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Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand SE

Vienna acoustics has revised his Mozart, technically and sonically. The Symphony Edition (2860 euro per pair) sounds now even better.

  1. Vienna acoustics Mozart Grand SE
  2. Data sheet

A manufacturer on a classic change what go is sold how bread cut? Vienna acoustics has nevertheless dared and further developed its quantity Renner Mozart Grand. As usual in the Music City of Vienna, the whole has a fine-sounding name: the third generation listen to Symphony Edition (SE). Continue reading

Amplifier Pathos Ethos

On pathos amplifiers, there was always a piece of wood. The pathos ethos (3800 EUR) – waived and that focuses on the future.

  1. Amplifier pathos ethos
  2. From the measurement lab + technology in detail
  3. Data sheet

Whether shoes, espresso machines or just amplifiers: the products, which refers to the connoisseurs already for quality reasons from the area around Venice, characterized also by a characteristic appearance. So, the logos and the Inpol2, the older amplifiers were the manufacturer based in Vicenza pathos, a kind of altar with wood panels and sacral glowing tubes on it (test in 12/05 and 6/06). Continue reading

Test: Speaker Piega Coax 30

The Piega coax 30 (8000 euro per pair) is very playful, airy, casual and homogeneous, and blessed despite their delicate appearance with a surprisingly rich bass.

  1. Test: speaker Piega coax 30
  2. Data sheet

Where Leo Greiner and Kurt Scheuch work, many others would like to spend his holiday. The factory, in the Piega co-founders develop their noble speakers since 1986 and produce stands right on the waterfront of Lake Zurich. The tweeter Ribbon acts whose trademark has always been. Continue reading

Test: Speaker KEF Q900

Already the compact KEF Q300 provided audio in issue 5/2011 a splash. Clarifies the test in how far the flagship of the new Q Series, the Q900 (1600 euro per pair) can continue the flight.

  1. Test: speaker KEF Q900
  2. Data sheet

Having already put small Q 300 to flying high and shone with extraordinary naturalism, the flagship of the new Q Series aroused high expectations. The more than three times as large KEF Q 900 familiar not only to the completely newly developed coaxial chassis that’s where comes in an XXL version with larger 38-mm tweeter and a Cone measured by 20 cm. Continue reading

Test: Speaker Thiel SCS 4 T

The Thiel SCS 4T (4000 euro per pair) is a very fine, high resolution box with an intimate, but of course flexible space.

Jim Thiel, the 2009 late speaker pioneer from the United States, had made his life’s work under the motto “real time music”. He came early in the use of flat frequency crossover filters, which add only minimal phase and time error thanks to a real acoustic filter slope of only 6 decibels per octave signal. Such a turnout is considerably greater demands on the driver quality, because both the Woofer and tweeter far away from the crossover frequency and the range of their application must play more linear and distortion free. Continue reading

Test: Symphonic Line RG 10 MK IV Reference 2011

The new Symphonoc line RG10 MK IV reference 2011 (6800 euro / chrome finish 7500 euro) is a dynamic, wiry, tightly coordinated temperament bolt with excellent Phonoteil.

  1. Test: Symphonic line RG 10 MK IV reference 2011
  2. Data sheet

The Symphonic line is actually a circle. Rolf common turns a round of tuning with his classic that once simply RG 10 began tirelessly after another. With the success that the device name will no longer fits into the leaderboards column. What a pity would be, because there the Duisburg amplifier converts for years in the highest spheres – the “reference” is so, at least in terms of AUDIO, quite literally to take. Continue reading

Test: AV Receiver, Arcam AVR 400

Younger brothers have a hard time. You need elbow to prevail against older siblings. stereoplay marveled at how much the new Arcam receiver AVR 400 (2200 euros) offers the more expensive and successful AVR 500 Paroli.

  1. Test: AV receiver, Arcam AVR 400
  2. Data sheet

It costs a thousand bucks less (2200 instead of 3200 euro) and brings only 15.5 kilograms instead of 22. In addition, the front plate cooling slit characteristic of the older AVR 500 is missing the Arcam AVR 400. Otherwise, the AV fan can rub their eyes. Because it looks at least at first glance, as if the new Arcam can show the long nose of the in-house competition. Continue reading

HTC Wildfire S in the Test

HTC extended its Android Smartphones from the S series to a cheap model. The compact HTC wildfire S shows inner size despite small dimensions.

  1. HTC wildfire S in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

With the new edition of the Wildfire tested in connect 9/2010 HTC presents a quite talented Smartphone for the small purse. The Wildfire S is located in the bottom line while almost neck and neck with his predecessor, but feels in individual disciplines, as well as in the overall package better and mature. By abandoning the optical mouse below the screen, the new wildfire is even more compact and thus easier and handier than the previous S. Continue reading

20 Years Autohifi

Who has turned on the clock? autohifi is 20 years old. We look back on 20 years HiFi history in the car. With this: the 12 most legendary devices of history, selected by the readers of autohifi.

With the number 1/1991 the first carhifiwas output of the world. The “power sound” published previously as a prototype considered spiritual forefather, but honesty we include only the folders on which carhifi draufstand on it and it says. Continue reading

AVM Fritz WLAN Repeater 300E

The Wi-FI wireless quickly reaches the limit of its range at home or in the Office. The radius of action can be easily extended with AVM new Wi-FI Repeater.

  1. AVM Fritz WLAN Repeater 300E
  2. Alternatives

Kitchen radio, satellite receivers, Tablet PC or notebook: more and more devices in the household want to be fed with bits and bytes from the Internet and get them via the wireless Wi-FI interface of the DSL router. Continue reading

Test: Speaker ASW Genius 310

Much emphasizes ASW optics with his genius 310 inside and outside. This win also the sound.

