Best Scuba Regulator for Deep Diving

The Portuguese coast has more interesting things than you can imagine. There are almost 300 sites that can be explored through the dive, an activity that is in great growth and attracting 3.2 million divers from various parts of Europe. The Sports Institute of Portugal, cited by the newspaper Audience, says that there are 8000 certified divers. Therefore, there are no excuses to avoid the baptism of diving. Before entering the water, there are only four elements which need taking into account. They are mask, scuba regulator, console and fins.

Anyone can do a baptism of diving, as long as he is at the age of 10 year old at least and fit the baptism physically. Learning is very simple and it can be divided into two categories: free and autonomous. In the first case, the certificate is not required if the person do his own breath with the regulator, whose technical name is apnea.

Scuba diving already requires a certificate or the monitoring of an experienced instructor. Any individual can do the training to obtain the certification, since the most basic level is intended to empower the passionate who are curious about water for recreational diving.

The sport is fairly safe, but it requires some investment, because the diving equipment consists of several objects that are essential to enjoy the beautiful marine life that lurks in Portuguese coast. The mask, the diving regulator, the console,and the fins, obviously, are the basis of any practitioner of the sport if they want to come down to many meters deep.

The Diving Regulator is Responsible for Air Pressure Adjustment and Essential When It Comes down to Great Depth

The average depth of a dive is five metres and, in Portugal, particularly in regions such as the Algarve or the Azores, it is possible to find multiple species of fauna and flora. The World Tourism Organisation estimates that in 2022 there will be close to five million European divers, who will go through different points of the continent to practice the sport. These forecasts help to demystify the myth that aquatic species can be dangerous. These rarely attack a diver.

Therefore, the greatest danger that the practitioner of this sport can find is the misuse or dispensation of any diving equipment. The mask is essential and it seals people’s face, leaving room to tighten the nose. The glass must be seasoned and its malleable material to create an air pocket around the eyes. People who has contact lenses or glasses can dive and simply adjust the mask.

Another fundamental element when diving a few meters deep is the use of the diving regulator, which allows you to breathe the air at ambient pressure. An integral part of the bottle that is full of oxygen and stores the filtered compressed air. When the diver descends to 20 meters deep, he needs the diving regulator to provide an amount of air three times higher than ordinary air, because the pressure also triples in relation to the air from the surface. Therefore, the diving regulator is responsible for making the adjustment of breath to save the life of people who opt for scuba diving.

The console is connected to the diving regulator and it indicates how much air remains in the bottle, the depth at which the diver is and has a compass to guide the underwater discovery. The fins are already responsible for the metamorphosis of human to fish and allow good underwater movement.

One of the Basic Principles of Diving is to Never Make It alone

The World Tourism Organization reveals a little more about the growing interest in diving and traces the profile of the practitioner, which repeats the activity after the first baptism of diving. Most are men, aged between 30 and 50 years old, who practice amateur manner mode and choose to rent the bottle every time they go to the sea.

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