Ben Sherman: What’s New for The Fall-Winter 2010 / 2011

Ben Sherman, that is certainly one of the most popular fashion brands among the mods and the skinheads (they not only consume them, but they were a distinctive aesthetic of these groups) is back with force for this season Fall winter 2010 / 2011. Although it retains its peculiar singularities that make him unrecognizable as the small paintings, the very tight to the body cutting, button on the back of the neck and, in shirts short sleeve, take two characteristic cuts in the middle of the sleeve, We can see some developments in your clothes.

Although we must say that shirt is a great brand, in terms of pants, shoes or jerseys leaves something to be desired for having little to offer us, and relating to coats and raincoats competes for its form and style with other large Fred Perry or even Burberry. But even so, he knows how to stand on one’s own as I’ll show you now.

Starting with shelters, find trench coats and jackets that, following its tradition in this field, offer us one of their garments Star: the Harrington. Color dark blue with tartan of somewhat smaller than usual black and white pictures.

The jerseys We have said that they are quite tight and skimpy on details and sparing in design. They bet again by dark colors and above all in a style very plain without motifs or patterns.

The shirts, as always, he remains at the height of the circumstances and without losing its aesthetic canons which I have mentioned lines more arribas, returns to surprise us with varied designs, even though the Court remains the same.

We can find them both with ajedreados in the colors black and white designs, as seen the triumph taking pictures in this season can become all a must…

… as with blue, white, violet and green to give more colorful the whole.

For those who prefer the lines There is also option to shirts with them, but rather less than with pictures and more bland.

In the Poles, carved and quite bare, we found some rather interesting options like this asymmetrical Polo that play, with only the white and black and the provision which they acquire in the design…

… as the most typical in dark colors, with stripes and the logo of the signature back to the left.

Finally, a collection of shirts dominated the prints with musical motives or associated with the aesthetic mod. In vivid colors and again with a tendency to conform to the body and well define the torso…

… or something more discrete in basic colors.