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Winter Hats Trend

An accessory that has long been in disuse by the most popular layers of the globe can now return to circulate making the days and our streets more charming, we are talking about the hats, some women have adopted the accessory for a few decades, but especially on hot days. To compose more sophisticated looks various socialites have worn their hats for some time, in combination with tailleur we can observe many madams with their graceful hats. In movies especially those involving wealthy people as main characters we can also see that women wear hats of different modeling, it’s a rather retro-chic mood, the fact is that they have arrived and we can take advantage of this new trend. Check below the trend of winter hats 2011 that we selected as tip. Continue reading

Models of Glasses for the Summer

The sunglasses are among the most commonly used accessories for women, especially in the summer, which is the time of year when the Sun’s rays are much more intense, so we need eye protection when out in the street. In addition to the glasses serve to protect and leave your eyes more comfortable on all daylight, they complete the look, demonstrate style and also follow the trends. Check out what are the models that will make more success next summer: Continue reading

“Male Elegance Helps in Business”

Economic Report:

In the run-up to father’s day, many children are planning to the present date, and most of the choices rests for fashion products. And among the entrepreneurs who most understand men’s fashion in the country is Sonia Hess de Souza, President of Dudalina, Blumenau, the biggest industry of Latin America shirts, that’s been on the market for over 50 years. Continue reading

Modem Brings Abstract Expressionism for Winter

In continuous evolution and valuing language influenced by architecture in the collections, the MODEM displays your vision of abstract expressionism translated by prints, graphics and details like ruffles, stripes and moorings. The concept organic clean is this winter collection which appearing mainly in pockets, cut-outs and fists. Continue reading

Summer Fashion Sweaters

Eclectic, the 2011 summer blouses come in different styles and from various inspirations. The main bets for this season’s blouses get Ethereal influences, male references and romantic touches. Key parts of the summer contrast strong elements with the more glamorous. Following an aesthetic, which, at the same time, is smooth, delicate, but very bold and original. Continue reading

Men’s Accessories What to Wear

You control now basic clothing? That’s fine. But maybe you want to move up a gear: having a more personal style. The simplest solution? … Accessories that help achieve this efficiently and without taking too much financial risk in case of arts crash. So grab a pen and paper: it left for an overview of the opportunities available to you (and it does not copy its neighbor, I’m watching you, because you just talking to customize your approach)! Continue reading

Preparing to Breastfeed

P1. Why Breastfeeding Is Considered The Best Way To Feed A Baby?

Breast milk is the perfect food that nature prepares for babies. Contains all the vitamins, nutrients, fats and properties of immune system stimulation that the child needs. Dozens of studies have confirmed the benefits of breastfeeding and are constantly published new studies. Take a look at some of the most important topics. Breastfeeding has the ability to:-stimulate the baby’s intelligence. -protect your baby from diarrhea, respiratory problems and ear infections. -reduce the risk of the baby developing obesity, allergies and leukemia. -reduce stress and the risk of breast cancer in the mother. Continue reading

10 Dresses and Skirts of Neoprene for Use

Are you looking for 10 dresses and skirts of Neoprene for use in 2015? The Neoprene has done very successfully by being a refreshing tissue to heat and hot to cold. Created from a polymer, the neoprene is synthetic and have rubbery texture, used by your waterproofing and thermal insulating property especially in costumes for the practice of water sports. Continue reading

Mirrored Glasses and Colorful: Templates, Tips for Using

We know that fashion seeks inspiration passed to create trends. We are living a moment fashion with a lot of emphasis on vintage features. The models revisited date back to the years 50, 60, 70 and 80. In the past decade, were among the most commonly used accessories the mirrored glasses and colorful. The young people of this era used them as a way to have a modern and stylish, relaxed and informal environments. The eyeglasses made success, until the beginning of the years 90. Continue reading

Opera Carmen Inspires Fall/Winter of Dimy

The story of a Gypsy who uses his talents in dancing and singing to bewitch men of Seville is the starting point for the fall/winter of 2017 Dimy. Inspired by Bizet’s Carmen, the brand makes a tribute to one of the world’s most popular operas with a collection full of references to Andalusia, where Spain is more vibrant. Continue reading

The New Sets of Beach Is Called Houndsditch

Cool this name! Houndsditch. This is a brand new swimwear “Made in Portugal” that was born from the passion for the sea and the willingness to be full of style within it. Next summer the Houndsditch presents a collection of Lady and Man entitled “Sun, Salt & Style”, with a cool vibe and very young and a clear emphasis on an innovative design and imaginative patterns, using in their recyclable materials parts of high quality. So that all feel good, including the oceans! Continue reading

Gore Tex: New Product Label As of Autumn/Winter

Mountain climbing? Mountain biking? Trail running? Free riding? Ice climbing? Which sport it should be, for all outdoor and winter sports activities Gore has the perfect fabric in the program. But what product technology is best suited for what purpose? “Fitness for Use” is the credo at the Gore-Texmembrane specialist. In other words: A product must work best when it is used under the conditions for which it was designed. Starting this fall, Gore offers a better orientation traders and end users: the main differences between these product technologies are highlighted more succinctly and help decide the customer therefore. Continue reading