Apple Watch

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the Apple Watch was available. It is to bring the Smart watch market, which has been missing in the past year. Of course, the expectations are high, Apple could also smart phones, MP3 players and tablets large-scale make the mass palatable. With the Watch you will also stand out from the competition, which starts with the operating system.

We would like to leave this out, because I am more interested in spontaneously the countless models of the Apple Watch at And since you have to say, Apple skin properly out. While most manufacturers offer a maximum of three colors and a few bracelets, Apple of the own Watch holds three different categories ready. 8 models are available at the Watch Edition, prices up to 18,000 euros. Why? Gold!

 What’s also exciting is that Apple offers different-sized enclosures. Also unique on the market, as well as the prices. You have already noticed, lastly about a possibly 1,000 euro expensive Huawei Watch bitched. Ridiculous! With Apple it is also cheaper. For the 42 mm housing made of stainless steel with the matching bracelet, the company only requires 1,149 euros. Snapper!

And if among you still are geizhals, then grab at the Apple Watch Sport, which is already from 399 euro. It is actually not cheaper, Apple overbids the competition by at least 150 euros UVP.

An iPhone 6 and an Apple Watch are available in the package only from 1.100 euros. In the most expensive package one gets rid of 19,000 euros. Is not that totally crazy? While the inexpensive entry-level products move in a really cool area, the high-priced devices become ever more expensive.