Making a somewhat strict time off and relaxed is an art. Like wearing a tie or bow tie without looking stiff.

In large part it is abot and shirt materials that set the standard. A crocheted tie gives an available impression and the pared-down design is well suited with a pattern rich shirt. Another neat contrast is a shirt of coarse oxford fabric paired with a shiny silk tie, similar to the one above.

Those who want to take the vacant ties a step further and unbutton the top skjortknappen should be aware of the risks. Style safety fashion magazines have when they do it is all too often lost. Much is about the suit. It is much easier to get away with a light khaki or seersucker cotton costume than a darker and more formal ullkostym. Then, it is important not to take it to an extreme level.

Bow Tie The most important thing with the fly is to tie it yourself. The simple reason is that it looks far more natural and feel just as elaborate as it finished tied companies. The fly is in one respect much more rewarding to wear to a casual style than the tie, namely to avoid the need to take account of the fly’s length. A tie, as has been pointed out several times before reaching down to his pants, which can make it with just crocheted ties that tend to be straight in their trades and thereby also slightly shorter.

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