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Popular And Large: This XXL Tablets Are In Demand

Feel good means also have place. This applies not only to acquire four walls or leg room when travelling. Also available size for comfort in dealing with technical equipment. No matter whether you place on the hard drive or the smart-TV in the living room: it can be not enough. The need of most users has detected even Apple. With the iphone 6 plus and plus sets the company from Cupertino on Smartphones iphone 6s in XXL format, with the November 2015 the group put to expected ipad Pro on the Tablet front. With its 12.9 inch display (32.7 cm), the new ios Tablet offers plenty of space for creative work, surfing or movies. But attempting to XXL tablets to make it presentable is not alone Apple dar. The following overview shows the most sought after models.

The most popular XXL tablets

22 tablets ipad to the picture gallery Pro in practice-check: Apple introduces the biggest ipad! Continue reading

Iphone 6S and iphone 6S Plus Pre-Order: So It Goes

Iphone 6S and iphone 6S plus are already on the road in the near future come new smartphones from the home of Apple in the market. But the experience shows: who’s waiting, must reckon with partly extremely long delivery times. Should you already opted for one of the two devices have, makes a reservation sense. In Germany, almost all providers offer a reservation Apple itself on September 12 the presale starts promptly at 9: 00. You are traveling, you can may money save.
Iphone 6S and iphone 6S Plus at O2 shop
iphone 6S at the Telekom shop
iphone 6S Plus at the Telekom shop
iphone 6s at Vodafone order
iphone 6S Plus at Vodafone order Continue reading

Magentamobil Home And Family Card: Telekom Abolishes Prepaid Tariff

Update (14 September 2015): no prepaid tariff for new customers

The new Telekom-prepaid rate magentamobil start replaced now the classic prepaid tariff Xtra. Magentamobil is called while prepaid, but won’t address the name: monthly basic charges of EUR 2.95 apply. Existing customers have already used the Xtra card prior to the changeover, can continue to fully use the genuine prepaid tariff, announced the Press Office of Telekom. However, new customers must make do with the new tariff magentamobil. The new tariff is quite interesting for families and occasional users. Who wants to be only accessible but not takes mobile services, is for the complete elimination of a prepaid tariff annoying. Continue reading

Amazon Was Discontinuing Production of the Fire Phone

Update (14 September 2015): for the fire phone

Low sales figures, dissatisfied customers and bad reviews. The fire phone should be with lots of technology and very ambitious price shows Amazon’s new bestseller. It was quite different. Last Amazon verschacherte the originally 649 dollars expensive cell phone in the offer price of 199 euros.

Currently not available

At Amazon Germany customers can purchase still remaining stock. In the United States, however, currently not available emblazoned for quite some time about the Smartphone. Now, Amazon opposite Geekwire confirmed that the mail order traders produce at the moment no new phones can be. The Amazon mobile experiment is thus a temporary end. If there is a successor model, is currently unclear. Continue reading

Buy iphone Abroad: There Is iphone 6s and 6S Plus Cheaper

You close iphone 6S or the iphone 6S plus in the heart it? Before Apple will open the virtual doors to the online shops on 12 September 2015, you should know: In foreign countries often buy the iphone at a significantly lower price. Up to 220 euros in there are savings!

12 September 2015: plus pre-order iphone 6S and iphone 6S

On 12 September 2015 Apple kill the lever to precisely 9.00 am of morning German time. Then you pre-order the iphone 6 S 739, 849, or 959 euro prices, depending on of the storage option selected. The iphone 6S plus is each 110 euros more expensive, 849 costs so, 959 or 1069 euro. In addition to Germany, there will be two new iphones from then in Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Singapore, UK and USA to order. More countries will follow later. Continue reading

Payment Service: Launched Android Pay in the United States

Update (September 11, 2015): Android pay starts in the United States

After the announcement of the Android pay in March 2015, payment service, the service starts now in the United States. The competitor to Apple pay works to launch according to Google at more than a million U.S. retailers, including chains such as Macy’s, whole foods and Walgreens.

