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Tips on How to Use Especially in Winter

Tips on how to use especially in winter

The Overcoat is a person who at the same time protects you in the winter, gives you elegance and charm. It looks great on any occasion and production. With modern and varied models, it can be found in knee lengths down, with details such as pockets, applications, skins, moorings, in heavier fabrics to lighter ones, in colors ranging from the most neutral to the most contrasting and colored. Continue reading

Delicate Earrings by Allesesliebe by Milla K

So honestly, I hope the winter is soon behind us.Because enough is enough.Now everything from me can flourish and thrive.And snow will again be an issue for the opening of Christmas markets.To lure the spring and to persuade him to stay, you can use our jewelery of the week, beautiful earrings by aLLesausLiebe by milla k. Continue reading

Spray Nail Enamel Fixer – Price, Buy, Brand

Where to Buy, Brands and Price of Spray Enamel Fixer

Spray enamel fixative the first to be purchased is the enamel drying it helps a lot in the quick drying of the enamel and at the time of making the nail, you pass and at the time it dries all and you do not have to keep your hands flattened taking care to do not ruin the enamel, buy a hair fixative spray, it fixes normal, not to leave the hair so Cassandra style, so it is super useful, including day to day. Approved again by many women, it is a colorless, acryl-reinforced fixative which forms a shiny, hard and elastic film that protects the glaze from popping and gives it an incomparable brilliance. Mavadry is a brand of Spray Enamel Fastener for modern women who can not wait hours for the enamel to dry. Instantly dry the enamel, sealing its surface and avoiding scaling. It still enhances the brightness of the color. How to use . After the last coat of enamel, wait one minute. Then apply the Mavadry spray at a distance of 25 cm. Provides a protective sheen. Continue reading

3 Hotels in Sao Paulo Specialty Lodging

The wedding night is the couple’s first night as husband and wife. Perhaps due to the stress of the preparations or the fact that the honeymoon wedding party is amended, some couples let that moment pass blank. The truth is that the wedding night is part of a new reality of the couple and it is important to celebrate that first night in a special place!

We’ve selected 3 hotels in Sao Paulo specializing in wedding night. Continue reading

Mobile Phone for Seniors: Make the Right Choice When Buying

You want your parents or grandparents to be reached via mobile? Or were even asked to make a mobile phone with you? Then look at what you should look for when buying a senior handy.

To prevent misunderstandings directly: In the early 21st century there are, of course, technology-conscious seniors who can be fitter with smart phones than younger generations. However, there are also many older people who no longer have the opportunity to discuss the technical innovations.Therefore: If you want to bring a mobile phone to your parents or grandparents, we have put together some tips for you. With these advice you will surely find the appropriate Senior Handy. Continue reading

Diy to the Dinner Round Tablecloth for Table

I love doing DIY for you, we’ve got some here on the blog and so far two on youtube, if you haven’t seen a lookhere, here, here and here these were the last. Today I will teach a pretty cool and that will leave your beautiful dining table: American game round.

I took this idea from a post I saw on blog Men of the House, in the post (which you can see here) he says there was no tablecloth and didn’t intend to be too frou-frou and there teaches you how to make a towel quite different and cool. It turns out that something else caught my attention at the table, the American game.Let’s say people unlike him I am well frou-frou right a girl thing. rs Continue reading

Myths and Truths about Micropigmentation of Eyebrows

Micropigmentation is an aesthetic procedure increasingly sought by Brazilians. Also known as semi-permanent makeup, the method consists of implanting pigments in the dermis(skin), drawing the eyebrows, seeking to illuminate, delineate the eyes and beautify the look.

Although widespread, micropigmentation is a method that requires care. Thinking about this, the specialist in esthetics and founder of Sóbrancelhas, Luzia Costa, will unveil the myths and truths of the procedure.”Before undertaking the method, it is important to search for and look for information about the technique, as well as to look for specialized and reliable places. After all the eyebrow confers all the facial expression of people and a mistake can lead to disorders and unhappiness for some time,”says Luzia. Continue reading

15 Looks with Ball Skirt: Exhale Femininity and Stay Fashionable!

As you probably know, ball skirts (or small bowl) are nothing new in the world of fashion. The model has been around for many decades and although it has been overshadowed at times, never ceased to be. In this article, we will show you some tips on how to hit the ball skirt use. You may also want to check out, in the end, an amazing Gallery with 15 looks with ball skirt for you stay in fashion and create beautiful compositions for the day to day and also for special occasions. Continue reading

The Lady Blog Loves:Charity Bracelet by Yana Nesper

In the series “The Lady-Blog loves …” you will get to know your favorite parts of our wardrobe and their history.Whether new and expensive or old and worn out, whether designerware, homemade or off the shelf does not matter, the only criterion: We love it.This time I would like to introduce you to my charity charm bracelet by Yana Nesper – a gifted young designer for pearl jewelery from Pforzheim. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Have Akg Headphones

The information that the headsets of the upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus will be produced by AKG had already been confirmed by Samsung last month.The novelty is, of course, that actual headphone images have just leaked onto the internet – just like all the corners and angles of Sammy’s smart phone. Continue reading

Shopping in Paris and Milan

If there is one thing that all in love with vintage fashion likes to do when traveling is encountering thrift shops and get rare parts for a fair price. If you plan to do the European tour and want to enjoy also to do shopping in Paris or Milan, we made a short list of second hands you should be aware of these two fashion capitals. Continue reading

Colorama Enamels – New Releases

Launches of Colorama Enamels in 2018

The Colorama Enamel Mark launched this year the Africa à Vista collection, which is made up of eight enamels, which are part of the Nutriverniz line.
Nowadays women use the glazes as an accessory to complete the look, and was thinking about it that Colorama has launched colors that are super trendy trends for the fall and winter of 2018. Continue reading