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Scott Presents Enduro Bike in Brazil Cycle Fair

Light and sturdy, Genius LT line is one of the highlights of the largest fair in the Latin American bicycle market

As a result of the “lightness and resistance” combination, the new Genius LT bike line is one of Scott’s highlights at Brazil Cycle Fair 2014, an event held until Wednesday (1st) at the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo (SP). Light and technological, the models were admired by shopkeepers and the final public during the biggest fair of the Latin American bicycle market. Continue reading

Obstacles and Disrespect Prevent the Use Of Bicycle Paths

Cycle routes are “hit” daily by disrespect in BH. Two drivers are fined every day for trespassing, stopping or parking the vehicle on the 70 kilometers of bicycle paths in Belo Horizonte. There were 379 notices in the first semester. Transit cycling, for example, generated 94 assessments in 2012, 504 last year and 271 between January and July this year. The numbers presented by the Detran, Municipal Guard and Military Police prove frequent disregard for the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) and cyclists, but are still underreported in relation to what is observed on the streets, as reported in the MS report.A problem that tends to worsen, because by the end of the year another 20 kilometers are planned in the capital, and the goal is to reach 380 kilometers in 2020.

Continue reading

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Helmet

Few mandatory items in transit are as diverse as the helmet. The equipment that can make the difference in an accident is present in the market in the most different types and models, to please an ever wider public, made up of men, women, youth, adults and even children(on the croup, of course) .

After all, in the tumultuous traffic of medium and large Brazilian cities, the bike is seen as a competent means of locomotion, which guarantees agility and speed. But to bet on a two-wheeled vehicle is worth it, you have to invest in safety, as bikes can also be dangerous. Continue reading

Children Riding Bikes without a Helmet

Children under the age of seven will be forced to wear helmets every time they ride a bicycle, according to a bill proposed by the government this Tuesday to change the Highway Code. If they do not, they risk fines ranging from 60 to 300 euros.

According to the Público newspaper, this issue of helmets does not appeal to cyclists. Speaking to the newspaper, Mário Alves da Mubi – Association for Urban Mobility in Bicycles explains that in countries where the use of helmets became mandatory the number of cyclists decreased from 40 to 60%. He also said that having fewer cyclists to ride but with a helmet could be worse than having more cyclists without a helmet in terms of public health, since discouraging the use of bicycles.  Continue reading

Without Accessories, Bike Z Becomes Common Smart phone

Extra battery, speaker and camera are alternative assets and explain investment; price of accessories can get the R $1,499

Designed to be one of the top-of-the-line smart phones from Motorola, the Z has good processing specifications, screen and camera. However, what really draws attention in the cell are the accessories that allow you to increase battery life, design what is displayed on the screen or improve the sound through the speakers when connected to the back of the appliance. Practically mandatory for anyone who uses the device, additional items are what make the price of the phone, but have prices well salted in single purchases.

+3 Zenfone is smart phone with fast processor and lots of space in memory

Although also count on the Play version, which offers RAM and more modest screen, the device will be evaluated the Bike Z pattern . The cell phone Brazil Economic has analyzed by the 4 GB of RAM, quad-core processor up to 1.8 GHz and 5.5-inch AMOLED screen. The template is available in the colours black with graphite and white with gold.

Bike Z is released by Motorola as the “world’s thinnest” and draws attention by the thickness of just 5.19 mm Continue reading

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