Adidas Micoach Smart Run

After showing it at the Mobileze event in San Francisco, Adidas has completed the missing details about its smartwatch, although we can not be talking about an advanced watch as they are fashionable but a device with clear sporty profile but with interesting functions and very complete.

The Adidas miCoach Smart Run is not a small clock (although it only weighs 79 grams), but in return many functions are included.

To start the screen, with a size of 1.45 inches and just resolution of 184 x 184 pixels, touch and where we can visualize different data such as speed, distance or pulsations and work area. To achieve this has included a GPS, anaccelerometer and even a heart monitor.

Smartwacth With Android And Heart Monitor

Jibin123 reminds you that the Adidas miCoach Smart Run (with metal finish and silicone strap) is not a watch that requires a smartphone to get the most out of it, but with Android 4.1.1 under the adidas miCoach layer.

Thanks to that, we can listen to music “from the clock” (the internal memory is 4 GB and there are 3 GB left for music) and receive instructions from our virtual trainer associated with MiCoach (and that we can synchronize wirelessly thanks to WiFi connectivity for This needs) even with helmets via bluetooth connectivity that includes.

As for the battery, Adidas says that in intense training mode would be 4 hours of resistance, but that we could stretch until 8 hours if we reduce the GPS data to one every five seconds with the mode called Marathon. If we give it a more classic use of clock, 14 would be the hours that could resist without recharging.

But the great value of this adidas miCoach Smart Run is the heart wrist monitorthat includes on the bottom of the watch and that monitors our pulse at all times, so we saved the usual chest strap for these records.

Adidas Micoach Smart Run, Price And Availability

The new Adidas miCoach Smart Run is expected to leave the US on November 1 with a price of 399 dollars while in Spain we are waiting for confirmation of your departure.

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