Brazilian Launch Site to Avoid Fatigue to Schedule Medical Appointments

Come to my attention a new service for those who are too lazy to call the health plan to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist, dentist, general practitioner or whatever the specialty for which you need assistance. It is in the air YepDoc, which serves precisely to expedite appointments. It costs nothing to use.

The YepDoc aims to solve a common problem: Try to schedule a doctor’s appointment and you can not. You call the clinic or hospital, waiting for the good will of those who meet him and, then yes, he discovers that the doctor in question is free in a month only.

YepDoc lets you view the future schedules and schedule the appointment. All in a very practical and efficient way. To “optimize the relationship between doctors and patients through a schedule of platform organization” as set out in note sent to media outlets.

And who pays for the maintenance of the service? Doctors, of which a monthly fee is charged to maintain a work schedule available on the web where anyone can see. I even asked, but YepDoc does not reveal how many professionals are registered in the service. It states only that there are 20 000 times for registered query the system.

How many people have forgotten there, the user has the option to add the phone number to receive an SMS warning of 24 hours consultation before the appointment. The same warning also comes by email if the person you want.

My experience with the site was not exactly positive. Let me explain: I did the search by selecting a number of agreements, but virtually none of them returned me results in São Paulo. After consulting the agency that advises the startup, got the screenshots illustrating this article. In fact, give play to the search and get some results, but I have the impression that the YepDoc still needs to gain muscle mainly in number of registered doctors. Few options for now.

In a statement, YepDoc admits that the entire operation of the site is inspired by the American couple ZocDoc. There are more than 1 million of scheduled appointments per month, an enormous amount. It may be an optimistic projection: the creators of the service hope to reach 500,000 scheduled appointments with the YepDoc until the end of the year.

The YepDoc was created by Brazilian Guilherme Pizzini and Paul Piccini, both 29 years old. Have fund investment investment Rocket Internet, originated in Germany. Here in Brazil they are responsible for Groupon and the Dafiti, to name a few Internet giants that have the Euro background.

The idea is good. Lack grow to become even more useful. And reach more places, as it is limited to the city of São Paulo.