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Winter Hats Trend

An accessory that has long been in disuse by the most popular layers of the globe can now return to circulate making the days and our streets more charming, we are talking about the hats, some women have adopted the accessory for a few decades, but especially on hot days. To compose more sophisticated looks various socialites have worn their hats for some time, in combination with tailleur we can observe many madams with their graceful hats. In movies especially those involving wealthy people as main characters we can also see that women wear hats of different modeling, it’s a rather retro-chic mood, the fact is that they have arrived and we can take advantage of this new trend. Check below the trend of winter hats 2011 that we selected as tip. Continue reading

Photograph in Raw: the Complete Guide!

When I bought my first digital camera, asked a photographer that I greatly admire what I could do to get better pictures having a camera that wasn’t top of the line. He simply told me: “shoot RAW. Your camera may not be the best, but photographing in RAW you will have the best that she can offer you.”
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Market Overview: Clocks with Moon Phase Display

122 Models in the overview–Download now for free!

Clocks with Moon-phase display are available in a wide selection, but which ones are suitable? That depends on the claim. For this complication, which is like to be seen on wristwatches, differs the type of indication as well as its precision: the simple lunar phase display differs by one day in three years. They are therefore also found in smaller brands such as Zeno-Watch Basel, Schauer or Edox, the clocks are located in the middle of the price range or in the entry area. Here you can download the market overview to 122 clocks with lunar phase display. Continue reading

Samsung Plant Galaxy S7 Edge

We have just reported that Samsung has ordered a prototype for a magnesium alloy unibody package from its supplier. And already follow the next information from SamMobile, that also for the upcoming Galaxy S7 an edge variant is to follow. Even the Galaxy S6 has received through the S6 Edge a worthy fellow player who attracted the customers almost magically. The innovative design and the functions of the curved display were too impressive to simply ignore. In 2016, a Galaxy S7 Edge is to be presented, which has the advantage of the Curved display. The rear of the smart phone is not known to consist of glass, but of a uniform metal case. Continue reading

Check Out the Most Anticipated Smart Phone Releases

Samsung phones, Apple and Lenovo are some of the most anticipated by users; Mobile World Congress can introduce some new releases

In the first months of each year, the smart phone makers start to show signs on their major releases. Consumers who want to switch cell phone, for your time, you can start analyzing the specifications of each model to make decisions on investments that will be made. Continue reading

App Expert Roland Resch Says

“Smart alarm for Smart Watch” for Android helps you to start the day more relaxed. Unlike the traditional alarm clock, the sound of the app does not sound stubborn at a fixed time, but in a more appropriate, gentle sleep phase shortly before. For detection purposes, the add-on uses the accelerometer of your Sony Smart watch (model 1 or 2).

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Review: Hp Slate 7 Tablet

The tablet market is well attended and constantly new brands are betting on this segment to catch the attention of consumers who have not yet bought such a gadget.

HP is a brand that has long experience in various types of electronics, but has not had much success as it entered the world of tablets. Previously, the manufacturer tried to achieve its space with a system of its own: webOS . Continue reading

Models of Glasses for the Summer

The sunglasses are among the most commonly used accessories for women, especially in the summer, which is the time of year when the Sun’s rays are much more intense, so we need eye protection when out in the street. In addition to the glasses serve to protect and leave your eyes more comfortable on all daylight, they complete the look, demonstrate style and also follow the trends. Check out what are the models that will make more success next summer: Continue reading