6 Steps to Matching Sunglasses

Who goes on tour, which must protect not only his skin, but also his eyes from bright sunlight. UV rays can even be so dangerous that they damage delicate eye tissue. to be traveling outside without sunglasses is risky, because disturbances of the delicate retina or the lens of the eye make up only years later noticeable.With our tips, please refer to steps the right sunglasses for themselves and are fully protected.

Step 1: Select polycarbonate lenses

Polycarbonate is a material with which your eyes have the same 2-fold protection. First, protect polycarbonate lenses from UV rays and secondly they are unbreakable. Who travel a lot in the area, which is having such a spectacle also from insects, branches or small debris safely. Another advantage of this material is that your lenses will not fog even with the greatest effort. When buying your glasses that you have crystal clear view and the glasses are free from drawings.

Step 2: Find Replacement Lenses

If you already invest in a good pair of sunglasses, then your model should include various types of lighting can be adjusted. Ask your optician or the salesperson to glasses models with interchangeable lenses in different colors.

Step 3: choose the spectacle frame

The context of your sunglasses should necessarily be made of plastic. Plastic has the advantage that it is very easy and even at high temperatures retains its shape. There are already good spectacle frames made of plastic, which are extremely shatterproof or even have predetermined breaking points.

Step 4: Adjust strap to your ears

The strap of the goggles ensure that the glasses from slipping helplessly on your nose. Along with the nose pad to form a secure fit. Remember that you fall with increasing effort sweat and the sweat temple tips made of plastic assumes the maintenance. More suitable are rubber temple tips.

Step 5: Find Adjustable nose pads

Every nose is different – that makes us people. Therefore, you should look for when buying your sunglasses also that the nostrils are adjustable and adaptable to the shape of your nose.Only by the proper seating of the frame is ensured.

Step 6: Make sure vents

Stray light can damage your eyes as well as direct sunlight. The sunglasses should therefore fit snugly to your face and leave no stray light. Vents ensure that the ventilation is ensured and not calling into the glasses by moisture produced.