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Turntable Cargo Records 33punkt3

Indie and alternative music is the last great bastion of the vinyl market – nowhere else, the choice is so great and the scene so alive. Plate sales cargo records is consistent and builds the right turntable “its” customers alike. In the test, turns out to be the 33punkt3 as just as sexy as solid combination of German, Danish and British Hi-Fi technology.

  1. Turntable cargo records 33punkt3
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If you buy a pile of rock, pop and alternative-LPs in the record store of his choice, can assume, that the majority of the disc has reached the dealer via cargo records. The music distribution is the number 1 in Germany for vinyl – interesting music of every conceivable shade in the huge catalog – including many favorite labels indie will be from re-issues of classic jazz recordings of folk and songwriter – up punk LPs-affine analog friends. Continue reading

ZTE Base Tab in the Test

Tablet plus data flat for only 19 euros per month with two years maturity – a bargain?

  1. ZTE base tab in the test
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The offer sounds tempting: who signs a two year contract with base, gets for 19 euros per month base tab including data flat – without surcharge for the hardware.

19 euro times 24 months – 456 euro for Tablet and two years of mobile Internet nonstop, a fair offer to Adam Riese. But the hardware to meet expectations, so that the Bill goes up at the end? Continue reading

Gigaset S810 A

In addition to all the important telephony functions, the Gigaset S810 offers more than the most other middle-class DECTs A with Bluetooth and USB port. Connect the phone has extensively tested.

  1. Gigaset S810 A
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At the first glimpse of the Gigaset S810 A connoisseurs feels recalls immediately the Gigaset S795. And indeed, the newcomer is almost completely based on the predecessor. In addition to some firmware changes, the most important innovation is a feature whose Absenz connect at the S795 had complained about at the Gigaset S810 A: the Bluetooth short-range radio. Because the home phone definitely makes sense: so you can chat easily hands-free with a Bluetooth headset. Continue reading

Samsung Corby II S3850 in the Test

The affordable and stylish mobile phone series Corby enjoys for buyers of mobile phones of great popularity. With the Corby II S3850 for 189 euros is the most recent copy of the series the connect test.

  1. Samsung Corby II S3850 in the test
  2. Data sheet

Nice appearance, maues display

Given the cheap price is the processing in General and the plastic housing in particular absolutely in order. Up on slight creaking noises, there is nothing to find fault. Continue reading

Review: Headphones Utrasone HFI 780

The Ultrasone HFI 780 (200 euro) could shine with very contoured bass and an almost excessive abundance of detail.

  1. Review: headphones Utrasone HFI 780
  2. Data sheet

The Ultrasone’s relatively hard with almost 300 grams. That however happily takes the customer into buying – he gets for Aluminium shells and reinforced strap, which can be confidently even more stress tests. HFI 780 well in his velvet bag with its folding mechanism can store and take. Anfass – and build quality are worth their price in any case, and despite the relatively high weight the listener sits still comfortable – as long as it settles him now and again too. Continue reading

Samsung Chat 335 in the Test

The Samsung chat 335 can please with his great keyboard, the clever operation and good endurance.

  1. Samsung chat 335 in the test
  2. Data sheet

Samsung has always had a heart for prolific writer and offers mobile phones of the complete product portfolio, which bring a full typewriter keyboard. This of course also applies to the mobile area of Koreans now increase received by the Quadbandmodell chat 335 for 179 euro. Continue reading

Review: Headphones Sennheiser HD 448

In the listening test was the HD 448 (90 euros) with open, clear highs and dynamic appearance.

