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Box for Bathroom: How to Choose and Discover

The your bathroom is asking for a Division? So invest in a box suitable for the environment.

The box for bathroom is an essential item to keep the sanitary area organized, dry and functional. He takes care to isolate the room for the rest of the bath room, optimizing the dimensions. Read the story and find out how to set the choice of model. Continue reading

Westwing Guide to Black Table Lamp

Some pieces of decoration, although small in size, make a big difference in the style of the room and the atmosphere of the home. The lamp is one of these indispensable items to compose a complete decoration, as it provides indirect light to make the environment more cozy and pleasant. The piece can be found in several colors and the black lamp is an example of versatility and great for creating combinations.

The black lamp goes far beyond the basics. The sober color allows you to compose with the most different domes to create a unique black lamp and personalized. Round, square or uneven, the black lamp pleases all styles and combines with the most different types of decoration. Westwing brings ideas and suggestions to enhance the decor with the black table lamp. Get inspired with us to create charming and cozy environments! Continue reading

Westwing Guide to Modern Table Lamp

From romantic dinners to a movie with friends, focused lighting is more interesting than the cracked climate that a powerful lamp watts can cause.Because of this, a floor lamp or table lamp is a more than ideal alternative to illuminate your pretensions with quality and discretion. To match your style, there are also models that fit the size of your decor, such as the modern lamp, for example.

Applicable in homes where the concern is as much in the valorization of the available space as in the functionality and aesthetics of the product, the modern lamp shines in a series of different models that aims to fit the good taste of a wide and select group of consumers. Has it fit into the contemporary profile of those who like to see the home decorated and organized? So check out Westwing’s tips on the modern lamp! Continue reading

Table Decoration-Party Mickey’s Class

Do you remember that I published on instagram a little 3-year party of my nephew last year? The photos arrived and wanted to show you how it got to the table, because I and my sister rode all alone.

I love mount table, but gives a big job. But how is my nephew and my godson, gave as a gift! I was behind all the elements and I think the result was very good.

He wanted Mickey’s gang. So we thought we’d join the travel theme (something that they love!) and put two in each end of the table; a plane and some bags. We combine all the plush dolls that we have borrowed from friends, so there was no lack of any character. Continue reading

Ways to Organize Kitchen Utensils

On a special date, you call your closest friends for a dinner party and one of them may bring a bottle of wine. It is an excellent harvest. He suggested you should take. After all, it’s not every day you meet each other to celebrate. You walk into the kitchen, open the drawer and say, “honey, have you seen the corkscrew?” Continue reading

New Cooking Series of Alutech Pots By Primus

With the AluTech pots of Primus hungry athletes and fans have immediately the appropriate cooking pot at hand: the new series captivates with its hard anodizing with Matt, scratch-resistant surface and offers excellent heat conductive properties through the use of aluminum. The lightweight metal to save not only weight, but also fuel. Continue reading

Westwing Guide To Light Saber Lamp

Bringing the imaginary to the real world is already possible with varied and super creative techniques and materials in the design universe. That favorite movie, the striking scene, a fun game or the favorite cartoon today embodies any home environment with originality and style. The lightsaber lamp, for example, is a wild and curious piece for those who are adept at geek decoration, geared to the so-called nerd world and based on pop culture. Continue reading

Westwing Guide to Floral Table Lamp

Discreet in the way it illuminates and has been present for years in the décor and lighting design of homes and even commercial establishments, the lamp is a classic and subtle piece, existing in different models, shapes and sizes. Luminaire and decorative object in the same item, it easily adapts to various styles and aesthetic standards, going from more modern to traditional, characteristic that can be perceived by graceful floral lampshade, perfect for both classic and contemporary themes.

Indispensable in a floral lamp, as in any other model, the lampshade is the main responsible for giving the piece its delicate, romantic and super-decorative aspect, a detail that varies in colors and prints of the most varied types, intensities and dimensions. If you look the same as the Westwing, you admire the floral lamp, be sure to read our special about the object and inspire yourself to create a beautiful décor and full of charm! Continue reading

Engagement Announcement Etiquette

According to tradition, before the wedding, there’s an engagement announcement usually done during a reception organized by the bride’s family.

During this event the boyfriend gives the engagement ring to his beloved, thereby making official the wedding vows. Even the girlfriend should reciprocate by donating a precious loved one (for example a gold watch).

Other gesture, certainly very appreciated in the past and more engaging for families, was asking for “the hand” of the beloved father of the bride. Continue reading

My Christmas Gifts 2011

Christmas is done! Once again, I have surrendered the “Mission: Christmas” in a healthy and healthy way and can finally devote myself to other things. The Christmas festival is always very intense, of all there is surplus: too much food, too much mulled wine, too much family. You are already a bit glad when you come back into your own four walls and the life is so slow, but surely comes back into regular courses. Continue reading

Do You Need an Umbrella?

Already in the XVI century umbrella is considered accessory that can afford only rich lady. Their pride and admiration. Today female umbrella – is a frequent guest and fashion collections. In the autumn necessary thing, so by creating a modern image and use of new stylistic solutions, designers do not forget the umbrella, which should be fully compliant with current trends. Continue reading

We Tested the Multisensory Plush Cloud B and Three Raffle!

Cloud b is a brand that I met four years ago. It is one of my favorites for infants and children. To us we love stuffed animals already, but is that the Cloud b are created for more than just embrace them. They have done many studies with pediatricians and parents and are specialists in childish dream. Products from Cloud b are designed to offer the children dream of quality. The key is to relax your senses, therefore focusing on the creation of views, as well as peaceful and relaxing sounds to help babies and kids to relax and sleep. We at home have had the Original Planetarium turtle (Twilight Turtle™) when Jorge was very small. Still have her in bed and projected each night the stars in your room. I also had to Valentina the sheep sleep (Sleep Sheep™) that I used it to ease it into the changer. He began to cry and as soon as put you the sound of the waves of the sea, the rain in spring or whale songs, he opened the eyes and smiled. It was holy hand. Now this little sheep is intelligent and is capable of activating when the kids in the cradle move or are uneasy. But keep reading to discover all products that have known and you can see in our video. Continue reading