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Photograph in Raw: the Complete Guide!

When I bought my first digital camera, asked a photographer that I greatly admire what I could do to get better pictures having a camera that wasn’t top of the line. He simply told me: “shoot RAW. Your camera may not be the best, but photographing in RAW you will have the best that she can offer you.”
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Market Overview: Clocks with Moon Phase Display

122 Models in the overview–Download now for free!

Clocks with Moon-phase display are available in a wide selection, but which ones are suitable? That depends on the claim. For this complication, which is like to be seen on wristwatches, differs the type of indication as well as its precision: the simple lunar phase display differs by one day in three years. They are therefore also found in smaller brands such as Zeno-Watch Basel, Schauer or Edox, the clocks are located in the middle of the price range or in the entry area. Here you can download the market overview to 122 clocks with lunar phase display. Continue reading

Check Out the Most Anticipated Smart Phone Releases

Samsung phones, Apple and Lenovo are some of the most anticipated by users; Mobile World Congress can introduce some new releases

In the first months of each year, the smart phone makers start to show signs on their major releases. Consumers who want to switch cell phone, for your time, you can start analyzing the specifications of each model to make decisions on investments that will be made. Continue reading

App Expert Roland Resch Says

“Smart alarm for Smart Watch” for Android helps you to start the day more relaxed. Unlike the traditional alarm clock, the sound of the app does not sound stubborn at a fixed time, but in a more appropriate, gentle sleep phase shortly before. For detection purposes, the add-on uses the accelerometer of your Sony Smart watch (model 1 or 2).

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Review: Hp Slate 7 Tablet

The tablet market is well attended and constantly new brands are betting on this segment to catch the attention of consumers who have not yet bought such a gadget.

HP is a brand that has long experience in various types of electronics, but has not had much success as it entered the world of tablets. Previously, the manufacturer tried to achieve its space with a system of its own: webOS . Continue reading

Backpacking and Freedom

Who never thought to pick up the backpack bag, fill it with some clothes, put on the back and go out in the world, with no destination, no limits, just traveling? For most people this is dream, imagination, but there are adventurers, backpackers, that make this dream in unforgettable trips. “Money” to these tourists is not a problem. Continue reading

Bicycles Shared in Fortaleza: Website and Application Launched

Although it sounds easy, the details can be confusing. The use of Fortaleza’s Shared Bike system will have four steps with instructions that, if not followed strictly, will affect the user’s pocket. Scheduled to launch by 12/12 of the site and the telephone application, which will allow registration in the system, according to the Secretariat of Conservation and Public Services (SCSP), the system will initially have 15 stations that should run until the end of the month. Continue reading

Dvr Intelbras 8 Cameras: Is It a Good Stand Alone?

The  Intelbras 8-camera DVR (MHDX 1008) is a second-generation digital recorder, perfect for anyone who wants to build a small security system for their home or business.

It has a ” tribido ” system, that is, it works in the three technologies: analog, HDCVI and IP.

This product is perfect for those who are setting up their first electronic security system, because it has a good cost-benefit compared to the technology presented.

It is a multi-HD recorder, that is, it is capable of recording images in HD (720p resolution) and reproducing images in Full HD (1080p resolution). Becoming a cheap, convenient and affordable system for anyone looking for a quality digital recorder.

In the following content, we will talk a little more about its functions and technical capabilities, as well as usage tips and the main advantages of using this product in your CCTV system. Continue reading

So You Start Healthy and Fit in the Spring!

We almost got over the winter, but now the spring fatigue is looming. Only one thing helps if you want to start healthy and fit in the spring: get off the couch and go into the sports outfit! We will tell you what kind of sports you are using to fuel energy for the warm season without much effort. and the (bikini) figure will bring you back into shape by the way. When spring is approaching, the summer is also no longer far away.

Hardly anything feels as good as after a long winter the first rays of sun are felt on the skin. They’re announcing the spring. The temperatures rise, the buds sprout, the days become longer and suddenly you feel new life spirits in you. But the body has become sluggish due to the winter months, the metabolism has to come back slowly. By moving regularly, you build up new stamina and muscles. We give you tips on what kind of sport is right for you. Continue reading

Photo Experts, Musicians and Touch Mobile Phones

Curtain on. Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with the Photo Mobile C903 and the image-strong W995 Sony Ericsson will start in the world’s largest mobile phone trade show. Also a completely new series of touchscreen called Idou was announced. Here there are all the details to the newcomers. Continue reading

All Games, All Mobile Phones

The football fever rising, soon will sound the starting whistle for the European Championship. We have put together a dream team advance. Our team consists of EM phones, services, mobile software and exciting EM offers.

Manufacturers who offer no special to the European Championships, are already on the sidelines. The soccer event is not only an important sports event, but also the unofficial deadline for mobile TV. Continue reading

Sony: the Xperiament

Sony phones of the Xperia series come with high score and is an integral part of the top 10 of our leaderboard. We will show you the mobile phones of the Japanese manufacturer, from the small Xperia Ninja up to XXL-Sumo.

At the beginning of the 90s the first Sony mobile phones saw the light of the mobile phone world. in 2001, Sony in terms decided to cooperate with Ericsson phones and since 2012 going seperate ways again. Since 2008, Sony marketed its Android based phones under the Xperia brand. In our Mobile leaderboard cavort some Xperias. Continue reading

Growth of Smart Phones in the Country Is off 9%

According to the study, it is expected that, over the next two years, Brazil has at least 236 million appliances

According to IDC, there were 13.4% drop in the number of smart phones sold in Brazil in 2015

The Brazil reached 168 million of smart phones in use, an increase of 9% compared to 2015, when the installed base was 152 million smart phones. The data is the 27th annual survey of management and use of information technology in enterprises, carried out by the Getulio Vargas Foundation in São Paulo (FGV-SP) and released on Thursday, 14. Continue reading