Four credit card providers on board

The mobile payment service is supported American Express, discover, mastercard and visa by the four major credit card providers. In addition to the actual payment process, you can use Android pay to store coupon and loyalty card data. End of 2015 also follows support for payments in apps. It is unclear when it will be available to Android pay outside the United States,. Continue reading

Apple Alternatives: The 10 Hottest Iphone Opponents

The name iphone opponents used in highly inflationary and hanging out both readers and editors to the neck. In almost every single or comparative test the Apple phone as a reference is troubled, no matter, the comparison in fact is as outlandish. Why is that? An iphone is a term for all those interested in technology. It has its qualities also away from cult factor beyond any doubt. The our site test table is not cares about image, price, or long lines of people on the day of the sale. Considered themselves stocknuchtern, the iphone is one of the best smartphones. Only in advance of the presentation of iphone 6S and iphone 6S plus that flew iphone 6 out of the top 10. The big iphone 6 plus clawing set themselves up to date on the podium. The ten best alternatives to Apple’s current Quartet 6 iphone, iphone 6 plus, iphone 6S and iphone 6S plus you will find in the following photo series. Continue reading

Aldi Talk: Consumer Center Warns of Costs Case

Who the prepaid tariff package 300 the mobile service provider Aldi talk posts, possibly falls into a cost trap that fails at the end of the month with over 100 euros. The consumer advice centre North Rhine-Westphalia in a current message warns.

Under 100 euro: tariffs plus mobile phones for spenders

Automatic online charge

The package 300 from Aldi talk monthly costs 7.99 euros. For this amount, customers get 300 megabytes (MB) of data volume and 300 talk minutes or 300 SMS. At the beginning of each month, deducting the 7.99 Euro for the fare of the prepaid card. These can be on request online automatically recharged, credits should drop below a set value. This is the lowest option under 5 euros. Continue reading

Apple Sets up: New iphones 6s, ipad Pro and Apple TV!

Big show, many devices, a few surprises: Apple invited to the traditional iphone event in the autumn. The keynote was at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium instead, a Hall with space for up to 7,000 people. What there was to be seen? The rumor mill was previously already vigorously bubbling titled iphone 6S and also exactly showed Apple. As well as the iphone 6S plus, the huge ipad Pro and the long awaited new version of streaming box Apple TV. Our site that has followed the event live for you and presents all the highlights in the overview as well as detailed information on prices, availability, and functionality of the new devices. Continue reading

Twitter: Microblogging Service Adapts to ipad App

While the iphone app of the microblogging service Twitter is regularly supplied with updates and new features, the version for Apple’s tablet is a shadowy existence. This conclusion should be now. An update to version 6.36 for ios brings ipad-Twitter users in focus. Hardly anything changes for the iphone, but the ipad version gets brought up not only a new design, but also all missing features.

Ipad owners will benefit from improved Retweets with quotes, now current topics about search and easier access to product links and sites. The layout on Apple’s tablet is similar to the iphone version now. The navigation has moved at the bottom of the screen. In addition, Twitter relies on bright colors with some color accents. The update is available for immediate upgrade. The design comes on the server side, what takes some time. Continue reading

LTE Data Flat To The Hammer Price: 3 Gb Volume For Only 9,99 Euro

The crash rate flat 3,000 Internet is a data Flatrate in the telecom network and monthly costs 9.99 euros. Thanks to LTE, they’re on the way up to 50 megabits per second (mbit / s) even many DSL connection not comes afterwards. Whopping 3 gigabytes inclusive volume available is available per month. So are also frequent surfers or friends of video and music streaming on the go at their own expense. The volume is gone, you can surf for the rest of the month with low GPRS speed.

For sale: LTE-data-flat by crash for 9,99 Euro

Notice don’t forget

Since crash charged a connection fee or cost of shipping the SIM card when you order online, it’s the 9.99 euros the monthly effective price. The minimum contract period is 24 months, then the normal price of the tariff rises the basic fee to EUR 19.99 per month. You should remember so, to terminate the contract in a timely manner. The cancellation period is 3 months before expiration of the contract term. Otherwise, the contract is extended for a further year. Continue reading

