Bitcasa out of Beta and Offers Infinite Space in the Cloud

The Bitcasa, file storage service launched in 2011 by former employees of Mastercard and Mozy, has just come out of beta. The main difference of Bitcasa’s infinite storage. With it, you no longer need to worry about the size of your files: there will always be more space available in your account.

Before leaving the beta, the Bitcasa offered infinite space for everyone, for free. Now, the monthly cost is $ 10, which is still very low compared to other services – for that amount, you get 100 GB in Dropbox or 200GB on Google Drive. And users enjoy the real space: today, Bitcasa already has over 5 petabytes of data and 1.7 billion photos on its servers.

The service is available for Windows, Linux and OS X, and you can also access your files through Android and Windows 8 – a version for iOS is yet to come. The extension to Chrome allows you to download from a remote file server directly to your account using fast Bitcasa connection.

On Windows, the Bitcasa creates a kind of giant virtual partition where you can move all your files. If you do not want to move it there, then right-click a folder in Windows Explorer and click the “Mirror this folder to Bitcasa” – all files within the folder will be automatically synchronized with the service.

In the official page, the Bitcasa ensures that holds at least three copies of each file (to prevent data loss if a server stops working) and also allows the restoration of different versions of a file as well as the recovery of deleted files.

The free account is entitled to 10GB of space. The paid plan that offers unlimited space, costs $ 10 per month or $ 99 per year. During the month of February, it will be sold for $ 69 for the first year.