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Acer Iconia A500 in the Test

A class screen and a better than average processed housing for only 500 euros: The Acer Tablet is a genuine alternative – with small flaws.

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As a renowned computer specialist, would like to benefit from the Tablet hype also Acer and sends the Iconia A500 on iPad-2-hunting.

His case back is covered in a brushed aluminum casing and this very high quality; the look-and-feel while not approaching the Apple products, but at significantly higher levels than the common Tablet average. Although here and there a few creaking sounds can elicit everything but in the critical area. Continue reading

Test: Surroundset ELAC 301.2/SUB 2030

The ELAC set 301.2/SUB 2030 (1950 euros) is a compact cut multichannel boxes set with five identical slightly asymmetric coax satellite and strictly cube-shaped woofer which can be used with optional wireless.

The ELAC satellites are so small and Petite that you spontaneously ask whether really high-quality sound images are possible. But the concern is unfounded, because the just twelve centimeters high and only slightly deeper cut Böxle shine with extremely high-quality processing and Assembly. Continue reading

Test: Surroundset Devil LT 3 Power Edition

The LT 3 power Edition of Devil (900 euros) is a home theater set in column form with housings made of genuine aluminium and a tremendously powerful and vivid sound.

At the brand new LT 3 Devil the satellites are ten centimeters wide and deep only good, in the case of front – and Rearspeaker but significantly over one metre high. The slim column shape brings the driver such as massive standing speakers acoustically correct height, does however look much more interesting. Continue reading

Test: Surroundset KEF T 305

The KEF T 305 (1800 euros) is optically intent on restraint and consists of five extremely flat satellite and a woofer which is bred to precision. Tonally his sophisticated and simple way of playing is thrilled.

The lush space requirements and associated optical dominance of common loudspeaker systems brings many media fans in conflicts. On the one hand you want to enjoy fine channel sound with all the advantages, on the other hand the living room should not look like a recording studio – full to the brim with technology and ultimately no longer comfortable. Continue reading

Test: Sonus Faber Amati Futura

Rarely, a speaker has so delighted us. The new Sonus Faber Amati Futura is a highly musical dream.

The singer Lizz Wright recorded a great song with “Speak Your Heart”. Sound anyway, but he touched me too deeply, because he is so wonderfully melancholy. Sometime a man’s voice is added to the velvety vocals of the American, discreet, deep, can remove most not quite from the accompanying, billowing E basses. Continue reading

Test: Headphones, Klipsch Image One

Who attaches importance to wearing comfort, good workmanship and lots of accessories, and even extra bass is needed, which will not over come the Klipsch image one.

  1. Test: headphones, Klipsch image one
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The first receiver Klipsch not only outwardly tiefschwarz surrenders. For the notes to make as a HiFi tester at the first listen, before you start the actual test passage, is the Klipsch headphones in big letters: Baaaaaaasss! And this impression was confirmed until deadline by pretty much everybody, which had placed the black beat machine. Continue reading

NAVIGON 70 Plus Live in the Test

The NAVIGON 70 plus live is one of the cheap devices with Live service with a price of 229 euros.

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Similar to our site at the go live 825 also NAVIGON at the 70 plus live sets on a so-called Live service. A built-in SIM card accesses the device on the Internet and the driver – in particular much drivers – useful functions and information.

In the middle of the main menu takes you via a special button to the Live services, which include the weather forecast, the target input via the Google search engine and the retrieval of free parking spaces including opening times and prices. The most important function for many drivers might be the live traffic service. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 and Galaxy S I9003 Compared

Samsung pimping his success model Galaxy S to the Galaxy S plus I9001 and send it with more power under the hood in the fast lane. The I9003er comes with LC-display.

The tester of the Samsung Galaxy S plus I9001 provided to us by made a strong first impression.

The new version of the already very successful and quickly working predecessor I9000 is still faster on the road with his 1.4-gigahertz processor. Continue reading

Our Site Start 25 in the Test

The new start 25 is less slimmed down earlier models of Our site and so completely like never before.

  1. Our site start 25 in the test
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With the new start series our site cleans up radically its offering: the hardware is 20 with Central Europe map of the best start and 4.3-inch display for 139 euros up to the go live 825 nearly equal, a 3.5 inch model is no longer there.

Clear gradation in the functions – which must start series and the remaining via model instead of using HD traffic with TMC as a storage service can do, is missing the start series also the Bluetooth hands-free kit. The here tested start 25 Europe traffic costs 179 euros. Continue reading

Garmin Nuvi 2460 LMT in the Test

Large display, lifetime map updates and traffic information without costs: The Nuvi LMT 2460 for 249 euro puts in a nutshell, what many buyers want – but leaves springs in two major categories.

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There is the trend towards simplicity not only in Garmin since yesterday: introducing the new menu interface over a year ago has brought forward the equipment when handling, the map display appears compared to the competition has always been greatly reduced (against the insertion of special objectives during the guidance the Americans fight back still) and recently there are also devices with lifetime map updates , indicated by the addition of “LMT”. Continue reading

Medion GoPal P5255 in the Test

The Medion GoPal P5255 for 249 euro has the new software GoPal 6 under the hood, and like with a very good voice control.

