CD Receiver AVM Inspiration C-8

The German manufacturer AVM personally escorted his brand new c-class to the test in the AUDIO editing – and presented a real eye-catcher. Despite compact dimensions of the AVM, extremely simple and chic at the same time, in MIDI format eliminates the inspiration C-8 (3500 euros) plenty conventional Hi-Fi components.

These properties were already the predecessor series inspiration C6, but the current year was prettier and more versatile. The housing for the handcrafted came out but so far even without visible screws, but only with the new, ultra-thin CD slot on the massive front panel optical calm in almost magical way comes to fruition.

Knob recessed into the front panel volume control, stop takes in its deepening the index finger does a rest. The appearance benefits from the CD slot not only to a considerable extent the AVM inspiration C8. The highly specialized, springy suspension Pure-CD drive is thus unlike the previous drawer perfectly decoupled from the housing.

Digital fully at the height of

Thus the two digital amplifiers trimmed on energy efficiency can uninhibitedly flexing their muscles without disrupting the scanning laser in his work. The 192-kHz/24-bit-upsampling-D/A converter is dedicated to not only the signals, providing the built-in CD drive.

The high-quality converter is also external digital audio sources via Two SPDIF inputs available. In addition he acts without any laborious driver installation as USB-digital-analog converters for computers. The second USB input only serves as a charging socket for iPod, but receives no signals. She must grab the owner via the mini jack on the Apple player or dock and feed via RCA adapter.

Nothing to hide

In addition to upgrading in terms of USB AVM of the inspiration endowed C8 with an RS232 interface to the system integration plus Jack for connecting a standard infrared eye – if really someone wants to hide this pretty, available in black or silver one piece in the wardrobe.

Never hide needs the All-metal remote control of the C8 inspiration that comes out with a few buttons. To facilitate scrolling through the connected sources, can be switch off unused inputs in the menu. Only the integrated tuner and CD sections are excluded. The digital inputs only appear on the display if a signal is present.

Everything for analog on board

If analog you prefer, maintains the all-in in-one device with its built-in FM-RDS tuner or with all kinds of vinyl. Even the through wiring of analog video signals from a VCR or DVD player is possible only through simple composite VIDEO connections, but at least. For this purpose, the compact high-tech box has even an Phono input intended quite not only as a fig leaf for MMand MC cartridges on board.

There are also Four high level inputs and a nine-step loudness control. The highlight: The zero included sound control and balance control automatically by relay from the signal path. You can also assign each source the individual sound settings. This makes the Centre of a versatile audio system sound as visually promising highest pleasures the inspiration C8.

This promise also promptly cashed the entertainer from the Baden Manufactory in the listening test. The excellent focus immediately struck on the first encounter. The contours of vocalists and musical instruments materialized drawn up before the mind’s eye as precisely as with a very fine brush. Heart-throb Robbie Williams and superstar Nicole Kidman in the Sinatra tribute “something stupid” between the speakers in the arms seemed to be so to lie.

Great class

The Petite AVM inspiration C8 got along fine without problems with the very revelatory, huge KEF Reference 207/2. He coaxed them not only a wealth of detail and dynamics, the AVM well under control was also the low frequency range of the English. The mighty drums of the Eagles Hotel California”(from”Hell freezes Over”; Geffen) came with very proper emphasis, and the fragile voice of Don Henley was tonal perfectly on the point, sharply outlined in the contours. So the CD receiver mastered this proven test with ease with its on board drive. Also convincing: the large, credible space.

For cool calculators

More, one cannot expect of a living-room-friendly one piece with these dimensions. Nevertheless the inspiration of C8 still put to: with a Mac Book Pro, he coaxed the iTunes library of the author via USB sounds on par with the built-in CD player. With the C8, AVM brings everything under one hat.