7 Types of Whips of Fishing That You Need to Know

If you’re still a beginner in the world of fishing, should not know very well about whips. The fishing harness is a set of terminal parts, such as hooks and weights attached to a main line for a spinner.

The fishing harness varies according to the species of fish you want to fish, for each there is a size, shape and different components. So, if you want to make a successful fishing, pay close attention in this item. Now look at the main types of fishing harness that you need to know.

Universal fishing harness

Is the basic model of fishing harness. From it emerged a number of mounts. Used with both live bait, as dead and in any situation or kind you get at the bottom of the water. Is composed of olive or round weight, Swivel, thicker diameter line that the main, hook and encastoador-if you want to fish species that have teeth.

Double Hook harness for ox-eyes with live fish

This type of fishing harness you have to have a walk of five meters of nylon or fluorocarbon of 130lb in that they’re stuck two hooks: one in the mouth of the bait and the other on the back. Is used because, often, the baits are great and the two hooks increase the chance that one of them take it in the mouth of the bull’s-eye. Along this walk is held the first spinner ring rolamentado.


Suitable for artificial baits for fishing the sábalo fish. This Assembly is made with three hooks maruseigo nthe18, fluorcarbon or monofilament line 0, 50 mm, green thread tape, small silver sequins, red, yellow, white and red, Bugle beads, Swivel, stop and lead round olive.

Whip with bottom feeder

Can be used to catch several species like sábalo fish and pacu, because it can be stocked with corn cooked only and use the same corn bait. Place the bottom feeder on the main line, put the weight and tie the swivel. After that, hold a walk of 50 cm at most with two hooks, one with his back to the other.

Whip Paloma or Miner

Fishing harness was recommended by sacramentomart for piapara, pacu and piavuçu, uses a technique in which the bait is loose in little cups, your secret is the weight that will be used, so you must make several changes, until you find the ideal. Remember that he should always tend to take.

Whip Floated

Widely used in fishing in rivers and lakes, but can also be used at sea, when it is shipped. You’ll need a ball proportional to the lead and bait will be used, a lead, a swivel attached to the end of my line and a hook. The lead does not need to be too heavy, because it will serve only to keep the line taut.

Whip fishing beach or cliffs

Is composed of four hooks and ends with a pyramid sinker. This fishing whip is also used for fishing on board, but it’s not the most recommended.

These were some of the main fishing harness for you to do well in both freshwater fishing, as of salt water. Remember to prepare the best we can with equipment of quality so that your fishing is not a failure.

Have you ever used a fishing harness before? Share your experience with us!