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The Two Watches Would Be Android Wear Manufactured by Google

The week past Android Police told exclusively that Google is preparing its own watches with Android Wear, in particular two models (Angelfish and Swordfish) that we can now see with the recreation that they have just been published and that help us to get an idea of what Google would have in mind.

Recreation is based on prototypes that have been described by sources close to the design of the first two clocks of Google which would come to the market with the new Android Wear 2.0 version. Android Police reports that they are prototypes, so their final design might be very different either not go out to the market any or none of these models. Continue reading

And If Google Is Developing in The Only Android Wear Manufacturer?

Along with the sound of the two new Nexus that Google is preparing with HTC comes another quite important, and it is that Google is preparing two clocks with Android Wear, which surely will be submitted at the same time.

Models would be round, would come with Android 2.0 and have mobile connection, as well as GPS and heart rate sensor. They would be part of the Nexus range, which for the first time created with watches. The key to this movement is if you end up being the only manufacturer of Android Wear watches Google. Continue reading

Then of Using Android Wear for a Season, Could Live without It?

Since they left the smartwatch have not been one thing that has me excited. Similar to the smart mobile were a hit, this time not I had just show you the actual usefulness. They seemed to me more an expensive toy that a necessary complement.

For a month I have had the opportunity of used to fund an Asus Zenwatch 2, one of the most intelligent watches but most complete turn, and my impressions have not changed much. Could you turn to live without it? Continue reading

SPC Glee, Smartee and Fit, So Is The New Range Economic of Tablets and ‘Wearables’ of The Signature Spanish SPC

Yesterday we were in the event of SPC, which presented its range of tablets and wearables for tight budgets. The visit was at a nice hotel in Madrid, specifically on the terrace on the top floor, where there was a Sun of Justice and had a van to take us a few drinks go you know how have risen there.

Both devices and which saw them closely, took refuge under a pergola. You may think that this is beside the point, but influences more than you think. In short, the presentation began with a short story about the success of the company in Spain and that they were allied with Wiko (the French were smartphones and SPC tablets and wearables). Continue reading

The Success of The Reality Virtual Is in Content, Y Samsung Lo Sabe

Samsung is taking seriously this virtual reality, not only in relation to the devices, but also in the content. Coinciding with the launch of the camera 360 Gear in the United States, the South Korean company has tapped for promote the creation of VR contents with the new Samsung Creators platform.

Virtual reality is booming and Samsung wants to be at the forefront of this new market. However, being a relatively young typology, confronts the usual dilemma: the lack of content. To promote the creation of new videos, Samsung launches programme Samsung Creators, which will be directors and visual creators of independent video to adapt to this new medium envelope. But not only that, also they have modernized their Milk VR shop, which now happens to be called Samsung VR. Continue reading

NVIDIA Shield TV Already on Sale in Spain, You Can Already Buy The Most Powerful Android TV Market

If you are looking for Android TV to play from today Wednesday, June 22 can buy in Spain the best option that are on the market: the NVIDIA Shield TV.

The NVIDIA Shield TV It is the game console based Android TV stronger market, with a power similar to the Xbox 360 and PS3 thanks to your processor Tegra X 1 which will allow you to play great games such as Resident Evil 5, Metal Gear Rising, Doom 3, half-life 2, Portal, Super Meat Boy and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, among other great games for console and PC that have come and come to Android exclusive to Nvidia. Continue reading

Modular and Smartphones Smartphone with Modular Accessories: Are Well Focused?

We are approaching a time in which we will be able assemble and disassemble our phones to adapt them to the use that we are going to give, leading personalization almost to the limit. In this way, nobody will have the same smartphone, because there will be hardly combined parts in the same way.

But there is something that, unconsciously, escapes us, and is that modular smartphones do not yet exist (I mean that you are not available for purchase), and presumably the first which comes to light at a global level is the eldest son of Project Ara, He has already seen dozens of images. Continue reading

5 Things That Google Has to Improve in Android Wear

Android Wear It has greatly improved with updates that have been receiving since Google submit it two years ago. There is a modest but no small number of models available, can be customized (but not much) the appearance and feature interesting capabilities.

However has a way to go. There are five things that Google should improve, we are still annoying when we use a clock with Android Wear. We hope that soon we will see solved these problems, but we are optimistic: a year ago the list would have been longer. Continue reading

NVIDIA Shield Lands Finally in Spain But… Do We Could Choose Any Alternative?

In March last year it was announced the NVIDIA Shield, a console with Android TV which, for the first time, could be used for televisions with Displays 4K. It’s been more than one year until he came to Spain, at a price of € 199, a price lower than most recent desktop consoles from brands such as Sony and Microsoft.

