Black and White Still in High Summer 2014

The Black and White combination is already a classic, which means it never goes out of Fashion, but lately this pair has been taking care of the catwalks, red carpets, editorials, shop Windows and, let’s face it, she’s powerful, synonymous with elegance and class, and the good news is that she is one of the bets for the summer 2014.

Transparent clothes: fashion trend summer 2014

Round glasses: If you play on trend

Black clothing in summer: may or may not?
Yes, in the midst of so many color trends, neons, metallic, these colors promise to dominate the upscalelook of the season. And the coolest of this trend, is that you can mount looks so much like more casual chic, depending on the Accessories.
The cool thing is that this mix is not only beautiful and chic, but also super versatile, allows looks entirely in black and white or even mix other vibrant colors to give a touch more laid back to production.

And it’s not just the clothes in black and white that are fashionable, not worth to invest in shoes with these colors, you can’t fall in love!!

Accessories, if not like investing in clothes with this combination, a tip is to appeal to that trend, accessories are super cool too, printing more class and elegance to any production.

And this trend is not restricted only to the wardrobe, is super nice makeup, because, contrary to what many think, not only are the multicolored hues which combine with the flowers and the summer, is the classic black and white duo also follows high on makeup and have been seen on the catwalks and in many gala events.

The blur in the eye makeup is one of the Favorites of women, and with the black and white shadows ends up creating a retro trendy style defined by, to complete production, worth betting both lipsticks pale and nude or in darker, as the oranges or reds.
Anyway, clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup and, believe me, even the nails by mixing these two colors are beautiful!
So … convinced in the power of black and White trend?