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Mozilla Acquires Pocket, Reading List Service That Is Used by More 10 Million Users

Surprise and without prior notice, Mozilla, who is at the stage of change with new logo, philosophy and closing bets as Firefox OS, is announcing that they have just done with the famous service of reading lists, Pocket.

For an amount that was not disclosed, the purchase of Pocket is part of a “strategic acquisition” by Mozilla, because it is said that the company will continue to operate from independently as a subsidiary. Continue reading

3 Best Fishing Destinations in the Northeast of Brazil

Another fate of our series of articles on where to fish in Brazil. We talked in the Southeast and in the North here here. Today, let’s talk about the Northeast region.

Separate 3 coveted fishing destinations in the region and we will tell you about each of them: what is the best time for fishing, which species you will find and what else you need to know to better fishing. Continue reading

3 Best Fishing Destinations

This is another article in the series Where Fishing here on the blog. Are posts that talk about freshwater fishing in different regions of the country. We talked in the Southeast here and today we’ll talk to the northern region of Brazil.

So you get an idea, the region presents one of the greatest fishing volumes from all over the country, and Stop one of the largest producers in the country. But in addition to commercial fishing, the region offers great destinations for amateur fishing. In the case of the Araguaia River, passing through Goiás, Mato Grosso, para, Maranhao and Tocantins, and the Xingu, the Xingu River and the Amazon River, which needs no introduction. Continue reading

Aura / Fourth Platform: TelefóNica Already Does Not Attack Facebook and Google, Wants to Ally Themselves to Provide Them with Data

The call “fourth platform” of Telefónica He has given many owners since they started to discuss it. Last summer, without going any further, looked like it was going to be the new tactic of the teleco to continue attacking his demons: utility companies on the network such as Google and Facebook. Today have presented us it with the name of AURA and finally appears to be clarida on what is and is not: Telefónica does not want to attack the Facebook and Google, nor want to replace them, wants to ally themselves to offer data and intelligence. Continue reading

Best Fishing Destinations in the Southeast Region of Brazil

Debut today here on the blog a series of posts about fishing in each region of the country. The idea is to create a guide to the fishery in each region with best fishing rivers, features, tips and whatever else is important to you to fish better, no matter where.

Let’s start today with the Southeast region. The three main destinations of freshwater fishing in this region is the São Francisco River, the region of southern Minas Gerais, dam, around the town of Alfenas, Minas Gerais and also the Paraibuna River that bathes the Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. It’s about these targets we’re going to talk about today. Ready to embark on this with us? Continue reading

Google Has Found a Way That Their Balloons with The Internet to Become More Efficient: Artificial Intelligence

Project Loon It is one of the most ambitious and interesting within the Alphabet, which is part of ‘X’, the experimental division of the company. Broadly speaking, what is being sought with Loon is to deploy balloons equipped with technology capable of offering internet access in remote areas where there is no infrastructure for this service. Continue reading

How to Choose An Engine For the Practice of Sport Fishing?

The sport fishing it is widely practiced throughout the world, including in Brazil. Is a hobby enjoyed by nature lovers and who like to have fun in a healthy way and without aggressions to the environment. Time to buy your fishing equipment, choose everything very carefully and after much research.

However, the care do not refer only to the rod, the reel or reel , the line, the hook – when buying a motor for your boat, you need to be careful too. Check out some tips that will help you make the best choice of engine for the practice of sports fishing! Continue reading

Fishing On Board

This type of fishing is characterized by the capture from a vessel. There are many fishing techniques on board, vary depending on the physical conditions of the place, the weather conditions and the fish species on the site. As for the species of fish we can divide them into four groups:

Typically benthic fish: They live in contact with the seabed, spend most of their lives in the bottom, flatfish (plaice, sole and stingray), bleniids and gypsies. Continue reading

Samsung Is Attached to Cabify to Incorporate Tabalets with Entertainment Systems and Information in Their Vehicles

Mobile World Congress 2017 start, and this is a perfect pretext for the launch of an interesting collaboration between Samsung, Cabify, and the Spanish startup CarMedia Solutions, those who are implementing a new system of information and direct training in the private transport service vehicles. Continue reading

Fishing Bologna

Bolognese fishing is defined as fishing with telescopic reed and reel has a huge popularity in Italy, where it originated. 

In Portugal, as in other countries, it is a technique that has not penetrated the habits of the majority of fishermen, namely in the competition, being limited to a resource fishery in certain adverse situations for other techniques such as French and English.  Continue reading

Internet Is Sick: Mozilla Want to Cure It and Protect Your Future

Mozilla is a well known organization by its Defense of an internet in which everything is open and that keeps the original spirit with which the network of networks was born. Things have changed in recent years, and there are several threats that have made the internet health is at risk.

That is what he has done that in Mozilla launch call Internet health report, an initiative in which five themes are investigated: decentralization, digital inclusion, open innovation, privacy and security, and web literacy. The findings of the report are strong, and we’ve talked about them with Mark Surman, Mozilla Foundation Executive Director.

Many challenges to be overcome for the cure

As indicated by the conclusions of the report, there are important challenges that must be overcome to try internet to advance in the right direction. For example: despite the great advances in the adoption of Internet, 58% of the world’s population cannot afford a connection to the Internet.

Another problem affecting internet is the widespread use of English, which has become the “native” language of the network of networks: 52% of the websites are in English, While only 25% of the global population understands this language.

This report also talks about how in Europe, outdated copyright laws make share selfies made against certain public places, like the Eiffel Tower, is technically illegal. That contrasts with the fact that thanks to licensing Creative Commons estimate is that there are 1,000 million artworks online licensed CC, which encourages the reuse of text, images and music.

