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The 3 Most Common Mistakes Committed in the Fishery

Every good fisherman you know that some flaws in your process of fishing can put the search for the perfect fish at risk. These failures, however, are more common than we realize and often are committed even by experienced fishermen.

If you do not want to risk committing these failures and put it all away, that you like to visit the three most common mistakes made in fishery and that you should avoid in your routine fisherman ? Check out below! Continue reading

Thermolite Reactor Extreme Sea to Summit Review

The Thermolite is a product of the Sea To Summit, Australian company that produces outdoor products, being internationally known for producing high quality and innovation. The brand came to Brazil in 2003 and, since then, offers incredible items — some dignity revolutionaries — for hikers and lovers of outdoor trip. And the Thermolite is within the great innovations. Continue reading

Your Child’s Toys in Christmas

I’m going to tell you a secret: I never give Leo all the presents he gets. Always have any repeated or very similar to what you already have, so rather than change and fill the room keep toy to donate to other children. So, on special occasions, such as children’s day, Christmas etc, I submit these shiny new products and stored with both affection for donation.

This year, Leo toys donated to the campaign “in joke”promoted by Disney-Pixar. Continue reading

Pop Up Agille 2 People

The Agile Tent for 2 People Mor 009044 has the Pop Up tent Setup. This concept of tent uses their rods in continuous and circular format so that it can be disarmed without need of separate elements: tissues and structure.Similarly, the Assembly is fast just by removing the tent carry bag for you in just 2 seconds she is already armed and with only the setting of espeques. To disarm, just follow a few steps where the structure is wrapped in smaller circles.
Its dimensions are 2, 43 m in length and 95 cm wide bearing two people. It features unique cover in polyester and fibreglass structure. She accompanies four espeques of fixing into the ground. Continue reading

3 Best Fishing Destinations in the Northeast of Brazil

Another fate of our series of articles on where to fish in Brazil. We talked in the Southeast and in the North here here. Today, let’s talk about the Northeast region.

Separate 3 coveted fishing destinations in the region and we will tell you about each of them: what is the best time for fishing, which species you will find and what else you need to know to better fishing. Continue reading

3 Best Fishing Destinations

This is another article in the series Where Fishing here on the blog. Are posts that talk about freshwater fishing in different regions of the country. We talked in the Southeast here and today we’ll talk to the northern region of Brazil.

So you get an idea, the region presents one of the greatest fishing volumes from all over the country, and Stop one of the largest producers in the country. But in addition to commercial fishing, the region offers great destinations for amateur fishing. In the case of the Araguaia River, passing through Goiás, Mato Grosso, para, Maranhao and Tocantins, and the Xingu, the Xingu River and the Amazon River, which needs no introduction. Continue reading

Best Fishing Destinations in the Southeast Region of Brazil

Debut today here on the blog a series of posts about fishing in each region of the country. The idea is to create a guide to the fishery in each region with best fishing rivers, features, tips and whatever else is important to you to fish better, no matter where.

Let’s start today with the Southeast region. The three main destinations of freshwater fishing in this region is the São Francisco River, the region of southern Minas Gerais, dam, around the town of Alfenas, Minas Gerais and also the Paraibuna River that bathes the Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. It’s about these targets we’re going to talk about today. Ready to embark on this with us? Continue reading

How to Choose An Engine For the Practice of Sport Fishing?

The sport fishing it is widely practiced throughout the world, including in Brazil. Is a hobby enjoyed by nature lovers and who like to have fun in a healthy way and without aggressions to the environment. Time to buy your fishing equipment, choose everything very carefully and after much research.

However, the care do not refer only to the rod, the reel or reel , the line, the hook – when buying a motor for your boat, you need to be careful too. Check out some tips that will help you make the best choice of engine for the practice of sports fishing! Continue reading

Fishing On Board

This type of fishing is characterized by the capture from a vessel. There are many fishing techniques on board, vary depending on the physical conditions of the place, the weather conditions and the fish species on the site. As for the species of fish we can divide them into four groups:

Typically benthic fish: They live in contact with the seabed, spend most of their lives in the bottom, flatfish (plaice, sole and stingray), bleniids and gypsies. Continue reading

Fishing Bologna

Bolognese fishing is defined as fishing with telescopic reed and reel has a huge popularity in Italy, where it originated. 

