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Review: Compact Speaker Heco Victa 301

The Heco Victa 301 (220 euro per pair) is a box with all-round qualities. Her candid, jumping to character and the good image of the room are unique in the price range to 200 euro.

  1. Review: Compact speaker Heco Victa 301
  2. Data sheet

With a distinctly narrow tapered case, it draws attention to the Heco Victa 301 for 220 euros. The special shape of the enclosure is made possible by slashed MDF that can be bent to a certain degree. Their curved appearance belies the tremendous depth of 31 centimeters . About 13 litres internal volume come together there, twice as much as in the Boston A25. Continue reading

Review: Compact Speaker Boston A 25

The new Boston A 25 (260 Euros per pair) is a coordinated clean box with natural tones and fatigue-free game art.

  1. Review: Compact speaker Boston A 25
  2. Data sheet

It is cramped at the place of destination, the Boston A25 through its size alone has the best cards. The compact box can completely hide behind an issue of AUDIO and has air all around even a finger wide. The Internal volume of approximately 6.5 liter get it in deep.

Given the price of 260 Euros amazing: The noble appearance. The two outer cheeks shine in chic black piano lacquer; Alternatively, Boston offers also cherry optics, and more recently also a fine white coating. The laminated middle section is decorated with a leather structure in each case. Continue reading

Subwoofer Velodyne DD 12 + in the Test

The new Velodyne DD 12 plus (4000 euro) is a precise, incredibly deep and musical with superior equipment and measurement.

  1. Subwoofer Velodyne DD 12 + in the test
  2. Space measurement and measurement laboratory
  3. Data sheet

It is no coincidence that the leading manufacturer Velodyne is worldwide, focuses only on subwoofer. The technological advantage of the American chassis and power amplifiers in the multi-kilowatt range expressed already in it that it renounced on bass reflex designs in terms of quality and offered only closed enclosure for home theater purposes. Continue reading

Test: Phono preamplifier Moon 110LP

In addition to the 2000 euro heavyweights, the moon had to look really old. The most important achievement of the arising of the circuit board Assembly up to the metal work 110LP (550 euro) is completely in Canada, that he doesn’t do that, but allows a large part of the quality for a fraction of the price.

  1. Test: Phono preamplifier Moon 110LP
  2. Data sheet

A look at the Board reveals, saves like Moon development and production costs, without sacrificing quality: apart from one by breaking point easily severable, only with a handful of aid components assembled circuit area the Board of 110LP is identical with the build-in PCB for various Moon full amp models. Continue reading

Test: Transrotor Phono 8 MC-SYM

Through its extensive, broadband, impressive sound and its superior processing, the new Transrotor phono serves 8 MC-SYM (2400 euro) both eyes and ears.

  1. Test: Transrotor phono 8 MC-SYM
  2. Data sheet

Jochen Rake had a turntable story in to the high end his seem AUDIOphile end the listening room with drives, poor, motors, bearings and a brusthohen, walking acrylic-ALU-altar built to and quite at the end, as a surprise gift, the first Transrotor phono 8 MC foam carried out from a location: “You can try also this”. Continue reading

Test: Creek Wyndsor Phono Preamp

For his most expensive so far with distance equalizer, the Wyndsor phono preamp (1850 EUR), Michael has taken deep Creek in the trick – and component box.

  1. Test: Creek Wyndsor phono preamp
  2. Data sheet

There is a dual mono in its purest form in the main body. Two identical amplifiers boards form a biplane, resides above the left channel, the right on the ground floor. The circuits of an external power supply that is connected via a chic cable with locking connectors are supplied.

For this application is strikingly high tensions, that delivers the power house (20V), allow an ambitious output voltage of up to 10 volts, what is already good bodes for dynamic range and headroom of the output stage. The third supply voltage (12V) comes from a second transformer and feeds only relays and digital consumer. Continue reading

Martin Logan Depth i in the Test

The Martin Logan Depth i (2600 euro) is a fine musical woofer with incredible depth, which fits seamlessly into the music scene a. So he impressed with a strong enforcement base, without being noticed by special hardness or reporter game.