  1. Medion GoPal P5255 in the test
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Beyond the great player our site, NAVIGON and Garmin, the air is very thin for the competition. But there is a brand that knows how to say with convincing quality, fair prices, great features and ease of use against the threatening power: Medion, known as purveyor to the Court of Aldi King of the discounter. Continue reading

Bowl Experience: Entertain Via Satellite

The Telekom radiates her entertain package soon via satellite. We were able to test look ever.

The entertainment package of Telekom enjoys football and movie fans of great popularity. No wonder, the Triple play service combines but telephone, Internet and interactive television skillfully with each other. Now, entertain via satellite to open up a further large clientele and allow the nationwide coverage of the offer. Continue reading

NAVIGON 70 Easy in Test

The NAVIGON 70 easy is a recommended entry-level model, which features a large 5-inch touch screen.

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Three series lead at NAVIGON to your destination: the easy series is aimed at beginners, more demanding customers access to the plus series and comfort lovers are served with premium series. It is easy but do not equate with NAVIGON with B-ware or Billigheimerei. Continue reading

Turntable EAT Forte S

The outstanding EAT processed Forte S (as 5070 euro) long-span spatial and voluminous, warm sounds stands for extremely authentic.

Behind the turntables of the brand EAT is not only a tube manufacturer from Prague, but also the developer of the popular Pro-Ject drives. The name behind the abbreviation “Euro audio team”, the company of a graceful lady from the Czech Republic: Hugh Lambert slipped into the family business, because she spoke English well – and is now her husband in the international audio business. With the EAT Forte created the Czechs recently a formidable drive (AUDIOphile 1/2011), that gained international recognition. At the lower Forte S the developer maintained the basic principle of the mass drive, powered by two engines. Continue reading

LG Optimus 3D Test

The Optimus 3D is a miracle of feature with fast dual-core processor and 3-D capabilities for camera and display.

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Should there have been based on a race, LG has won: South Koreans it’s managed to develop the first 3-D mobile phone market. Now is the technical milestone of P920 Optimus 3D at O2 for 599 euro. Where the customer gets more for his money than a standard Smartphone extended to 3-D capabilities. Rather, the new Optimus represents the upper class of mobile telecommunications. Continue reading

Review: iDac D/A Converter Peachtree

The Peachtree iDac (1200 euro) with its built-in iPod dock is a classy, elegant converter with colourful sound without any roughness.

  1. Review: iDac D/A converter Peachtree
  2. Data sheet

Even an iPod matures with downstream D/A converter to the serious Hi-Fi component, if an Apple key chip releases are by default locked, for years completely undisclosed digital output of the Pocket Player.

The iDAC Peachtree owes this ability – needless RM and therefore not cheap – the “i” in the name, will therefore not understood as lifestyle WIMP himself. Finally you wait on the back of the wooden case wrapped in thick high-gloss – with regard to the paint and tried not to open the very tight fits better – classic inputs for the tough HiFi Guy: two Optical TosLink jacks, two coaxial and a USB interface, which with is one of its kind up to 96 kHz supported sample rate the more ambitious. Continue reading

Tonabnemer Kiseki Blue NOS

The Kiseki blue NOS (1600 euro) limited to only 100 pieces distributed in conjunction with EAT Forte S warm and still vibrant sound.

  1. Tonabnemer Kiseki blue NOS
  2. Data sheet

The Kiseki Blue NOS, which sent the EAT sales, is a rare exotic.

Herman van den Dungen, high end veteran and founder of Kiseki, has the classics with original parts stock from the 80s back onhook – strictly limited therefore, because the material went out after 100 numbered copies. Continue reading

Nokia X 7 in the Test

Now, Nokia also has a touch-screen Smartphone with 4-inch display in the program. Thanks to the Symbian platform Anna, the X may 7 in some places more than the competition.

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Nokia enters with the X 7 a stage on which already are some candidates. HTC has to offer alone five smartphones in the program, the 4 – inch or larger ads. The appeal of the large display shows very fast in practice. Games, movies or Web browsing: who once had a 4 incher in hands, reluctant to go back on a smaller format. Not only the media consumption is reaping the benefits from the larger area more fun, especially the operation and the typing on the virtual keyboard. Continue reading

Review: D/A Converter Rega DAC

The new Rega DAC (700 euros) impressed with his joy jumping in, great dynamism and a physical, catchy sound.

  1. Review: D/A converter Rega DAC
  2. Data sheet

Rega electronics specialist Terry Bateman about wants to avoid unnecessary computation of foraging on the signal and therefore two WM8742 by Wolfson, who work with relatively classical, straight number oversampling be installed in its DAC. Jitter miracles are therefore neither possible nor necessary – Rega creates order with a self constructed LLP together with the downstream data buffer already upstream. Continue reading

Integrated Amplifier with iPod Dock: Peachtree iNova

“Back to the future”, the motto at the Peachtree integrated amplifier is iNova (1800 euro), which combines smart retro look with connectivity.

The Peachtree iNova indisputably has the makings of a cult object: wooden housing in the Softline look and a gently glowing tube in the display window on the front panel comes he like from a spaceship anno 1967th behind the flower power outfit is however a very future-oriented equipment concept.

So the amplifier provides, for example, iPod integrated unobtrusively into the cover – or iPhone docking station; trendy Pocket players can be even about the iNova supplied remote control. On the back of the unit, a USB input, through which it is possible to play music files that are stored on your computer can be found on top of that. Continue reading