Moto 360 and 360 Motor Sports: New of Smartwatches by Motorola

Motorola in September 2014 with the Moto 360 a filigree Smartwatch delivered, that however not fully convinced in the our site test. The manufacturer has apparently rectified: within the framework of the IFA (4-9. September 2015 in Berlin) the company introduces new Moto 360 equal in three versions. Already from mid-September 2015 the again round successor model in two sizes can be pre-order: the display of the larger model of the Moto 360 has a diameter of 46 millimeters of the screen with 360 x 330 pixels resolves. The display of the second variant is less than 4 mm in diameter, the resolution is 360 x 325 pixels. Both models are 11 millimeters thick. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: Test of the Noble Phablets

Test conclusion: what you should know

Fast, big, brilliant screen: the Galaxy S6 edge + impressed in the test. After Samsung has removed the 128 GB version, a memory card slot would have been but still important. And music fans to wonder: would there not yet a pen just fit? Best price on the Internet: 519,95 euro * per order this product on Amazon very high pace of work prepared for Wireless charging of fingerprint sensor heart rate monitor very sharp, high-contrast display good video quality cons battery not simply replace a memory card slot smooth backside test note of Editor 2.16 good users rating (out of 2 reviews) on 13 August 2015 unveiled Samsung his two new Android giant Galaxy S6 edge + and Galaxy rated 5. Both have a 5.7-inch display with resolution of the monster. The grade 5 assumes the role of the classical Phablets with stylus and the S6 edge + plays the Extrovert Phablet star without S-pen. Apart from the larger screen is in the Galaxy S6 edge + almost same technique as in the edge of the S6. Grows 3 to 4 gigabytes (GB) of memory, the device memory (32 GB or 64 GB) is not expandable. Since surprising the lack of a 128-GB version. Our site has tested whether the Galaxy S6 edge plus the better Galaxy S6 edge is and reveals whether it is an alternative to Apple’s plus iphone 6. Continue reading

Stay Fit: Philips Launches Health Campaign With Health Watch

Many of the already available fitness watches have a typical problem: you are awarded it to capture, how many kilometres you walked and how many steps you have climbed. A meaningful further use of the data is often not possible. This will now change Philips with his health watch. At the IFA 2015 (4 to 9 September) there was a prototype to admire, was fascinated by the our site.

Nothing escapes the clock

Philips has the health watch classified as a medical device that is able to capture many different data. She can measure also your seat and sleep next to your heart rate and physical activity and cloud-based store. While the health watch connects automatically to the corresponding app on your Smartphone, so you can track your progress. As with many other fitness watches, you get different personalized tips and recommendations, to pursue a healthy lifestyle. At this point, it will be interesting: once all relevant data are collected, you are free, to share it with cooperating doctors. Doctors and psychologists work for a time with Philips, to help users of the health watch, to acquire a healthy behavior and to eradicate harmful habits. So much innovation in health data collection and use is worth supporting our site and records the health watch with the best product Award in the category of health. Continue reading

Android 6.0 Marshmallow: Try New Google Operating System

According to Google Android lollipop came to approximately 12 per cent of all devices. The company is still undeterred ahead and presented including Android 6.0 during the opening keynote of Google I/O. Google Android Marshmallow concentrates on six pillars, which represent the most important innovations. In addition, Android comes with 6 hundreds of improvements, so Google.

Android 6: To the Google operating system news

Update (9 December 2015): Android 6.0.1 brings Emojis and Mohammed immediately Google distributed a Marshmallow update that takes the operating system to version 6.0.1. Security patch (16 in number) as well as dozens of new emoticons (also Emojis) are included in the update. To access the colorful chat icons, in addition requires playstore update the Android keyboard via Google’s. At the brand new Google tablet, pixel C provides Android 6.0.1 for a reordering of the navigation bar: the back and home buttons are now left, on the right side, there’s the overview of active applications. First, the nexus devices benefit from the update; via OTA (over the air) process, it should appear soon at your. Who wants to wait, download the so-called factory image on Google and installed it manually. Continue reading

Windows Phone: Microsoft Takes Lumia Apps from the Market

So far Microsoft its Lumia smartphones equipped with a variety of exclusive free apps, including especially photo apps for shooting, editing, and organizing of own snapshots and videos. However, this conclusion should be now, as communicated by the company’s own blog. Therefore it separates from Lumia storyteller, Lumia Beamer, Photobeamer, Lumia refocus, Lumia panoramic and Video Uploader.

