Bing Joins Pinterest to Show “Collections” in the Search for Images

It’s not easy trying to compete with Google when it comes to internet searches (in fact, it’s hard to compete with Google when it comes to anything). But we must recognize that Bing has pushed hard for this and the latest effort is a new partnership with Pinterest.

If you do not know Pinterest is basically a social network of images, you can organize your favorite on “boards” and follow other users and murals whose content interests you. The greatest grace is to use it to look for inspiration and store references.

Bing announced today that it has partnered with this social network to improve your search for images. According to the publication announcing the partnership, you will see some selected boards that have content similar to the search. It is a way to offer content with real people of curation instead of piled up generic results; thus the chance of the results being most relevant is higher.

By clicking on a board that is on the right, the images that are part of it with a link to the board on Pinterest are open. I tested here, but apparently, the new feature is not yet available to everyone.

It is not the first time that Microsoft joins Pinterest to take a brush up on Bing. In April this year, was created to Pinterest Pin tool to add images directly from the search results to their boards on the social network.