  1. Review: headphones Sennheiser HD 448
  2. Data sheet

The Sennheiser HD 448 has actually just a mistake: he has to many colleagues. He goes unfortunately a bit down in the large Range of headphones of Lower Saxony. There are striking models, sportier and maybe also modischere. For the HD 448 has some virtues, which characterized him as suitable for everyday purpose weapon. He plays with 36 ohms impedance perfectly on your mobile player, has an option to extend by 1.8 metre cable length 3 m and bring even his own cloth bags. Thanks to its closed design, he manages his owner before disturbing noises of everyday life to foreclose. He is still fairly easy for a large audience: he just weighs 187 grams – and sits well accordingly. An advantage if the building material predominantly used is plastic. Continue reading

Test: In-Ear Earphone NuForce NE-700 X

The very well processed NuForce listeners NE-700 X plays directly, full of detail and strong bass.

  1. Test: In-ear earphone NuForce NE-700 x
  2. Data sheet

Even with the NuForce NE-700 x clearly demonstrates the importance of the seat into the ear canal. Seat the good listener is noticeable a good amount of low end, providing a good basis for the potent heights. The listener is not properly seated is the deep bass and the treble effect metallic. Continue reading

Review: Ultimate Ears 400vi

His balance, dynamics and the resulting naturalness, and the hands free function for cell phones and Smartphones make the ultimate ears 400vi to indispensable travel accessory.

  1. Review: ultimate ears 400vi
  2. Data sheet

You can not often enough do it again: the quality of In-ear earphone can itself only with the proper fit in the ear canal really show. The enclosed attachment material is even more important, so even the most exotic ear canals get the button matching for you. A decent selection of materials (silicone and foam) and sizes (five varieties) ever exists in the Ultimate Ears 400vi now to be found under the Logitech roof. Continue reading

Test: Headphones Beyerdynamic DTX300P

The smallest receiver Beyerdynamic, the DTX300P is lightweight, foldable and sounds extremely dynamically.

  1. Test: headphones Beyerdynamic DTX300P
  2. Data sheet

Just Beyerdynamic DTX300p brings a good conditions 66 grams on the lab-scale – ever, to not get noticed in carry-on baggage. You can also still space-saving fold the DTX 300 p and squeeze in a supplied small Nylontäschen, brings additional mobility points the small handset. Continue reading

Test: Headphones of Philips O’Neil the Snug

The eye-catching, stylish handset is conveniently located and has a cable strain relief sounds pleasantly relaxed and Bassstark.

  1. Test: headphones of Philips O’Neil the snug
  2. Data sheet

The “the snug” listeners joins the growing Gallery of the sports-heavy product collaborations. After the collaboration with Nike, Philips developed the acoustic accessories now along with the Fun Sports Outfitters O’Neil for all trend sports enthusiasts and those who want to be. The advertising campaign with the ambiguous slogan “Tested On Animals” and well-known testimonials from extreme sports shows clearly where the journey goes: listeners must look good, be robust and as far as possible reflect the lifestyle of young snow – and skateboarders. Translated means: as much Groove. Continue reading

Test: Headphones Sony MDR-ZX 700

The brunt of the bass, the high efficiency and the very good workmanship are the hallmark of Sony MDR ZX700.

  1. Test: headphones Sony MDR-ZX 700
  2. Data sheet

Although its second largest receiver new, slightly offbeat design series itself called “monitor”, he Sony can be used outside of the sound Studio prima – with its 26 ohms impedance and an enormous efficiency, for example excellent on a portable player. He might not the perfect choice for the jogging round, but suitable for the relaxed private Open-Air concert on terrace or outdoor pool area with large, extremely achieved listeners and relatively high weight. Continue reading

Test: AV Receiver Onkyo TX-NR 809

Loving care of model usually results in more attractive devices. After very intensive attention, as it currently operates Onkyo, a new surround sound receiver comes out under certain circumstances.

  1. Test: AV receiver Onkyo TX-NR 809
  2. Data sheet

On the front, which looks much more tidy compared to its predecessors, the long row of buttons is initially. Brief irritation: we need to press on the narrow paths. But then the owner is pleased that he can choose no less than twelve sources without further ADO. And to 0 to 100 display increments adjusts the volume and a knob left the “Pure Direct” chooses, so not something mysterious to dig the sound. And you’re done! Continue reading

Test: Floor-Standing Loudspeaker Paradigm Signature S8

The signature S8 from the Canadian manufacturer paradigm (7200 EUROPRO pair) gifts us with great power at a reasonable price.

