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Engagement Announcement Etiquette

According to tradition, before the wedding, there’s an engagement announcement usually done during a reception organized by the bride’s family.

During this event the boyfriend gives the engagement ring to his beloved, thereby making official the wedding vows. Even the girlfriend should reciprocate by donating a precious loved one (for example a gold watch).

Other gesture, certainly very appreciated in the past and more engaging for families, was asking for “the hand” of the beloved father of the bride. Continue reading

Find The Perfect Pillow for You

Nbelievable but true: On average, we spend a third of our lives on the pillow.With the help of online tools “My Life Asleep” can calculate namely, how many days, hours and even minutes our life we have “slept”.

Restful sleep, however, depends on many different factors. You want to sleep better and wake up radiantly beautiful? The right pillow can help!

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