His arrival represents a new way to go for those who want to enjoy video games and they don’t want to spend the money on the consoles of more traditional brands, but that is not the only competition that our beloved NVIDIA Shield has, but that it has competitors, perhaps less known. Continue reading

Bike 360 (1st Gen) and LG G Watch They Are Not Android 2.0 Wear, See If Your Clock Will Update

At the end of this year will reach Android 2.0 Wear smart watches from Google, but it will not come to all. Even no official list There are several manufacturers that have been confirmed in recent days which models will be updated and what will not.

All indications are that the majority of Android first generation Wear watches, launched in 2014 they will not receive Android Wear 2.0, given that when Google release new version they will be in the market for more than 2 years. Both Google and many manufacturers are only committed to provide two years of updates, but in Android Wear seems to be very little time, above all because the majority of 2014 watches have the same specifications as the 2015 (processor Snapdragon 400, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory). Continue reading

Android Wear Not Suits Everyone, Samsung Renews Its Commitment with The Gear Tizen 2 Fit

It was an open secret, but it’s finally official. Samsung has expanded its line of wearables with the new Samsung Gear Fit 2, bracelet of activity that we saw for the first time at Mobile World Congress in 2014 and that now comes vitamin with new features.

Two years later, Samsung presents a bracelet that keeps the screen curve that fits the doll, but bet on a design more sporting with colors and water resistant straps. Also includes a heart rate monitor and your operating system is Tizen, none of Android Wear. Samsung has decided to bet on their proprietary platform for obvious reasons, we see them here. Continue reading

More Delays, HTC Still Does Not Give The Key to Get Your First Smartwatch

It seems that HTC the thing not is being given too well when it’s your first smartwatch output with Android Wear. Several times has been already delayed departure with various excuses, and just when it seemed that this time was the final, again to delay the departure of its new wearable.

This time, the excuse of the Taiwanese manufacturer has been that the launch would be delayed due to the presentation of Android Wear 2.0 during the past Google I/O. The news has been filtered by the well-known Evan Blass, who must have any divinatory superpower or a few very good contacts. Continue reading

Samsung Us Appointment for The Next 2 of June… Are You, Galaxy Note 6?

Just a few hours Samsung began to send out invitations for an unexpected event that will be held tomorrow (June 2) in New York, and I with these hairs… The company usually set more in advance, but this time has caught us by surprise. Doubt that we are facing now is new will be presenting?

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 (or Note 7) is the first thing that came me to the head, but this is not the only product on the horizon of Samsung. There are also the arrival of the Samsung Gear Fit 2 rumors, the second generation of its known cuantificadora bracelet, and a new wearable. Continue reading

Nexus Player and Your Gamepad Disappear from Google Store, Are No Longer on Sale

Update: Google has confirmed that it is has stopped selling the Nexus Player.

Little more than one year has lasted to the vein of Google based Media Center in Android TV in our country. The Nexus Player after take several weeks without stock of Google Store Now we see that both your gamepad – that if you had stock – have disappeared from the store, your tab have been eliminated. Continue reading

Unreal Engine 4 Already Has Support for Daydream and Allows to Make Games like This

The engine for video games Unreal Engine 4 is already compatible with Daydream, the new platform of virtual reality of high quality of Google. Is not a big surprise that Epic Games tools give this since hop that has already proven its enormous versatility through couples or intermediate Oculus Rift and Android platforms.

Among the reasons that have led to Epic to take the step are the improvements in resolution and performance that Daydream will bring to mobile virtual reality, as well as the freedom that will bring This simple command with motion sensors that has been taught in this Google I/O 2016 and will be included in the purchase of the headset. Continue reading

Google Home, The Materialization of Google Assistant That Will Dominate The Home

Google Home It was the first hardware announced in the keynote of Google I/O 2016. A connected device constantly serving as the hub of the entire ecosystem of devices, active or passive, and which is controlled completely with the voice. Filtration was right, this is your answer to Amazon Echo.

The personal assistant from the point of view of Google is not an old articulated or anthropomorphic robot to your service walking through the House. Is a small customizable Cup that it blends with the environment and is able to help thanks to the intelligence of Google Assistant. Continue reading

ASU Cast 1, a Smartwatch with Picoproyector Integrated 720 P

The future of 80s finally has arrived. The ASU Chinese company has just announced the Cast 1, a smartwatch running Android 5.1 Lollipop and incorporates a projector When and where you want to launch images and video.

Use an old Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (APQ8026) along with 768MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. A little memory that must be managed well for content, unless it is extracted directly through its WiFi connection. As smartwatch complies with all common features for the day to day as a call response or reading of notifications, always associated with a smartphone. Continue reading

Android VR, Virtual Reality of Google Goggles Could See The Light Week Coming

East 2016 seems to be remembered for the Oculus, HTC live, PlayStation VR virtual reality glasses and perhaps also remembered by the Android VR.

The virtual reality of Google goggles It seems that they are just around the corner. A few months ago The Financial Times reported that this year would see the light, but we now know that the filing date could be the coming week. The Android VR they could be presented during the Google I/O 2016. Continue reading