  1. Test: floor-standing loudspeaker paradigm signature S8
  2. Data sheet

With little-known brands, managing is not easy. Generally interested in many HiFi fans for them, some look at times actually products with exotic-sounding name from nearby, listening time in. But bought the market leaders are usually at the end. Continue reading

Test: Active Monitor 8260 A Genelec

The Finnish professional outfitter Genelec paired a modern coax with complex electronics in the 8260 (8460 euro per pair).

  1. Test: active monitor 8260 A Genelec
  2. Technology in the detail and measurement laboratory
  3. Data sheet

The game is always the same. In search of new amplifiers and speakers study high Ender countless test reports, attend workshops and newscasts from dealer to dealer, to catch Yes the best products for their sour-earned money. Home disenchantment not rarely creeps in. Because each room sounds different, and many speakers develop their potential only under favourable acoustic conditions and with optimal installation. Continue reading

Panasonic KX-TG8061 in the Test

Panasonic brings a mid-range DECT on the market that should appeal to a younger audience with the k-x TG8061.

  1. Panasonic KX-TG8061 in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Already the mix of materials is a young language: high-gloss front, a convoluted plastic frame to the grip to improve, as well as keys from rubber. The latter are get anything but spongy and wiggle slightly. For this, the pushers are good size and above all clearly set down.

A rubber triangle that hands-free chatting to facilitate the customers trapped between head and shoulder and thus, in practice but is expected to drive the tears in the eyes of every orthopaedic surgeon sits on the back of the k-x TG8061. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the Practice Test

Samsung has presented one of the first tablets with the latest version of honeycomb 3.1. We have the Galaxy tab 10.1 once more looked at.

  1. Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 in the practice test
  2. Honeycomb 3.1 and conclusion

Samsung wanted to actually go much earlier with the Galaxy tab 10.1 at the start, but then has approximately at the same time “a competitor his new Tablet unveiled”. To stand in the shadow of the big competitors, not right from the outset, the Koreans used then but back at the table and revised their tablet flagship. Continue reading

Test: Converters Preamplifier Antelope Zodiac Plus

Antelope audio is known in Studio circles for precision clock generators. With DAC preamplifier zodiac plus (2200 euros) with truly professional package of facilities and equal sound catapulted the company now located in the HiFi market.

  1. Test: Converters preamplifier Antelope zodiac plus
  2. Data sheet

The most exciting HiFi devices are often those who described the most trouble. The rule of thumb that really good ideas represent should be with only one set, is suspended at least temporarily, because the HiFi world is in a phase of radical change: simmers, lives, mutated, and expands where classical role models no longer have access. Continue reading

Philips CD685 in the Test

The CD685 is on the face of one of the most beautiful cordless phones by Philips. Unfortunately, some criticisms tarnish the image.

  1. Philips CD685 in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The Dutch have filed neatly in her upper-class model CD685 design. High-gloss piano lacquer finish, gentle curves and a proper depth, which can be expected a good acoustic Chamber and hence ordinary sound does bode well. Also the huge, high-resolution display highlights the first positive impression. At second glance, einigeKritikpunkte open up but. Continue reading

Test: Blu-Ray Player Marantz UD 7006

The new Marantz player UD 7006 (1000 Euro) dances at many weddings, wants to be a good supplier analog and digital – for CD, DVD, DVD-audio, SACD and Blu-ray.

  1. Test: Blu-ray player Marantz UD 7006
  2. Data sheet

For many years, Marantz now belongs to the major game makers in the home theatre market – albeit at the less loud, flashy. Of course keeps the small, fine forging of fine stereo equipment in the AV segment front. At the latest with the Marantz UD 9004 Wuchtbrumme the descendants of Saul Marantz made it clear they also seriously audiophile sound characteristics in the new media. Continue reading