Apple iPhone 7 Plus Get Ever Smaller Battery [Update]

Apple promises to iPhone 7 Plus will perform an hour longer on a tanking-but the idea has become less.

One of the biggest advantages of Apple’s big Plus-phones, have been the bigger battery. But development on the battery front go the wrong way for the company.

In the first teardown-video, where an iPhone 7 Plus separating from each other, we see that the battery has been a tad smaller than that of its predecessor, the iPhone 6S Plus.

Development now looks like this:

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus-11.1 Wh (2,915 mAh, 3, 82V suitable as)
  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus-10.42 Wh (2,750 mAh, 3, 80V)
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus-10.21 Wh (2,675 mAh, 3, 82V suitable as) *

The trend is therefore towards the ever-smaller batteries in Apple’s large cell, while archrival Samsung squeezes ever-larger batteries in their flagship products. In Samsung S7 Edge is the battery over a third larger with a capacity of 3,600 mAh.

* [UPDATE]: Another of the specialists from iFixit teardown revealsthat the battery in the iPhone 7 Plus has a greater capacity than shown in the first video. Here reads the capacity of 2,900 mAh-an advancement on 5.5 percent compared to Apple iPhone 6S Plus. There is sandsynlgvis talking about a prototype device in the video.

New processor makes the difference

During the presentation of the new iPhone 7 Plus illuminated Apple however, that the new model will perform an hour longer on a tanking. iPhone 7 Plus should therefore run longer on deforestation than before.

Apple’s A10 Merger may, however, the difference, for the new quad-core processor uses a structure with different processor cores. 2 powerful processor cores takes the heavy read, while the two low-power processor cores performing light tasks while the forslugne kernels are put to sleep.

In the smaller Apple iPhone 7, on the other hand, not feared as much for operating times. Leaked specifications indicate that here is the battery will be 14% larger than before – with a capacity of a total of 1,960 mAh. Here promises Apple iPhone 7 will perform for two hours at an extra charge.

No stereo sound through the bottom

The video also reveals how the components fills the cramped space in the narrow chassis.

Here you can see how the square under the removed home button is used for a simple speaker – something that surprises, because Apple in its own documentation indicates that the iPhone had to pump 7 Plus stereo sound out of the bottom.

At the top of the phone is the special dual camera with optical zoom also evident, with two separate modules: one for wide-angle to telephoto camera as well as a use.