Bohemian Style Evening Wear 2016

In those years all the designers were inspired, but this season it keeps only the most stylish items with their touch of fun.

Exit the neglected side of baba cool, refined look is cultivated, neat, perfect for a dinner in town or a holiday evening. If you love the game of fashion in moderation, we retain only the accessories strong and graphics. We choose her jewelry based on their preferences, but by searching for large volumes. Earring XXL and bib necklace graphics and geometric designs so art deco inspiration or more ethnic make a maximum impact on all derivatives tuxedo jacket and pants or suit in black or subtly threaded Lurex gold or silver brocades well in a dandy release.

If you prefer the register of femininity, we love dresses and skirts blurred or pleated which is only worn with riding boots for good statement of style. And if we assume why not a wide-brimmed hat, the hat of winter for a nice head carriage like Faye Dunaway in the Thomas Crow case. What capture all eyes of all Steve McQueen around.

For fans of originality and for the longest nights, it draws from printed pallet: panther, paisleys or flowers from seed. We forget the bright colors in favor of shades blended into deaf and warm values: brown, tan, camel, garnet identified an orange hint or oil to stay in the codes of sustained elegance. We also tried the long sheath or petticoat that heats of fake fur, vest version easier to recycle our day wear. Summary in pictures with our slide bohemian fashion.