Aldi Talk: Consumer Center Warns of Costs Case

Who the prepaid tariff package 300 the mobile service provider Aldi talk posts, possibly falls into a cost trap that fails at the end of the month with over 100 euros. The consumer advice centre North Rhine-Westphalia in a current message warns.

Under 100 euro: tariffs plus mobile phones for spenders

Automatic online charge

The package 300 from Aldi talk monthly costs 7.99 euros. For this amount, customers get 300 megabytes (MB) of data volume and 300 talk minutes or 300 SMS. At the beginning of each month, deducting the 7.99 Euro for the fare of the prepaid card. These can be on request online automatically recharged, credits should drop below a set value. This is the lowest option under 5 euros.

Problems with low credits

Actually the problems in a particular constellation can occur if a value of five euros is set as the threshold for automatic charging: namely whenever the balances is customers with booked package 300 option 7,98 EUR 5 and. This amount is too low, to take another month for the package of 300, but too high to trigger the automatic prepaid charging that only inserts if the balances under 5 euro slips.

Cost trap: 100 instead of 7.99 Euro

As usual, ending at prepaid plans Aldi talk then the package 300 tariff option to the end of the month and the customer gets automatically the terms and conditions of the base fare. Here, however, there is no flat rate, instead be due for each transmitted megabyte 24 cents. Phone minutes and SMS cost 11 cents (3 cents to Aldi talk) what is a Preisbracher for the introduction of Aldi talk, today provides immense costs at normal smartphone use: its usual 300 units and 300 MB off after switching off the tariff option taking full advantage of Aldi talk customers, stand on the Bill at the end of the month about 100 euros instead of €7.99. Advises therefore the Consumer Council, the current rates regularly in the Aldi talk app to check.

E-Plus shows himself surprised

E plus spokesman Klaus Schulze Löwenberg showed by the accusations surprised and emphasized: at Aldi talk, there’s no cost trap. On the contrary, the customer could set In the context of establishing automatic boot, that maximum 50 euros automatically would be charged per month. Also, notes would be in establishing automatic boot which thresholds are appropriate for certain uses. The threshold value of 5 euros is ideal for the smaller Internet flat S (3,99 Euro per month). Also, get the customer in every automatic boot an SMS and is recalled two days before the end of the option via SMS, to ensure sufficient credits. Customers via Aldi talk app, Internet customer area ( or SMS query. Could the balances

Our site says: Internet needs flats

Although entitled E-Plus: one must ignore already stubbornly every SMS to tap in the described case of costs. However, it is possible. The fact is also: Internet use without flat is simply no longer up to date. E-plus could create the cost trap with a simple trick from the world: de-selecting the option Internet usage could be throttled automatically extremely, similar to that still makes it competitor Congstar free messaging option (which is also there but not preset). Because there is hardly any use, would result from the an Internet usage still make sense after megabytes. As long as this is not yet implemented, a tip is for Aldi talk customers: simply check the credits! That goes without app or Internet easily using the key combination *100# and then pressing the call key.
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