The areas of coverage of this first version of the report are varied and include related topics with innovation or the privacy and security. In the latter, for example, the Mozilla Foundation members speak of how do the safer web with a technology increasingly more available to users: encryption through services such as Let completo Encrypt.

The era of ethical internet companies

Mark Surman, Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation – which by the way, recently changed its branding-explained in a post on the official blog of this organization the principles and objectives of this initiative, but we could also keep a phone conversation with him to ask him about the risks that threaten Internet.

We mentioned for example the current situation in which various Giants of technology strive by lock ourselves in their ecosystems both products hardware and software products. What can we do to fix it?

For Mr. Surman “we have a good example in the email”, a standard system that can be accessed by paying for a premium service, using free services like Gmail or even mounted an own server. In each of these alternatives must assess things as a cost in time, money, or maintenance to decide, but the good thing is that there are alternatives.

This model should be extended to many other areas of the internet, and here Mr Surman spoke to us of the important thing is “make good decisions: Choosing good social networks, for example, although it is difficult in some segments” by centralizing these services”.

“One of the potential ways that everything improves is that we”companies offer alternative products, both in searches, social networks, etc,”commented Mr. Surman, who had an ambition: of that changed one”was of ethical internet companies”.

The third of the solutions didn’t come from us, but from the regulatory and judicial bodies. For this Executive of Mozilla, we need a much less “soft” regulation, one who has strong laws antitrust and to protect the rights and freedoms of the users in a more forceful way.

We speak also of the Firefox OS failure and what it has meant that for Mozilla. Mr. Surman told us that that failure “shows how difficult that is to try to get into these environments and be competitive”. For the segment of smartphones is a market with only two players, and is too hard to get into it, what he has done in Mozilla wanting to focus on other ways of reaching users as the Internet of things or artificial intelligence, but always with the same principle: “products and ethical solutions”.

There is also a problem with the relevance of native applications against the use of e.g. HTML5-based web applications in the mobility segment.

“Mr. Surman for”there is certainly a technical debate”about the superiority of one type of applications over others, but noted that”the debate is actually the distribution”: who controls the software is distributed is the one who dictates how that software has to be programmed.” This is where Google and Apple have an obvious advantage.

Finally we asked Mr. Surman from hazards that affect internet before the tumultuous political landscape for example given in the United States with Trump as the country’s new President. Although this directive did not want to comment directly focused to Trump, it said that “we need an internet that welcome more to its users, with laws that protect them, and a plan that protects us from the efforts by” eroding the encryption of communications or network neutrality”.

Fishing Techniques


In essence, your Surf Casting aims to fishing on the beach in case of raging sea. The “surfcasting” launch on need to surf beaches characterized by a large cut of your profile and volatility high frequencies of sea. These are the conditions that some of the fish look for food. With a good swell, the waters are well oxygenated and the bottom of the beach is enough to fold the fish to forage for food. For this type of fishing is not enough to have a good technique and good material; Although essential, is far more important to practice, the observation of the sea and the accumulation of experience. A fisherman to beach to get good results, has a good carbon rod, a reel with good wire exit, uses appropriate lines to the coil and can put the sinker away from the beach. Continue reading

If You Thought That The Internet Price Rises in Spain Had Finished, 2017 Is Going Strong

As much as the competition authorities and the operators themselves prometiesen us the disappearance as competitors of Jazztel and ONO, integrated for months in Orange and Vodafone respectively, would not mean a reduction of competitive pressure, the truth is that to such an extent has relaxed the fight at rates that all operators have enabled price increases, always under the pretext of offering more services to users. Continue reading

Fishing Feather

Flyfishing or fly fishing is based on the use of artificial flies as bait-based catch. There are reports of its use in China in 2000 BC. The modern fly fishing appears mainly as a catch modality for trout and salmon, in the 20th century its use extends to other species being used for fishing in the sea. This very technical method consists of basing the bait on the water in order to enhance the catch, it requires some practice and technique as well as the visualization of the fish (usually when walking near the surface). The main difference for other techniques is mainly the line, heavy enough to send the boom to the desired location. In Portugal, in addition to the classic trout (with few catching places), it can be used in fishing for pike, barbel, boga, escalo, black bass, carp. Captures of species such as carp and barbel feeding on small insects and larvae or pike and bass that feed on small fish, frogs, etc., require the feather to simulate their food. The same technique can be used in the sea to catch fish such as garfish, tamarin or even sea bass when it walks on the surface feeding on small fish. Continue reading

Facebook, False News and The Debate about The Wisdom of The Masses

In 1906 the scientist Francis Galton He made a singular discovery: by joining the responses of a group of people who had answered independently, the conclusion was surprisingly valid. The experiment was one of the triggers of the famous book ‘The Wisdom of Crowds’ (titled in Spanish “One hundred best one”) of James Surowiecki, and validated this theory in which often the collective opinion on certain issues was to be correct. Continue reading

Fishing Hazards

As an outdoor pastime is a great way to reduce day-to-day anxiety, however, failure to comply with some basic safety rules often compromise a well-spent day.There are regular reports of accidents, many of which can be avoided if safety rules are adopted.
A great number of accidents are due to the fact that the fisherman neglects its safety to the detriment of the fishery, they choose unsafe places that know to have fish, this negligence has victimized some fishermen with some experience. Continue reading

When Google Positioned in Searches on The Holocaust Deniers, Have a Serious Problem

Google knows everything. We hope the planet most popular search engine to answer all sorts of questions and to inquire about what interests us and around us. Google is a reflection of our reality… or that we believe. Because these searches are not infallible, and who is succeeding in shaping this reality tricking Google and, incidentally, to all mankind. Continue reading