App GraspMe Allows Receiving Feedback on How You are as a Person

Means that repeating the formula of Lulu app, which allows girls to assess the boys who were but a little more discreet, was yesterday released the GraspMe, a web application so that your friends say what they think of you.

For reviews, you need to connect the app with Facebook. Then, select the friends you want to evaluate you and wait for them to do.

The assessment in GraspMe starts with defining the degree of relationship you have with the person and passes through five very general questions, whose answers are notes. In the end, also gives to leave a comment about your friend. The results are not made available for those who received the assessment – that is, you can not suddenly have a catalog of friends with notes, how it worked on Lulu. He even described as “well Lulu”.

According to the CEO Thiago Alvarez, the idea came from a conversation with his wife, where they imagined it would be cool if there was a way to know what your friends really think of you – although you can select friends to evaluate you, the evaluation of them is not identified. Kind of reminds gelinhas, sparklers and little hearts of Orkut, right?

Contrary to what seems, the app was not created in the passenger Lulu (and Tubby): It is being developed since the end of October, but only now was ready for launch.

I do not know about you, but I think we need to stop this paranoia of wanting to evaluate people and be evaluated. If you disagree and want your friends anonymously say what they think of you, just enter the site and recruit them to do so.