  1. Martin Logan Depth i in the test
  2. Data sheet

The name of Martin Logan has not only an excellent reputation in the high-end, but is more or less synonymous with the best hybrid electrostatic on the market. Behind this bright image, the other products of the American led always a shadowy existence – it they belong for years to the technologically leading manufacturers of the subwoofer, as about the in-house wireless bass boxes prove the Dynamo series. Continue reading

The New Blu-Ray Player Denon DBP-2012 UD

Who wants to listen to multichannel music, not passes (yet) the silver disc as DVD-audio, SACD and Blu-ray disc. I’m glad that there are still good and cheap player is – about the DBP-2012 UD by Denon.

  1. The new Blu-ray player Denon DBP-2012 UD
  2. Data sheet

Now even butter on the fish: anyone looking for nothing more than a sharp picture for his new flat-screen TV, not to read more. Safely Flip over this article, go to the nearest electronics retailers and are looking for 200 to 300 euros one of many Blu-ray disc player. There is now sufficient video processor performance for stunning Blu-ray image battles via HDMI; like even three-dimensional. And DVDs are processed digitally as well, that any weaknesses without special benchmark tests fall not further up. Continue reading

D/A Converter Audio Research DAC 8

The new DAC 8 audio D/A converter can play research (5300 euro) 24-bit / 192 kHz data itself via USB. It brings sound to the top?

  1. D/A Converter Audio Research DAC 8
  2. Data sheet

The developers of audio research DAC 8 for 5300 euro had a clear goal. The cheaper brother DAC 7 (test in 2/10) was optimized on the S/P-DIF inputs and not to the USB port, the Americans at the DAC 8 devoted special attention especially the latter. Thus, the D/A Converter offers even the possibility to play high definition files with 24-bit / 192 kHz at full quality. Continue reading

Test: Subwoofer Klipsch SW-311

Together with the new reference II series, Klipsch introduced recently new subwoofer. Despite its compact dimensions and not quite favorable price of SW-311 (2000 euros) should be the most exciting model, he has a (traditionally excellent at Klipsch) self measurement.

  1. Test: Subwoofer Klipsch SW-311
  2. Calibration & software
  3. Data sheet

The engineers managed this, to unite great functionality with ease of use, which is anything but self-evident for subwoofers. So all the features of the level adjustment of the cut-off frequency, you can filter slope until down to the self measurement via supplied microphone control five buttons and a small display on the top of the woofer. Completely intuitively, be it noted. Continue reading

TAG Heuer Link: Android in Noble

Android has arrived in the luxury class: the link, TAG Heuer’s second mobile phone that works with Google’s Smartphone platform. connect the noble Smartphone has looked at.

TAG Heuer is a mature Smartphone to the page, which is perfectly familiar thanks to Google’s operating system on the Internet of his mobile phone Meridiist. The link to come in August on the market. Continue reading

And Hear Only Music – Silent PC from Silentmaxx

Usually is for computers with high performance with increased noise. Silentmaxx’s specialists have developed a silent PC in HiFi format with the HTPC fanless (from 1350 euro).

There are two starting points for the conception of a silent computer: sounds do not arise to pay or to minimize or efficiently to reduce the residual noise. The German company Silentmaxx for their HTPC Fanless has taken into consideration both aspects; the result is a classy living room PC, rather goes through in his appearance as a AV receiver bolide. Continue reading

Doro Phone Easy 610 in the Practice Test

The successor of 410gsm continues the line of Doros clamshell phones for seniors. SMS fans can find here appropriate comfort functions.

Our test device comes in a black and white housing, which look not quite so playful acts as its predecessor. The buttons are clearly separated, keyboard lights but not quite so clearly is bright and evenly, the key layout with four keys. It comes to the phone in closed condition Continue reading

Four-Channel Plus Bass Amplifier

A four-channel and Mono amplifier duo is the classic station wagon. We have tested three teams of two for each around 500 euros.

A five channel power amplifier is practical, compact and easy to install. With its four main channels, she provided the front and rear speakers, the subwoofer serviced the fifth. Sounds perfect, – but it’s not at least not for everyone.

