6 Nutrition Foods for Breastfeeding

Feeding the mother after childbirth is of great importance, not only to help her recover, but also to make breast milk the most complete and nutritious for the baby.

6 Nutrition Foods for Breastfeeding

The wear and tear caused by gestation and the usual hormonal changes at this stage in a woman’s life often trigger postpartum depression, and proper nutrition will help the body deal with these problems.

In this article you can learn more about the secrets to proper milk production, as well as a list of 6 nutritious foods to breastfeed, which you should include in your daily diet.

How to feed to breastfeed

The secret to having a quantity and quality of breast milk suitable for feeding your baby is a balanced and balanced diet, plenty of water, and rest.

The combination of these three factors leads to adequate milk production while helping women to recover.

With regard to food appropriate for this stage of a woman’s life, it is important to strengthen the intake of energy and nutritious foods that can provide everything the baby needs in the first few months. Here’s a list of 6 nutritious foods to breastfeed.

6 nutritious foods to breastfeed

The six nutritious foods for breastfeeding below are especially rich in protein, to aid in the development and growth of the baby, calories, to give the necessary energy to the mother and the child, and finally, water, important for a volume adequate breast milk.

Check out 6 nutritious foods to breastfeed

  • bananas (energetic fruits and rich in potassium, which helps reduce fluid retention and swelling);
  • cereals (energy foods and still containing iron and B vitamins);
  • apricots and dried figs (high in calories and iron);
  • orange, tangerine, strawberry, etc. (fruits rich in water and vitamin C, great for helping the body to prevent and fight infections);
  • dairy products (rich in protein, calcium and other minerals and essential vitamins, are a very useful food at this stage);
  • Sunflower seeds (rich in healthy fats, it is also an important source of zinc, important mineral to help in the healing of spots).