6 Things Your First Trip Father Should Know

The birth of a baby is a very important moment, although the pregnancy lasts 9 months, the woman has the gift of feeling the baby grow, feel their movements and their needs.

6 Things Your First Trip Father Should Know

The way a man lives the pregnancy is different from the woman. Father plays a key role, but the truth is that most men in the early days are afraid of breaking the baby.

It is important that you speak and sing to the baby even when it is inside your belly, it will begin to react to your voice.

Things a First-Time Parent Should Know

Babies do not bring an instruction book, they will cry because they are hungry, because they are sleepy or crying simply because they know how to do it.

The first days are very complicated, friends and family are keen to visit the new heir of the family, the mother is still recovering physically and emotionally from childbirth, the father’s role is to impose limits on visits and “opinions and hunches” that arise from everywhere.

It is only in movies and novels that women come out of the maternity ward, smelling, beautiful and fit, in reality the woman’s body takes some time to recover, the mother is more fragile and her role is to say several times a day that she is beautiful.

Mothers love the sensation that they can do everything, but no one is iron and the tiredness begins to weigh, the father’s role is to ensure that the mother rests, tell her to take a nap or a nap and stay with the baby, fed and with the clean diaper you just have to give all your love and bond with the baby.

Bathing a newborn is something that frightens most men, in fact it is not complicated at all, but if you have some fear start by sharing this moment with the mother and baby, help prepare the water and slowly start increase your participation, you will discover how delicious it is to give a baby a bath.

Another very complicated item for new parents is the change of the diaper, especially when it brings an extra gift, nothing that practice does not solve, if in the first few times misplaced, instead does not hurt, err helps to perfect.

Just remember that the diaper is to put on the baby’s ass, not worth putting anywhere else.