Apple iPhone 5S Popular as Samsung Galaxy S5

Apple before Samsung on Sales

The iPhone 5 is and remains popular: Apple had his iPhone 5S almost a year on the market, and in April of this model still more deposed, as its competitor Samsung of his brand new flagship Samsung Galaxy S5 – and that although the South Korean Super Smartphone just was short, on the market.

Apple iPhone 5S

Popular there: the Apple iPhone 5S has analyses showed that in May – eight months after its launch – on the world market even better sold than the Samsung Galaxy S5. And that, although the new Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 was presented in April for the first time to the public and actually popular should have been. This result provides at least an analysis of the market research firm counter point technology market research, which raised the actual unit sales in 35 countries – and not only the deliveries to dealers. With complete distance on the list of the most popular smartphones by Samsung the Galaxy S5 follows the iPhone 5 S’s second only to and the Samsung flagship from the previous year, the Samsung Galaxy S4. The ten best-selling smartphones worldwide also include iPhone 5 C, which posted themselves in fifth place, as well as the iPhone 4s, which six is ranked.

Phablets are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Counter point technology market analysts expect research due to its huge 5.1 inch large display to the Phablets the Samsung Galaxy S5. This category include also the Galaxy note 3 and Galaxy Grand 2 from Samsung, which are also reflected in the list of the most popular smartphones. According to the analysis, 40 percent of smartphones sold can be counted among the Phablets.

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