the sign of “musical fidelity”, also the AMS 35i is a wholly-owned class A design.

  1. Test: full amp musical fidelity AMS 35i
  2. Data sheet

By the output transistors run constantly with maximum quiescent current, class A avoids the inevitable otherwise with push-pull designs, ugly-sounding distortion of the transition. That’s about as you would in the car, to prevent gas exchange-jerking, constantly full throttle and dose the speed with clutch and brake. With the slight difference that the hot amps in contrast does not cause the duration Screamer to social prominence and correct interpretation and conscientious building are also long-term stability and can be operated even reasonably economical. Continue reading

GoPro Ready with Drone: See What GoPro Karma Can

GoPro presents a brand new product with their drone GoPro Karma, which will be accompanied by new cameras, GoPro Hero 5 Black and Session.

Probably the most popular and widely used actionkamera-producer, GoPro, is on track again with new equipment and this time there is not just new cameras on the menu-we also get to see a drone for the first time.

GoPro Karma was the other day presented by GoPros event in Nevada, and here they laid particular emphasis on its easy control system, its foldable propellers, so it can fit in a backpack, as well as of course its abilities in the field of video recording.

The camera itself is of course a clamped GoPro camera, which sits in the wake of a form of image stabilisation rod, as do images less shaking and which at the same time allows you to control the angle. Continue reading

5 Suggestions to Make for Ballad

It’s always the same … marks a ballad with friends and runs behind the ideal outfit, one that will make you more beautiful and powerful, and when it’s time to make… is that doubt, what to use? Of course, because for success at the Club, a good makeup is key and end up making all the difference in the result of any production. So, today it’s all here 5 makeups that make the biggest hit among celebrities and that may well provide inspiration to rock and shake the world clubbing.

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How to Choose a Backpack

Essentials for choosing a backpack:

After choosing the style and capacity of its bag, check some indispensable to have on his backpack for walking and travel more confidently. Here are some examples:

For your comfort :

  • The backpack must be watertight. Not finding her wet business after a good rain. If it is not tight, you can always take a bag protects more. Some have already provided not. I strongly advise to check this before buying your bag. Make sure to also have a flap on top.
    A small link to buy a bag protects: Cover Rain
  • The backpack should be adjustable.It does not carry a backpack in the same way according to our height and weight.Then you will need the change and adjust according to your body type. Generally they are adjustable up and down, but make sure it is as the back and forth. The compressions straps are useful to straighten your bag and do not end up with the shell in Franklin on the back. Try taking with padded shoulder straps and a reinforced back. Make sure there is a space between the bag and your back for ventilation. Prefer with a padded waist belt that will rest some of the weight on your hips. This will also avoid the
    buffeting of the bag also. It’s all for your comfort.

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Samsung Galaxy GIO in the Test

The GIO allows a cheap and yet solid entry in the world of Google’s Android.

  1. Samsung Galaxy GIO in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The Galaxy GIO is therefore very solid, shows little weaknesses, can but rarely shine. The facilities not match up to that of the top smartphones in the League beyond of 400 euros. However, the entry in the Smartphone world the offered should suffice for most. The touch screen is not huge, with its 3.2 inch where the processing is not noble diagonals but also no mini display, the look and feel, but perfectly. Continue reading

Great and Artistic Teaser for Google’s Event 4. October

With less than two weeks for Google’s big event, we now get a variety of extravagant teasers-among other things. a mysterious and somewhat different statue.

On Monday we got through a published video the first teaser for Google’s next big event, where by all accounts will be presenting two new phones under the new brand Pixel.

In the video we see Google’s classic searchable transform themselves into the outline of what may be the new Pixel-phone, and subsequently we get date d. 4. October to see. But this is not the only teaser, we have received about this upcoming event. Continue reading