3.5 Sense Comes to HTC Desire HD ROM through Unofficial

If something can be drawn that Android is more open than some of the alternatives, is that the community always It is turning to give life to the terminals, resurrecting that are almost forgotten and doping to those who came out relatively recently. Another case that shows the strength of the community is with this ROM to HTC Desire HD that gives us the new version of Sense 3.5.

Despite the fact that the interface Sense is criticized by some voices in discussion forums to hinder the official update as HTC Hero running 2.1 and the HTC Desire with the 2.3, many it ssigue liking, and more with the interface 3.5 giving one interface more friendly, complete and simple. If you like cacharrerar with your HTC Desire, with this ROM you can give that Sense 3.5, imported directly from the Bliss HTC Touch. That Yes, it is in a very early stage and some things like the Bluetooth not working perfectly, although for some it is a small price that is worth paying.

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