Apple Sets up: New iphones 6s, ipad Pro and Apple TV!

Big show, many devices, a few surprises: Apple invited to the traditional iphone event in the autumn. The keynote was at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium instead, a Hall with space for up to 7,000 people. What there was to be seen? The rumor mill was previously already vigorously bubbling titled iphone 6S and also exactly showed Apple. As well as the iphone 6S plus, the huge ipad Pro and the long awaited new version of streaming box Apple TV. Our site that has followed the event live for you and presents all the highlights in the overview as well as detailed information on prices, availability, and functionality of the new devices.

Iphone 6S, ipad Pro, Apple TV: the highlights

Iphone 6s and 6S plus: update for the Interior

As well as in the previous generations of iphone, Apple plus presented revised versions of its top models 6 iphone and iphone 6. What’s new? Whereas in the S-class in design and size (6-S: 4.7-inch, 6-S plus: 5.5 inches) not much does, are mainly the inner values that change. So, iphone get bought 6s and 6S plus a faster A9 processor and a better camera, 12 megapixels take the photos and films now also 4K-Videos. Core function of the new generation is 3D touch: the Smartphone recognizes as already force touch at the Apple Watch different pressures with the finger. As a result, that gets iphone shortcut menus for quick access to the Selfie camera, calendar, and other frequently used applications. All info about features, prices, and release can be found here :

Apple iphone 6S: All Information about the new Apple Smartphone
Apple iphone 6S Plus: XL-Smartphone with 3D Touch and 4K-Kamera
ios 9: Apple betrays Date

Video on the subject of

Product fireworks from Cupertino: the manufacturer showed not only that new iphone 6 S, but also a fresh Apple TV and a huge ipad Pro. The highlights of the Apple Keynote in the video

Iphone 6S plus: new edition of Apple Phablets

The Apple Phablet plus found iphone 6 rapidly many fans and is actually no longer imagined from the offer because it offers not only significantly more space, but also a better camera and an increased run-time. At this year’s S-class, it is so far unclear whether Apple once again brings differences in hardware such as the display or making the unique size and battery capacity.

Iphone-Modelle im Vergleich

Modell: iphone 6S iphone 6S Plus iphone 6 iphone 6 Plus Auflösung 1334 × 750 1920 × 1080 1334 × 750 1920 × 1080 Größe 138,3 x 67,1 x 7,1 mm 158,2 x 77,9 x 7,3 mm 138,1 x 67 x 6,9 mm 158,1 x 77,8 x 7,1 mm Gewicht 143 Gramm 192 Gramm 129 Gramm 172 Gramm Proz ESSOR A9 A9 A8 A8 2 GB memory 2 GB 1 GB 1 GB camera, rear 12 MP 12 MP 8 MP 8 MP camera, front 5 MP 5 MP 1.2 MP 1.2 MP price from 739 euro from 849 euro from 699 euro from 799 euro
significantly worse it looks, however, for there are no sales figures for the previous iphone 5 C for impressive iphone 6 C today. It is assumed that Apple reduced the price of the old generation and brings no budget model in the current series. Although there is certainly enough fans of the colorful plastic iphone, it seems not worth it at the end for Apple to have.

Apple iphone 6S Plus: Features, Rumors, Release
Apple iphone 6C: Features, Rumors, Release

Ipad Pro: A Surface of Apple in XL format

The birds twittered it already from the rooftops: Apple has with the ipad Pro XXL-tablet in the checkerboard format in the quiver. It comes with a gigantic 12.9-inch display, Apple A9X processor, four speakers and at least 64 gigabyte memory. There is also an optional keyboard that give the ipad Pro how Microsoft’s surface look like. Speaking of Microsoft: Apple’s biggest competitor also got some minutes on the stage, presented a special version of Office for the ipad Pro. The price of the device is money for that you would get a macbook Alternatively right depending on the memory size and accessories up to 1,300 euros. All infos and details found here :

Apple ipad Pro: All Info to the apple’s XXL Tablet

Iphone plus 6s and 6S: pictures, info, release, price

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Apple pencil: the 99 dollar pen

Matching to the ipad Pro, Apple presented a few as well high-priced accessories: in addition to a case with built-in keyboard (smart Keyborad) for $ 169 (about 150 euros) there was also a pen for $ 99 (approximately 90 euros) : The so-called Apple pencil is a smart pen, which makes the display to the digital drawing board. The pen has a built-in rechargeable battery and will’s plugged to charge to the lightning connector. At the presentation, the PIN caused many reminiscent of an Apple presentation at Macworld in 2007, on the Steve Jobs made fun of the uselessness of such pins quite for amusement in the audience. Who needs a stylus? The Apple mastermind asked the audience at the time the proof video there is here :

Apple Watch: No new Watch, this Watch OS 2

Only last year Tim Cook showed proudly what Chief Designer Jonathan Ive last tinkered for years in his workshop followed by much hype, criticism and disappointment. If the Apple Watch is a flop, know it there was never until today not sure than official figures. Has the time for a successor already come? No, an Apple Watch 2 there was not but new apps for the first version like the Facebook Messenger or airstrip, an app for the medical sector. Watch OS 2 run all on the new operating system. There are also new colors, bracelets and exclusive Collections. All information and innovations in detail found here :

Apple Watch: New Bracelets and Gold Version

Apple TV: with Siri, tvos and app store

Apple’s streaming box Apple TV is long in the shadow of Amazon’s fire TV, Apple took too long for an update of the small box. Now Apple wants to make lost ground: the new Apple TV puts the focus on the hotel’s own itunes store as a supplier for movies and series as well as the music service Apple music. The remote control with touchpad and Siri voice control are completely new, the app store for games adapted to the TV screen and applications and its own operating system called tvos. The new Apple TV will appear in October, depending on the amount of memory it will cost 149 dollars (32 GB) or $ 199 (64 gigabytes). There are more details and information about Apple TV here:

Apple TV: can apple’s new Streaming Box

Apple TV 4: offers the streaming box

Conclusion: nice Apple Keynote, but no longer

Many new products, few surprises: Apple delivers the usual good show, showed but mainly equipment updates and nothing spectacular refreshment at the keynote. The iphone gets some meaningful innovations like the quite innovative 3D bought touch and a 4K-Kamera, with the huge ipad pro tries to touch Apple but at a price, for which you get also a macbook in the sector of high-priced Tablet for creative and pencil pushers foot in the S-class. Apple TV, which shows barely functions not already can rival fire TV or many smart tvs was a little disappointing. The good selection of films from itunes could play however Apple cards.