7 Trends In Purses For 2016: Dare With Captivating Details

Increasingly women who leave home without her handbag, and do so accompanied only by your purse or wallet.

CA year passing purses as described in Top-engineering-schools they reinvent themselves and want more to be able to wear them solo. In fact, everything points to it will convert into a particular essential to your outfits this summer.

Because as well as there is no doubt that the bag is the complement par excellence of a woman, nor any time recognize that purse or wallet are the most important elements we keep on it. So much so that in many occasions only carry bag the need to keep our purse.

So why not do as the always elegant Anne Hathaway and take the wallet in hand along with the keys? A way to brag about your wallet and enjoy the convenience of not having to go with the bag hanging all day.

There are all the styles, and is that purses are shown as these little gems that allow you to give that touch of distinction to your looks in every moment. Nothing will serve you go point blank and used your best outfits, if when you take out the wallet you break with all your styling.

Because if elegance is shown with details, your wallet will be the most important element to make your look every day. Remember, as said the lovely Audrey Hepburn; “elegance is the only beauty that never goes away.”

The problem is to choose the ideal wallet is not a task for anything easy. Such is the variety among which choose, that is really complicated to choose between one or the other, and if above take into account that each year the trends in purses change, even more.

Since my bag my life we recommend that, when choosing a purse, you seek one that combines with your bag and that suits your style, although it is also possible that you’re a woman you like more contrast than by the usual bet. It all depends on each one. Ideally, that you do with the wallet that you see better and better it makes you feel. The choice is yours!

To give you an idea of what will be the trends that will mark the guideline in terms of purses is concerned, then we’re going to make 7 different models so you can see the styles that will play a leading roleduring this year 2016. Pay attention and notes.


No doubt CHANEL is one of the most important companies which have a higher prestige in the world of fashion, and how could it be otherwise plays a role protagonist within the latest in purses for this season.

The French firm seems that bets for simple and elegant purses, leaving aside models more extravagant, as we can see in this spectacular purse made with skin iridescent granulated beef & silver metal in Fuchsia, or Purse Boy Chanel that surprises us with an original effect in Orange patent leather. What do you think?


TOUS Meanwhile bets this season for purses something more extravagant and exclusive with designs that combine different elements, as we can see in the wallet with Lorine from Coaster collection.

Play with shapes and colours, predominantly Orange and blue, and combines a water-resistant canvas with a vinyl that makes this model an option to take into account.

The same applies to model the collection Pachito Patch Letters. With a combination of Brown and orange colors, advocates to include the name of the firm repeatedly in different shades of colors. Designed in waterproof vinyl, is a perfect purse for women off-roader.

Bimba And Lola

Bimba and Lola have also decided to invest in designs more extravagant that we are normally accustomed. A firm that always seeks to reinvent itself and offer their followers new possibilities every season, and everything points to that you have achieved.

Purses Bimba and Lola will highlight innovative designs that will captivate and which will play a very important role in the face of the next season.


A firm as Lois bet on portfolios in front of purses, with a larger size and greater possibilities to be able to save from coins, banknotes, through credit cards. He wanted to surprise with fun designs, and the truth is that he has succeeded, as we can see in this model.

Louis Vuitton

If we look at Luis Vuitton purses, we can see how even being different from that we have seen before, they hold in common with other simplicity, combined with more exclusive reasons. This Zippy purse made with Epi leather and a glossy finish is perfect to wear with any style. Like the rest, comfort protagonist plays a role, as we see with the zipper that incorporates.

Michael Kors

It seems that Michael Kors purses are the only ones who dare to break a bit with the line marked by the rest of signatures, and somewhat larger sizes than we have seen before and most extravagant designs.The purse is a clear example of this.


As we can see in this purse that looks an ethnic trend design and is perfect for solo TanTrend is another of that commitment to originality in their purses, the signature. Is somewhat larger than usual, so it will not pass unnoticed. You like it?