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LG Nitro HD Will Debut Next Week with True HD IPS Display

LG has made official the launch in the United States, from the hand of the operator AT & T, new LG Nitro HD, the first smartphone from the company to mount a screen resolution of high-definition.

As it seems, the terminal is now ready to arrive in stores, and will be sold starting from the December 4 at a price that part at the $250 with contract for 24 months.

Their specifications poster highlights the new big screen manufactured by LG, known as True HD IPS Display, will introduce a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels in 4.5 inches. This new screen will have a brightness of 500 nits, What makes it probably the best on the market in this regard. Continue reading

Galaxy Nexus Vs Galaxy S II Vs IPhone 4S: Comparison of Web Browsing

Without a doubt, the Galaxy Nexus is going to be one of the most popular smartphones in the next Christmas beyond where are you on sale. Thanks to its large format and the new experience of interface with Ice Cream Sandwich of insurance that will captivate the pocket of many stakeholders, both within the platform Android and those undecided users seeking a new terminal. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy SII Receives Another Boost with New Discounts and Free Games on Samsung Apps

The Samsung Galaxy SII It is on its own merits the Android terminal in 2011, not in vain, he has beaten all the sales records the giant Samsung and Google’s platform. However, it seems that the Korean manufacturer wants to keep squeezing its terminal star, so aside from new colors, have put hands to work with new offerings.

This time, in addition, the offer will serve for also boosting Samsung Apps, the app store alternative and own Samsung carrying installed practically all current terminals of the brand, and is that Samsung will offer multiple offers on applications and games Android through its store. Continue reading

HTC Ville Becomes Official: Thus Will Be The Thinnest HTC Bet

A couple of weeks we did we echo the first leaks and recreations on a new handset from HTC, which eventually becomes official with the announced name of HTC Ville.

This new Taiwanese device will be ready for the beginning of next year, and with their first official images We also have some data specifications that will be the day of its release under his belt.

For starters, the Ville HTC will be the first clear commitment from HTC to thinness, and it is that so far the Taiwanese company had been more partisan of a material good that a very thin and lightweight design. In this sense, refers to the new Ville HTC would have with around 8 mm thick, Although already exist in the market more thin terminals. Continue reading

Motorola RAZR Power Only for China

It seems that the purchase of Motorola Mobility by Google It has not changed the plans earlier he had company, and is the North American manufacturer has continued in accordance with its lines Terminal from previous releases.

Is not strange to anyone that device manufacturers adapted or redesign equipment according to the market which are intended, and Motorola is no exception. The Chinese market is very important today by its size and growth, and the U.S. company gets increasingly more effort to conquer the market. Continue reading

Galaxy Nexus Vs. Galaxy Vs. Galaxy Note IBS: Comparison of Screens and Navigation Web [In Video]

Everyone Android does days that stays to the expectation of the arrival of the new Galaxy Nexus to the main markets, and is that although his coming-out announcement to November 17, the fact is that the third terminal of Google only sold in United Kingdom formally.

It seems to be very close to arriving in our country with the Vodafone operator, and in recent weeks they have flourished numerous videos and comparative to your around, both with terminals of preproduction Galaxy Nexus in your production version. A couple of days we did us echo of a video comparing us expertise in web browsing from the new Galaxy Nexus with the best-selling Galaxy SII, although today we bring you a comparison more juicy. Continue reading

The Galaxy Nexus LTE Will Be Thicker and with Better Battery

Today is well known all over the world the predilection of Samsung to create an infinite number of redesigns of their own terminals. This year we have seen the launch of many versions of its flagship, the Samsung Galaxy SII, that at the end of year will even sell pink after being manufactured with different processors or types of screen depending on markets.

What discussed today was somewhat feared, and is that the Galaxy Nexus will not be a single for all terminal. Initially, seem to exist the two versions already commented, with connectivity HSPA + and LTE connectivity, although differences they are not only connectivity. Continue reading

Engadget Android Questions

On Monday began the WWDC 2011, an event organized by Apple its developer, lack of direct interest to a blog about Android, except in this case by the generated controversy, due to the novelties presented in relation to the new version of its mobile operating system. Apple has a reputation for revolutionizing the market, either with new or revisions of already consolidated functions. Continue reading

Sony Ericsson Is Filtered Nypon LT22i: a New NovaThor Dual-Core Smartphone

Sony Ericsson returns to move with regard to high-end terminals It refers, and is that after the good impressions left after filtration of which would be the new Xperia Arc HD, now seeps another unknown terminal which will bring a dual-core processor Inside.
This new terminal responds to the name of Sony Ericsson Nypon LT22i, and it would be one younger brother of the aforementioned Xperia Arc HD, since it replaces the screen in high definition of the latter on the other with resolution qHD. Continue reading

Motorola Defy + Reach Spain before End of Month

A while ago, just when Google announced the purchase of Motorola Mobility, it was presented by the new American manufacturer Motorola Defy +, the terminal Android update with certification of resistance Motorola.

Now it seems that finally we have to Defy new + ready to hit the Spanish market, and will do so before the end of this month of November with Movistar y Vodafone, operators that have announced that they will add to their respective catalogs. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Nexus: a Review of The Changes in The Management of The Memory and USB Connectivity

It is a recurrent argument since it went on the market the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and it is that the changes in the management of the memory and USB connectivity in the new terminal of Google, they have produced many doubts about.

Now, with more information and new details that allow us to better understand these important news, We intend to give a broader view about decisions made with Ice Cream Sandwich in this regard. Continue reading