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LG Optimus 3D: The First Mobile 3D Is Official and Joins The Club of The CPU Dual-Core

LG It has shown the teeth in the MWC 2011. This morning have officially launched the LG Optimus 3D, the first phone with glasses-free 3D effect. But Korean commitment to three dimensions is not on the effect of the display and incorporates a dual-camera for take photos and record video in three dimensions.

To move fluently the three-dimensional show, the 3D Optimus will count with a Dual-core CPU of the very latest generation who will lead the Orchestra, and Android Froyo as operating system. Continue reading

LG Optimus 2 X, Panel IPS and Original Gestures

THE LG Optimus 2 X It is known by all to be the first Smartphone to incorporate dual core processor, specifically NVIDIA Tegra 2, but it is also full of details that make us see that it is a very important phone for the Korean firm.

First of all the format 1080 p video recording, something that you had spoken and debated, and in the second instance we stopped in an aspect that had not previously commented: has a IPS display, rather than the conventional LCD using LG on their phones. Continue reading

LG Optimus 3D for The First Time Live

Update: LG has officially confirmed the presentation of the phone at MWC, and as a novelty in the specifications we know that you will have double camera to take content in 3D.

What you see above is the first 3D phone from the Korean company LG, we knew that they were working on it, and such, and as we were promised it will be present at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Continue reading

LG Embarks on The Production of Screen OLED, with Nokia as First Customer

Nokia He has clearly opted for improve the quality of their displays, with a focus on technology rather than on an increase of resolution (required if you want to be at the height of the competition). We also remind you that all the new Smartphones have the resistance provided by Gorilla Glass.

We know that the technology chosen is AMOLED, associated with a filter polalizador, forming what they gave us to know as CBD, or Clear Black Display. We have them available in the Nokia N8 or the E7, to give a couple of examples. Continue reading

LG Optimus Me P350, Smartphone with Android 2.2 Froyo to Reach of All Budgets

It seems that the South Korean manufacturer will soon add another smartphone with Android operating system to the Optimus range that is getting such good results. Some details have already been filtered, as well as a small collection of images showing in detail the LG Optimus Me P350 and that is at the end of this article. Everything suggests that it will be one of their upcoming releases at the Mobile World Congress 2011. Continue reading

LG Optimus 2 X Us Shows That Can Record Video 1080 P

The LG Optimus 2 X It is known to be the first handset to have dual core processors, specifically NVIDIA Tegra 2, under the operating system Android. But the truth is that almost no one had stopped to speak of another of their strengths: the format 1080 p video recording.

Fortunately some have phone in hand and are beginning to test this possibility, and how not, share with us the first signs, Let’s watch a video uploaded to YouTube: Continue reading

LG A155 and A120, Simple and Economical for All Tastes

Mobile phones LG A155 y LG A120 they could be devices that could perhaps double the price that South Korean manufacturer intends to market them, if the market would have taken place a couple of years ago. However, LG aims to place them with the support that is the affordable prices both in emerging economy countries, as well as in the Western markets within a low range of products. Continue reading

LG Cookie Style T310 Edition SpongeBob, The Telephony Comes to Bikini Bottom from The Hand of Orange

Bob Esponja changes your pineapple by a next-generation phone directed to all audiences. The LG Cookie Style T310 Edition Bob Esponja It will be marketed by the operator Orange in partnership with the television network Nickelodeon taking advantage of the pull of the character and the upcoming holiday season to become an ideal gift for the most fanatical. Continue reading

LG Quantum / Optimus 7Q, LG Is Released into The Pool with a Second Windows Phone 7

The LG Quantum, that will be known as LG Optimus 7Q in markets outside the United States, is the second of the terminals that the South Korean brand brings to light in an official way with the recently presented Windows Phone 7, thinking of users who want to squeeze the most multimedia possibilities in a smartphone. Continue reading

LG Optimus 7, Another Windows Phone 7 That Gives The Face

The Koreans of LG they are without a doubt the most involved company with Windows Phone 7, since they decided at the time tentatively bet on Android to give the maximum support to the new operating system from Microsoft. The idea was not productive in the medium term and even heads rolled, but now we have the first fruit of the relationship about to hit the market: LG Optimus 7. Continue reading

LG E900 Seeps into New Images and Video, Again Feeding Doubts about Its Official Name

The development of the LG E900 already touches the border of the soap opera. The Czech web MobilMania has published new details in this mobile which is considered the first terminal of the Korean company that will be operating system Windows Phone 7. Mobilmania has even posted a video where we can see the operation of the upcoming release of Microsoft much more clearly than in the last video. Continue reading

LG Optimus One, LG Lands on Android with a Terminal to The Public

Much was expected of the presentation online from LG that has taken place today. In fact they expected ten terminals of this new agenda Optimus range that, finally, have been reduced to just two and any tablet, as it was rumored. The presented models have been the LG Optimus Chic and his younger brother, the LG Optimus One, He will pass immediately magazine. Continue reading

LG Optimus Chic, The Second Android for LG Improves Design and Performance

If the LG Optimus One is the alleged Korean input terminal in landing on the Android operating system, the LG Optimus Chic is just a step above, in the segment of design smartphones.

With improvements in some aspects like the camera integrated, the main attraction of the Optimus Chic, Apart from its minimalist design, is the wireless compatibility with televisions, computers and other home devices through standards DLNA and LG Air Sync. Continue reading

LG Optimus One Shows His Agility of Movement in Video to Break The Ice

The general opinion of the public before recent Smartphone presented by South Korean manufacturer is that they sin of sobriety in excess. A few designs that little stand opposite terminals of other manufacturers, giving priority to practicality compared the visual sensationalism and waste components. Such is the case of the LG Optimus One, which we already gave a good account in the middle of the last month of September and we finally can see in operation in a full video we show below. Continue reading

LG Will Launch Android with Nvidia Tegra 2 Integrated

LG plans to give a coup on Tuesday, September 14, when present their new terminals, you don’t need more than remembering what we already know about its planned range “LG Optimus ”, and now also, be aware of what they have in mind”: Android phones with Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset integrated.

It has confirmed it, and in principle it would be a single terminal with these characteristics. In addition, if this release is much to other projects within their competence, would become in the Android device with more power to date. Continue reading

LG E900, One of The Windows Phone 7 That Will Arrive in Europe

LG is one of the most involved manufacturers with Microsoft in Windows Phone 7 you don’t have to do a study to prove it, from the first day they were by his side and they have prepared, know, a couple of phones for the placing on the market of the new operating system.

In today has released a website with images and video specifications of the LG E900, also known as LG Optimus 7, a model presumably destined to the European market for their output in the month of October. Continue reading