Buy iphone Abroad: There Is iphone 6s and 6S Plus Cheaper

You close iphone 6S or the iphone 6S plus in the heart it? Before Apple will open the virtual doors to the online shops on 12 September 2015, you should know: In foreign countries often buy the iphone at a significantly lower price. Up to 220 euros in there are savings!

12 September 2015: plus pre-order iphone 6S and iphone 6S

On 12 September 2015 Apple kill the lever to precisely 9.00 am of morning German time. Then you pre-order the iphone 6 S 739, 849, or 959 euro prices, depending on of the storage option selected. The iphone 6S plus is each 110 euros more expensive, 849 costs so, 959 or 1069 euro. In addition to Germany, there will be two new iphones from then in Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Singapore, UK and USA to order. More countries will follow later.

Iphone 6s and 6S plus: pictures, info, release, price

Iphone 6s and 6 S plus in UK buy

While in recent Years an iphone Purchase in other european Countries was paid, the not look to France or England currently: While all iphone Models in France the 10 Euro more expensive are, save You in England only minimally a Trip over the Border is worth so not.

Iphone 6 S in USA , Canada & co. Purchase

Anders’s as always looks in North America. Except in the case of the iphone 6S plus with 16 GB memory, that Canada preferred is, you should plan the iphone purchase in the United States. This iphone 6S with 16 GB memory is there for less than 575 euros available that are whopping 164 euro less than the identical phone in Germany costs. You reap the greatest savings with the top model: the iphone 6 S with 128 GB storage costs in the United States around 840 euro nearly 230 euros less than in Germany. In the United States make sure but on the sales tax called value-added tax, which varies from State to State. The savings evaporates so quickly. In Alaska, Montana, New Hampshire, Delaware and Oregon you get but without any extra charge. Imports to Germany to consider but the import regulations, since they exceed the European allowance of 430 euros with the device. So, you should include a customs clearance of the goods before buying. In the following comparison chart for the current prices in euros converted. Land6S 16 GB6S 64 GB6S 128 GB6S plus 16 GB6S plus 64 GB6S plus 128 GB USA574, 99 663,59 752,19 752,19 752,19 840,78 Kanada602, 12 689,19 776,26 689,19 776,26 863,33 Japan637, 21 725,30 813,40 725,30 813,40 901,49 Hong Kong638, 79 730,25 821,70 730,25 821,70 924,58 Singapur657, 13 763,73 870,32 763,73 870,32 976,92 Neuseeland670, 77 782,66 894,55 782,66 894,55 1.006,44 Australien676, 58 770,64 864,69 770,64 864,69 958,75 China734 , 39 845,49 956,59 845,49 956,59 1.081,58 UK737, 17 846,58 956,00 846,58 956,00 1.079,09 Deuschland739, 00 849.00 959,00 849.00 959,00 1.069,00 Frankreich749, 00 859.00 969,00 859.00 969,00 1.079,00 prices are based on conversion rates by September 11, 2015, noon. In some countries, a value added tax can be calculated in addition. For more information about the import of goods from non-EU countries, on