In Portugal, as in other countries, it is a technique that has not penetrated the habits of the majority of fishermen, namely in the competition, being limited to a resource fishery in certain adverse situations for other techniques such as French and English.  Continue reading

Fishing Techniques


In essence, your Surf Casting aims to fishing on the beach in case of raging sea. The “surfcasting” launch on need to surf beaches characterized by a large cut of your profile and volatility high frequencies of sea. These are the conditions that some of the fish look for food. With a good swell, the waters are well oxygenated and the bottom of the beach is enough to fold the fish to forage for food. For this type of fishing is not enough to have a good technique and good material; Although essential, is far more important to practice, the observation of the sea and the accumulation of experience. A fisherman to beach to get good results, has a good carbon rod, a reel with good wire exit, uses appropriate lines to the coil and can put the sinker away from the beach. Continue reading

Fishing Feather

Flyfishing or fly fishing is based on the use of artificial flies as bait-based catch. There are reports of its use in China in 2000 BC. The modern fly fishing appears mainly as a catch modality for trout and salmon, in the 20th century its use extends to other species being used for fishing in the sea. This very technical method consists of basing the bait on the water in order to enhance the catch, it requires some practice and technique as well as the visualization of the fish (usually when walking near the surface). The main difference for other techniques is mainly the line, heavy enough to send the boom to the desired location. In Portugal, in addition to the classic trout (with few catching places), it can be used in fishing for pike, barbel, boga, escalo, black bass, carp. Captures of species such as carp and barbel feeding on small insects and larvae or pike and bass that feed on small fish, frogs, etc., require the feather to simulate their food. The same technique can be used in the sea to catch fish such as garfish, tamarin or even sea bass when it walks on the surface feeding on small fish. Continue reading

Fishing Hazards

As an outdoor pastime is a great way to reduce day-to-day anxiety, however, failure to comply with some basic safety rules often compromise a well-spent day.There are regular reports of accidents, many of which can be avoided if safety rules are adopted.
A great number of accidents are due to the fact that the fisherman neglects its safety to the detriment of the fishery, they choose unsafe places that know to have fish, this negligence has victimized some fishermen with some experience. Continue reading

Fishing Lines

The sport fisherman, when fishing with cane, brings back the fish with the line.The line is therefore of particular importance. The quality and good use and adaptation for the type of fishing and fish to fish is of special importance. The line (fishing line) is fundamental never neglect this factor.


The diameter, thickness, gauge or thickness of the line is the millimeters in diameter of the line, there are some infrequent cases in which this value is given in inches. In lines of the same type, the larger diameter will provide greater resistance, meaning it will withstand a greater weight. The greater the diameter of the line, the greater its resistance to wear, the frictional throws in the reed are of smaller distance. At the time of the choice it is necessary to decide if much line or a lot of resistance. The larger the diameter the greater the resistance, the shorter the line length, the smaller the amount of line the carriage can take. Continue reading

7 Types of Whips of Fishing That You Need to Know

If you’re still a beginner in the world of fishing, should not know very well about whips. The fishing harness is a set of terminal parts, such as hooks and weights attached to a main line for a spinner.

The fishing harness varies according to the species of fish you want to fish, for each there is a size, shape and different components. So, if you want to make a successful fishing, pay close attention in this item. Now look at the main types of fishing harness that you need to know. Continue reading

What is The Difference Between Yoga and Pilates

If I umhöre among friends so, then I feel each and every is at least once a week somewhere on some yoga mat and breathes, expands and longs for decision by tension. Yoga was once trend and is now mainstream. Each and every one seems to do. Me too. And I love it.

The same applies to Pilates. Have a few years ago Pilates classes a few known, so they are missing today in every studio and most of us know by now that it is in Pilates to a sporting activity and not to a person from an ancient script.And all this right, I think. Yoga and Pilates do us good.

Continue reading