Microsoft / Nokia apps: free programs-recommended

And now?

Off the apps have already disappeared the Windows store, already on the equipment installed applications are not deleted but. Who has installed the applications and uses, should not delete it. However, Microsoft wants to turn off also the online services non-story teller, beamer, Photobeamer and refocus to Lumia October 30, 2015. Users of Lumia storyteller recommends the group before the deadline to secure their online stories about the service’s Web page. Since Beamer and Photobeamer are dependent on the online service, these apps as of October 30, 2015 do not work more.
Continue reading

Miix 700: Lenovo Presents New 2-in-1 PC

With the Miix 700 Lenovo is based visually strongly on the Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft. The kick stand at the back is continuously can be folded out and has the same hinges such as Yoga 3 Pro. Connecting the keyboard with trackpad on the edge of the screen, so that the Tablet as a laptop use can be.

Something slower than the model

The Miix 700 is available in several technical options. The most powerful version contains a new Intel Skylake core m7 processor, 8 gigabytes (GB) of memory and a 256 GB SSD storage. In the processor performance, the Miix 700 lags behind its Microsoft model and creates a maximum 1.2 ghz in the cycle or 3.1 ghz in Turbo mode. In comparison the Surface Pro 3 with core i7 processor put 1.9 ghz in normal operation, at overclocking 2.9 ghz. Continue reading

Lenny 2, Rainbow Jam And Sunset 2: Wiko Introduces New Smartphones

In France, the Marseille-based mobile phone manufacturers WIKO the industry leader Samsung makes competition for some time. The low-cost smartphones of popularity enjoy in Germany. At the IFA in Berlin (4-9. September 2015) it presents now the growth of Wikos Lenny -, Rainbow – and sunset series. As before the manufacturer lays emphasis on value for money, to especially newcomers to speak.


That receives in comparison to his predecessor Lenny 2 an improvement in almost all technical fields. Only 5 inches display size keeps the cell phone. Upgrades such as a 1.3 gigahertz (ghz) powerful quad-core processor, 1 gigabyte (GB) memory, and Android 5.1 lollipop to liquid run applications and allow fast work. The device also has a dual SIM mode, the mini – as well as supported with micro-SIM cards. The internal memory offers 8 GB space as well as the option to expand it with a micro-SD card up to 64 GB. Content can be via USB OTG directly with other devices replaced, which have integrated this feature. The main camera on the back has 5 mega pixel (MP), the 2 MP front camera allows a decent quality video calls and photos according to WIKO. In addition, the IPS display with 480 x 854 pixels (FWVGA) resolves. There the connection standard HSPA + on the Lenny 2 to the usage. Continue reading

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3: Once with Beamer, Twice Without

There are practical Tablet pcs in dozens of variants. Lenovo’s Yoga series stood out amid the flood of this model but always. They were packed in a solid aluminum enclosure and equipped with a stand, not only sturdy, but also versatile. As a special copy is the 13.3 inch model Yoga still tab 2 Pro with its built-in video projector. Equipped with this projection, the world’s largest PC maker now brings a new Android version on the market and two more Yoga tablets without beamer.

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

Compared to its predecessor, has the new top version sound slimmed down: instead of a 13.3 inch display, the Yoga tab has 3 Pro only about a 10.1-inch screen. It shows photo collections or blockbusters but now with rich 2560 x 1600 pixels, instead of only in full HD with 1920 x 1200 pixels. Drive unit is Intel’s middle-class CPU Atom x 5-8500 to the usage, whose four cores if necessary with up to 2.24 ghz clock. More on average, somewhat tight with 32 GB Flash memory for videos or apps is large amounts of memory, in the below average the 2 gigabyte (GB). Continue reading

The Whole World in One App: Google Street View for Android

In a few days you obtain Google Street view not only from your desktop, but on request available as an app for the Android OS over the play store. Google has adapted the surface than being not simply the features of a Smartphone, there is a completely new interface. The search for photos and displaying views go allows in the future easier by hand. You can also directly upload your own shots from the photosphere app of Google Street view. Thus, Google at the same time ensures an increased use of photosphere images. Already for a long time ran in the background as Android file by the carve-out street view you may access soon directly on the program. Remains the link to Google maps but also in the future exist. Continue reading