5 Suggestions to Make for Ballad

It’s always the same … marks a ballad with friends and runs behind the ideal outfit, one that will make you more beautiful and powerful, and when it’s time to make… is that doubt, what to use? Of course, because for success at the Club, a good makeup is key and end up making all the difference in the result of any production. So, today it’s all here 5 makeups that make the biggest hit among celebrities and that may well provide inspiration to rock and shake the world clubbing.

Hairstyles for ballad

5 Suggestions to Make for Ballad


Who wants a touch mysterious and super sexy look should bet on false eyelashes and some mask layers, calling a lot of attention to this area of the face. Snapping up the look, the trick is to use a black smoky shadow and lipstick of your choice on the make for ballad.
Of course, it’s important to always before preparing the skin and when you finish using a good fixative spray for that make hang in there all night.

False eyelashes according to the shape of the eyes


Who doesn’t like or can’t be comfortable with those heavier makeup, can invest without fear in softer tones, a tip is to replace the black by silver, your make to ballad will be a hit!


Also super subtle and unobtrusive, nicely “natural beauty”, however, super light, this suggestion to make to the important ballad is light the temple and leave the remaining super smooth and discreet, for example, merging the eyes with a Silver Shadow and lips play a powerful and sensual and powerful gloss.


Who wants a more glamorous look and at the same time with a retro air, the tip is to invest in red lipstick and black eyeliner, which together give this retro tone, blusher, however, must be very discreet, as the main focus of this make to ballad will be in your mouth.

Those who want to invest in a make to more discreet ballad, just swap the red for a basic color and do a delineated softer eyes.

Outlined for each type of eye


Super high, the make of kitten is one of the most beautiful and also easy to do, who want to leave the look even more powerful, just bet on a smoky shadow towards the outer corner of the eye, and not to get too heavy, the tip is to prefer a more discreet lipstick.

The clothes of ballad for every body type

Okay, now go out there and kick some butt!