Anklets For The Summer

Time and again she comes in and out of the scene. But this time it’s becoming a recurring theme in the major fashion weeks of the entire world. The anklets are, once again, among the accessories that should be used in the summer. They go against the gladiators, criticized by many for their dubious tastes. It is a way to adorn this part of the leg so little valued and still help in the composition of the look.

The anklets gain so much evidence, which are more and more different and unique.There are those made of jewelry, gold, silver, precious stones and also semi-jewels. It has option for all tastes and pockets. A beauty just in time to delight people on a beautiful and clear summer day.

From bloggers, designers, designers to celebrities, they are all linked in this fashion.In the north of the planet is almost summer, so it is more recurrent you observe the anklets present in the looks of those who understand the subject there.

In this image, for example, Lily Aldridge and Behati Prinsloo both appear in dresses of very light material and of colors more dedicated to the summer and in the leg the anklets in both. It is a recurring image throughout the United States and also in European countries.

However, there is a huge difference between today’s anklets for those that were fashionable in the 90’s. Nothing to wear with shells or dolphin drawings. That was it.What matters now is the sophistication and luxury of the piece. So, the design is much more elaborate. Besides the extreme quality of the pieces. There is no possibility of comparison between the two styles. The 90s, as everyone knows, should be forgotten in the fashion world.

Usually, the choices made are less extravagant and more delicate. That’s because summer comes back with a maxi fashion, especially with regard to earrings. So that nothing is out of tune, it is best not to overdo it on all accessories. Therefore, the anklets are smaller, without many designs, much more subtle.

And they match with virtually every type of footwear. Slipper, sandal, espadrille.Anyway, just choose an option for the feet more summer that there is only add the anklets of your taste and have a look of the season.

But it is not only in countries of the northern region of the world that are using the anklets. Here in Brazil, since last year, they have returned to fashion and intend to stay for a long time.

ilian Bloggers And Anklets

Among the bloggers who work in Brazil, the anklets are practically unanimous in the summer. They all report that the possibility of giving an extra adornment in the region of the feet is of an incredible good taste for the station that requests less and less clothes and accessories.

Blogger Fernanda Seelig, for example, believes that anklets are a summer classic.And it recalls the hippie phase that they had and all its context behind the fashion brought in the 90s.

For the fashionista, hippie style anklets also came back, but with a much more dashing design. Classical materials continue to be used, except that they are decorated differently from the traditional one.

Another tip is that anklets are all about beach, bare feet and sea. In Brazil, then, the accessory is certainly a success. For Fernanda, it is cool and it is the face of the tropical climate that surrounds our country. She further warns that the extravagant jewelry and own precious material anklets should be left to be used at other times.On the beach, the ideal is to line up with the hippy and Indian look.

Another indispensable idea made by the blogger is about the aesthetics and health of the feet. Do not forget that the anklets will draw attention to this part of the body.So if your foot is poorly maintained, with problems, it is best not to throw your attention on it. Otherwise, use and abuse your ankles next summer.

However, the fashionista does not forget the most chic and sophisticated anklets .For her, on more nocturnal and special occasions, gold, silver, or semi-jewels must be delicate, like a chain. At most with a small detail to give a charm. She is still alert for the shoe. It should embellish directly with the piece. Otherwise, it was already look.

For blogger Cláudia Bartelle, the anklets also came back with everything. She said that it is difficult to find any garment or accessory that is not ‘usable’ nowadays. The fashionista believes that fashion is increasingly ‘open minded’ and ‘no frills’.

And it further states that it can match with other accessories, such as the currently fashionable body chain. For Claudia, the ideal is to use the ankles with sandals and of course, not forgetting to go in the pedicure before and give that tract on the feet.

Two-foot anklets

The blogger prefers the most golden and with small details. They are delicate, the ‘face of summer’ and give the special touch in the final composition of the look. They really look beautiful, do not they ?!

The Maxi Anklets Are The Novelty Of The Market

Although the preference is for more subtle and less extravagant models, there are always those people who want to differentiate and do something more exaggerated.For this reason, the newest fashion of maxi anklets was created. Since the large parts are very fashionable, turning this accessory that comes back with everything in one, is not bad idea.

Anklets for brides

But the use of maxi anklets is well defined and limited, says Mcat-Test-Centers. They look beautiful on the beach with their feet barefoot and completely well treated.

Among the possibilities, there are two that are being most commented. One is hippie style the same. Flowers, beads and pebbles. The other is well connected to the Indian, with materials of gold color and semi precious stones. Both look good, if you choose a look that favors the appearance of the feet and that they are well cared for.

Another possibility of maxi anklets is their use for an evening party, or ballad. They are very different for those chosen in the beach fashion, however they are big and extravagant. They combine with a very tall saint, have several layers and are usually made of gold, silver, or some precious stone. The pearls are excellent options, since it has everything to do with the summer, right ?!

Look at the options below as they are beautiful. Oh, and not forgetting that the legs have to stay out. No hiding the anklets in a trousers or dress londo. The more sexy the better the idea. Then, capriche in short skirt and fair dress.

Well, people. With these tips gave you to understand how to use the anklets next summer. There are several possibilities, the more traditional and less extravagant.Besides those who want to show what they came from. Whatever your preference, always have your attention dedicated to the health and beauty of your feet.

Gold, silver, precious stones, semi precious stones, beads, flowers, marine objects.Anyway, you can use everything, depending on the situation. The more you risk and connect with the moment, the better you will dress and introduce yourself. The anklets are with everything and you certainly are.