Appear First ROMs with Honeycomb for HTC Flyer

It was a matter of time. If a couple of days ago we saw how filtered a ROM from the HTC Jetstream, which was functional in the HTC Flyer today home developer community brings good news: We already have two ROMs cooked with Honeycomb it work perfectly in the seven-inch HTC tablet.

Responsible for these creations are nickiberli from XDA with FlyHoney, and Paul O’Brien, founder of MoDaCo. There are still details that Polish and some things do not work as the model 3G GSM support, but both are fully operational.

The process to install it is a bit complex and requires that we know how to manage ADB to update the radius of the tablet as well as the hboot. Once you have installed the original version of Honeycomb, which we saw a few days ago, we can Flash the ROMs in question.

Once again the home developers they have proved to be very fast and do a job really well. If no official Honeycomb want wait for HTC to bring shape to the tablet you can choose to install any two ROMs and take more advantage of HTC Flyer.

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