Bike Problem and Solution

Gadgets: Sometimes it shits itself at completely the wrong time. Cable break, ekerbrott or a large tear in the tire. Calm, our mechanic Henry van Ingelandt know how to get home again.

  1. Dubbelpunka

Always with a new spare tube, a well pump or a kolsyrepatron and patches. Do you get a puncture you simply change the hose, without wasting time and effort to find the hole, and then run on. But check first so that it caused the puncture is not still in the tire.

Is then accident ahead again, only to create patches and do you perhaps taught you when you were little – minus the bucket with water, then …

Never throw the hose at the roadside or in nature. Take it home and cook in peace and quiet, or throw it when you find a garbage can. Have you brought with you an extra tube in your pocket out of the round, you can continue carry the same weight for a while!

  1. Tubkrångel

But when the tube? A used spare tire in your pocket or under the saddle is always good to have, but some prefer to run with a tube repair liquid-also called flat tire foam-back in your pocket instead. It is unfortunately not always this type of fluid works. The hole may for example be too big, or it does high tire pressure to the liquid just seep out, and do not manage to seal the hole.

If you are faced with a borderline where it just almost working, try the following: Pour in as much cooking liquid you can when the tire is flat. Then take a piece of tape attached at the back of the steering lindane, and wrap across the hole, including the rim and all, before you pump up the tire again. With luck, this works well enough for you to take you home. Just remember to take it easy in the curves, and the slowing of the fixed wheel.

  • Large holes-punkaguckan leaks
  • Borrow some tape
  • Tape over the hole and around the rim
  • Ready-drive home carefully

Ekerbrott may be the one totally puts an end to the round. Sometimes the wheel so skewed it totally impossible moves freely in the frame. Then it is not much more to do than call the download. Or, as a last resort, you can try to put down the wheel on the hill and through the hands and feet trying to massage it passably straight.

Will the wheel on the other hand just a little warped, and takes in the brake, you can on a bike with rim brake easily open up the brakes a little bit with the built-in quick connector, either the brakes or brake lever. Loosen the brake cable for even more clearance.

This is not enough, and you happen to have with you a spoke wrench, you can compensate for the missing spokes by releasing some opposing spokes and tightening some of the spokes on the same side as ekerbrottet. Can not get the wheel straight with tire lights for bicycle but at best enough to be able to ride home.

Tar brake still allows you to v-brake or cantileverbroms unhook the brake cable to thereby open up the brake and get more clearance between the wheel and the brake.

But keep in mind that the brakes may not work particularly well for any adjustments or when the cable is disconnected!

On the bike with disc brakes affect warped wheels do not brake, and as long as the tires are clear of the frame, just drive on.

  • Open the brake …
  • … How to get the wheel more space
  • Or use the spoke wrench

4.Large tears in the tires
If you’re unlucky and run down the deck so that it becomes a bigger hole – either in the tread or side – you can get a flat tire because the hose is pushed out and bursts of air pressure.

In this situation there is no point putting in a new one, for it will also go down shortly. There are special, a little bit bigger and chunkier tires patches for this purpose, but these have rarely brings.

But this can snack allowance come to your rescue! Fold the bill in any denomination few times and place on the inside, between the tube and tire. It can be a little tricky to get the bill at the right place when the hose is pumped, but with a bit of luck and skill, you are soon on their way again, and the repair can keep many mil.

  1. Squeaking chain

The chain squeaks may not be defined as SOS, but it could easily drive people to distraction-either yourself or those you ride with. A quiet and well lubricated chain gears course also better and have greater efficiency.

Here are some great tips:

  • Buy chain oil in a store you pass.
  • Beg to you a few drops of chain oil in a store you pass.
  • Buy any oil in the store you pass – motor oil, lock oil, olive oil, machine oil or anything else suitable.
  • Beg for any oil of any you pass.For example, usually, most petrol stations have a little spray oil on loan. While most homeowners have some sort of oil in the garage.
  • Sacrificing some water from the water bottle also makes a quick but temporary end to the chirping.Beware just so you do not pour from the bottle of sports drink in.
  1. Switch Cable break 

If your bakväxelvajer goes off switch will go down on the little kugget, thus heaviest gear back. The exception is Rapid Rise MTB switches instead jumps to the lightest rear.

If, instead, your derailleur cable runs of the chain will jump down to the smallest blade forward.

But you are not doomed to drive home on the gear your bike stuck on.

Methods for more comfortable repatriation

  1. Adjust the switch as far as it goes with ändlägesskruvarna.It is often possible to switch one or more switches in this way.Until it is often enough to make you get up in the chain between the blade and the back you can usually adjust to three alternates.
  2. Most often, shift cables of the nipple inside the lever, and then it is often possible to attach the cable anywhere in the cycle.Pull the cable out of the cover up at the gate and find a suitable fixed part to tying it in. Tighten the wire so that the switch ports on a switch that works all the way home.Fine-tune gear as usual with the adjusting screw.
  3. A last ditch effort may consist of a small wooden stick to poke in the front or rear derailleur, and then lock it in the desired position.There is rarely a precise adjustment but can act as a last resort.At least, says the editor that he had done so on one occasion.

“Cable break” on electric bills

Shutter electrical switches work it is usually because the battery is depleted. The system warns in good time for the low battery level, the front derailleur will stop functioning before the battery is completely drained. Select the appropriate blade up and run home with functioning rear derailleur.

It might be good to check the contacts if it causes trouble. At worst, it may even be criminal on the power cord. Replace the entire cord in this case, but in an emergency it goes to cook much like the electric cable at any time.

  1. Brake Cable break

Does the front brake cable and you prefer the front brake rather than the rear brake can take longer rear brake wire and mount up. There is of course a bit of wire, it is just to twist together, just make sure it can not get caught in the front wheel.