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Instead we buy services, we are increasingly signing several of them. In this, it is difficult to have an overview of how much is spent and how many of these recurring services are paying. Billy is an app that promises to focus these expenses into a single interface.

Besides allowing a panoramic view of subscription services, Billy also help the user remember when the bills come due and do the math to show how much in total is spent on them.

Dr. Cuckoo

Produced by Brazilians, Dr. Cuckoo is a medication manager. After registering those you take regularly, the app lets you create alerts to remind you of times (including contraceptives). The history of drugs taken is recorded in the app, always at hand to show to your doctor. For it is also possible to consult drug prices in major online stores of the country.

A nice aspect of Dr. Cuckoo is the possibility of creating multiple accounts. For those with children or care for elderly, makes life easier be able to concentrate all in one place.


How long you spend (or lose) with distractions while on the laptop ( The Escape promises to give you the answer. This is an app that monitors what the user does, but with an important difference: in addition to account for the time spent on each app, it also distinguishes sites. Like Facebook, Tumblr and other services of the type basically work via web in traditional computers, much of the waste of time happens there, so that also monitor what you do on the web is essential to have a complete view of their behavior in order to adapt it to greater productivity.


An app to add filters, write and draw on photos not win any awards for originality. The differential Glaze, that does just that is working with various types of photography present on newer iOS devices. Want to write down or apply filters panoramas? Can. Videos? Also. Even in Live Photos it works.

Like any good kind of app, the Glaze allows you to easily share with your friends and social networks edited pictures on it.


Who never asked or been asked to send the pictures of the party for close friends? It’s a boring job, but important – and one that Knoto want to delete. The app uses facial recognition to identify and send automatically the pictures that friends and relatives appear, all with plenty of privacy.

You have to preselect friends to whom the photos are sent alone when they are in the scene. To be automatic in fact, you must enable the AutoSending function. The coolest thing is that your contacts need not have the app also installed (it works by email or SMS in these cases), and the photos are downloaded only with the approval of the recipients, that is, do not take up space in the cell of them inadvertently.


This app, developed by staff Noun Project, makes life easier for those who create and maintain visual identities. It creates a space where the user puts all references, elements, files and fonts, the “visual assets” available on a specific location and can be shared with team members. The app is promise to end folders and versions scattered storage services in the cloud and in the email.

Lingo is free for individual use and offers paid plans to share the kits elements with guests and team members.


The famous social network for film buffs won a handsome app for iPhone. In Letterboxd you can follow the release schedule, create lists of movies, make notes and write reviews to those who have watched and check out what your friends are watching – is a more elegant and less popular competitor, at least here in Brazil, Filmów.

The app has a special interface to assemble their lists (of films seen, to give and most appreciated), with films showing large screen above specific buttons for each action/type list. For those who already use Letterboxd is required; those who do not, a beautiful invitation to know the network.


Combining small drawings/stickers and varied with solid colors and other visual elements, Patternator lets you create original screen backgrounds for iPhone quickly and easily. The things control level as standard and repeat incidence of this is pretty impressive and for not very creative, a system suggests colors that fit well with the chosen sticker. To remove the watermark is necessary to make an in-app purchase of $1.99.

By Patternator it is still possible to create a unique cover for your iPhone, matching the desktop background also created the app. And they send to Brazil.


It’s an app that promises to organize your life, with the difference that it combines datebook with task lists and allows, with a twist, “block” pieces of the agenda during the day so that you can give out some activity specific. According to the developers, the Plan’s approach is indeed new, not just the mere transposition of the workflow with paper and pen old to a digital environment.

The iPhone app is complemented by a web version and soon a specific app for Mac. It’s all free, and depends login/account on Google for calendar functions and task list.


A very different social app, the Plane boasts not selfies, nonsense, or “slide fingers” (in reference to that Tinder gesture).

There are two ways to talk to other people: sending a “signal”, which is a public message that anyone can respond and that disappears after 24 hours; or starting a “Convo” which is a kind of invitation to break the ice that other people see and can answer. These conversations are, in principle, anonymous, but if the chat is cool participants can exchange identity cards.

It’s a different proposal and that, like every app grounded in social, depends on the adoption of many people to prove useful.


The ProtonMail is an email service with built-in encryption. He was in testing for a few months and, in March, came to the stable release, dispensing invitations to enter and apps for Android and iOS.

The app remembers any other email app for mobile devices. Supports the gestural actions, message archiving, labels, finally, features every modern type service offers.

Free, the ProtonMail offers paid plans that provide more space and also accepts donations.


One of the coolest things of e-book readers is the ability to mark, annotate and retrieve important information from books read. It all organizadinho, facilitating recovery notes, reviews and other activities related to the content of a book.

On paper, though more difficult, it is also possible. The Shelf is presented as a bridge between the two universes. He brings a great collection of titles, then just get what you are currently reading and making notes in parallel to reading. There’s still more work that only highlight passages in Kindle’s life, but at least the recovery of content is facilitated later.

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