  1. Test: speaker ASW genius 310
  2. Data sheet

The trend that Hi-Fi components ever more sophisticated processing is not new. The Vredener speaker manufacturer ASW pioneered here long ago. It seems the topic with his ASW genius 310 now but still continue to advance without asking for a surcharge.

The not quite a metre high pillar is elegantly rounded on the sides and in the lid area. Even the chassis look as if they were trimmed by a designer on visual appeal. Continue reading

Testbox Stand Cabasse Pacific 3 SA

Cabasse transplanted his legendary ball coax into a classic box. The result: Cabasse Pacific 3 SA (12,000 euros per pair)

  1. Testbox stand Cabasse Pacific 3 SA
  2. Data sheet

Technically related products are usually easy to detect such. Usually, a quick glance is enough to to see that it’s a smaller or larger “sister” model. For example, when already familiar chassis in an additional series emerge.

The new Pacific 3 SA Cabasse a kinship with already established products is not immediately striking – it nevertheless exists. The design with the two side profiles of the circular provides no evidence of greater technical similarities, and atypical class soaring standing speakers are almost a badge of traditional brand. Continue reading

Telekom Sinus A 605

With voicemail, lush address book and tools dasTelekom sinus A can collecting 605 points – the operation but has a few weaknesses.

  1. Telekom sinus A 605
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Telekom seems to have enormous influence in the far eastern ready VTech, because the sine of A 605 is extremely tailored to the German competition. Externally governed plastic, with the nice large keys are, after all, in metal optics; also, the border around the navigation elements stands out visually – a successful design. Continue reading

Test: Compact Box Neat Ultimatum XLS

Isobarik bass plus additional tweeter: the neat ultimatum XLS (5800 euro per pair) expanded the boundaries of common compact speaker greatly.

The neat company founder and Developer Bob Surgeoner had always been a soft spot for compact boxes. His Petite sensation in the 80s, because it represented an extremely affordable solution for many high end.

The attribute “cheap” is maybe not necessarily true when the base price 5800 € (plus 800 euro for the stand). But why also? A scale should be the ultimatum XLS , crammed with innovative solutions with which Surgeoner wants to bypass the problems of conventional compact boxes. Continue reading

Apple iPad 2 in the Test

Undoubtedly iPad is the scale at which other tablets need to measure 2. But how good it is in detail?

  1. Apple iPad 2 in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The basic features of the iPad 2 connect readers are known as b, c.: the flat aluminium housing is perfectly crafted. In addition the device given the significant 9.7-inch display diagonal acts relatively easily; to keep it free in the air is of course still tiring in the long term. Continue reading

Gigaset C610 A

The Gigaset C610 of a on the top of the connect leaderboards climbed with many useful features, top sound and very good stand by time.

  1. Gigaset C610 A
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

As usual, Gigaset is based on the nomenclature of a well-known Premiumautobauers – also at Mercedes is the C for the middle class.

The C610 assigned here to test A somehow familiar to whom, is subject to no sense deception by the way: because strictly speaking it is not a new product, but rather a C595 with slight modifications. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v in the Test

The Galaxy tab offers 10.1v in the display only mediocrity, but otherwise is not in its Android counterparts.

  1. Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1v in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Like Apple, Samsung will send the second generation of the tablet in the race already. With the Galaxy tab 10.1v a new edition of Android tablets from Korea is available, and a third is already in the starting blocks.

The ending provides information, where the prospective buyer can buy the Korean Tablet – the Galaxy tab 10.1v is exclusively available with Vodafone. The price without a contract is 660 euros, with a corresponding data contract is to have the UMTS model but for 80 euro. Continue reading

RIM BlackBerry Playbook in the Test

The Playbook is dancing in terms of screen size and functionality of the series. For BlackBerry users, the Tablet is a great addition.

  1. RIM BlackBerry playbook in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Also the business specialist RIM has discovered the Tablet market for itself and sends a special representative of this type of device in the test. Conceptually, the Playbook is differs significantly from the models of the competitors.

Only 7 inch large display immediately catches the eye. The smaller display dimensions are pleasingly compact. In addition, the housing is perfectly processed and provides sufficient grip through the rubberized back even with wet hands. Continue reading

Speaker Cables: Gold Sound Edition

The distortion of the gold cable sound Edition (240 euro / stereo 2 x 3 meters) are the fine voice articulation and the natural timbres.

  1. Speaker cables: Gold Sound Edition
  2. Data sheet

“We can not directly compare a triple Koaxaufbau with a classic twin head, therefore we specify not the cross section,” Gold cable Chief Klaus Ehrhart’s answer to the question was to the head area of the Sound Edition. As regards the structure, he was joyful release. Continue reading

Speaker Cables: Audioquest Rocket 33

The Audioquest rocket votes and individual instruments 33 (280 euro / stereo 2 x 3 meters) projected with extremely sharp outlines and precisely focused in the listening room.

  1. Speaker cables: Audioquest rocket 33
  2. Data sheet

Audioquest Chief Bill low has a very precise idea of what leads to good sound cables. For example, that the Director should be individually insulated solid wire. So that has rocket 33 two head groups arranged in a plastic envelope resting. Each group includes three with polyethylene (PE) insulated and twisted copper wires of varying thickness. But only two conductors are connected in such a group of three, the third is taken from the formation next door. The inductance can be reduced by this cross connection. Continue reading