The reasons are manifold. Often you weather the sound only with a four-channel amplifier on – two channels for the front speakers, two channels bridged on the subwoofer. Has one accustomed to the new sound, the ear will usually more – the subwoofer needs more steam, the rear speakers are to run through the amplifier. What to do? Continue reading

Acer Iconia Tab W500 in the Test

The Windows Tablet Acer Iconia tab W500 is also a NetBook with dockable keyboard.

Ten years ago, presented the first Tablet PC Bill Gates, who was running with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and was controlled with a stylus. He didn’t make the breakthrough as is well known, the genus sank until the release of the iPad in the sinking.

Nevertheless, tracks Microsoft concept from pioneer times, showing that is in contact with the Acer Iconia tab W500 very quickly. Sure, pen operation is also here long since passé, the capacitive touchscreen responds to finger touches and wanted to take a pen to hand, you’d need even a special input device as it comes with the HTC flyer. Continue reading

Review: Subwoofer Devil S 8000 SW THX Ultra 2

Devil’s Berlin home cinema specialists are among the last Mohikanern in the business, which still adhere to a THX certification. And so the THX Ultra 2 seal emblazoned on their new woofer’s flagship, the S8000SW (1700 EUR), to guarantee maximum performance for the Notepad.

  1. Review: subwoofer Devil S 8000 SW THX Ultra 2
  2. Data sheet

The woofer is part of the certified as complete set Devil system 8 and available only as a bundle with this set. In the future, he should but also individually marketed and home theatre technical honour thus owners of other sets and external boxes.

Size is it relative: in the description on the devil website you expressed special pride that the compact dimensions of the woofer – at least 80 litres, what more is likely for the HiFi competition that “XXL”. The shape of the devil is still relatively unobtrusive – the Wooferschrank builds just very far (70 cm) in depth and to cope also with cinemas to 100 square meters . That’s a Word. Continue reading

Parrot Asteroid in the Test

The Parrot asteroid is the first car radio with Android operating system – with Internet access, Bluetooth, and additional apps.

The asteroid is a brand new 1-DIN car radio that could permanently change the market and thus to be a so-called game-changer. The asteroid is a car radio with the possibility of software, so to install apps. Not, there’s no approaches for a such a product – been in the past ten years but the first Microsoft car PC in radio format for example could not prevail; and the automaker avoid still today freely accessible software interfaces for fear of viruses like the devil the holy water. Continue reading

The Best Car Radios with Handsfree

Car radio can not only receive and sound, they are used increasingly to make phone calls. Four candidates with Bluetooth hands-free system in the test.

It’s no secret that the car radios today play not only pretty much every popular multimedia format, but also function as a speakerphone . Actually, a great thing when you have so many features in a single device, but quantity and quality are two pair of boots. Continue reading

Dell Venue Pro in the Test

Communication is and will remain the linchpin of a Smartphone. A real keyboard helps the Dell venue Pro 460 euros.

  1. Dell venue Pro in the test
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  3. Rating

After the format, the market has answered the question. Feels like 99.9 percent of smartphones sold are today keyboardless touch screen devices. But a small group of indomitable user persists on a real QWERTY keyboard to facilitate text input. And in this group the majority chose the portrait, prove how alone the many BlackBerry smartphones in this design. Continue reading

HTC Sensation in the Test

HTC’s new Android flagship drives power with huge 4.3-inch screen and neatly under the hood. The design does not tear one off the stool.

  1. HTC sensation in the test
  2. Operation, camera and conclusion
  3. Data sheet
  4. Rating

What can you expect from a Smartphone, which describes itself as a sensation? Of course, plenty. HTC apparently thinks “much helps a lot” and anything with the sensation, what is good and expensive: a large screen because the offers plenty of space and overview; a chipset with two cores, it delivers much processing power for smooth work; Android with new sense interface, because that keeps many personalization options ready – and saying many apps waiting for access to the Android market, because in the very. There are a rich multimedia package with much-mega pixel camera and voila – ready is the sensation. But is that actually true? Continue reading